Saturday, February 2, 2008

Visiting Cameron at Work

A couple of weeks ago Grayson, Hayden and I went to the movies at the mall. Afterwords we said, "hey, let's go see if Cameron is working!". So we ran down to target and sure enough he was working and we got to visit with him for a little second.

I'm so proud of him! He is a really hard worker. Every job he has had he has gotten promoted or asked to take on management positions. He was hired at Target as a temporary Christmas help and he was one of the few that they liked so well that they asked him to stay on as a permanent worker. This is just a side job for him. as he is still in college, but it is a really great part time job and he really enjoys it.
I asked the boys to stand together to get a picture and this is what happened! Somehow brothers always manage to start having some kind of wrestling competition no matter where they are or what the situation is! I have a very similar picture of all four of the boys at their aunt's wedding! Oh well, I'm actually glad, it is a sign that they really love each other and I'm happy they end up laughing so hard together!

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Unknown said...

Dear Sharon, I am sooo happy to see you are still on-line! You may not remember me but my site/s were Sharon's Song: I'm Going Home! and A Poet's Pen... plus I created and maintained sites for about 12 others as a minstry. I had to give them all up due to expense and age (I am now 75). I'm on my way over to your Garden right now. Many blessings, dear soul! Love in Christ, "another" Sharon. :)

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