Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My kitchen cabinet tops.....

I've been wanting to show you guys the tops of my cabinets for a long time now and recently I got up on my cute little red kitchen stool and cleaned all the items up there and decided, hey, maybe this would be a great time to take pictures for the blog and do a post on them!
As you know, I love the country cottage look and I have decorated my whole house that way. I love antiques and I love vintage cookbooks, so the tops of my cabinets are a perfect place to display both!
The bad thing is, the tops of my cabinets are like dust magnets! I am terrible too and I don't dust them very often, maybe only once a year! Needless to say when I recently dusted up there, it was pretty gross!
On this shelf I have an antique ceramic casserole dish and some old canning jars filled with dried things.
I filled the jars with beans, rice and peas. I tried to get things that would go with my color scheme! The green peas have faded and are now are kind of a beige color! Note - if you display foods like this just for the purpose of display, make sure you let your kids know not to get in them to eat! They are waayyyy too old to eat!
In this corner I have a really old cookbook by Good housekeeping. It's called Recipes and Methods. I love the silhouette of the busy homemaker on the front! Next to this I have a very old Bauer bowl. It was one of those "love at first site" things! Sitting next to the bowl are several old cookbooks.
My sister, Kathi, got me hooked on the old cookbooks. We both started with the old vintage home economics books from the 50s. We loved looking at all the pictures of the cute young housewives setting up their homes, making dinner and grocery shopping! After that I started picking up antique cookbooks, books on manners and entertaining. I love to look at them and I do occasionally get them out to use for the recipes, but most of all I use them for decorating.
Here's an old cookie jar. It's the perfect color for my kitchen and I love the soft finish on it.
Here's more canning jars, cook books and a rooster to watch over things!
Here's a close up of some of my books. I also have some antique Christian books on being wife and mother and building a Christian home.
I had to buy this book when I found it! It's called "Sharon", with a title like that I knew it had to be interesting and fun! LOL!!
Here's another vignette. I have another antique mixing bowl, cookbooks and an antique potato masher and an old Folger's coffee can.
When I do my displays I tend to do groupings in odd numbers like 3s and 5s. This helps with balance. Also, I pick items that I love that are in my color scheme to match the kitchen. I like the crowded country look, but I don't like it too over the top. I always say, "I like busy, but controlled busy!" You have to know when to say no and to stop! Do any of you out there remember the old Lucite grapes from the 60s? My mother had a set of orange ones sitting on our living room coffee table and I always admired them. I found this set of red ones at Goodwill many years ago for about a dollar and I love them! I think they are fun. I saw a set on Ebay going for $100.00!
These are my favorite! My mother gave these wonderful stacking bowls to me 16 years ago when we first moved into this house. She received them for a wedding gift back in 1956 and she never used them! She said they were too heavy. I remembered always seeing them in the back of our cabinets as a child and one day I asked her if I could have them. She was thrilled to give them to me and thrilled that they are on display everyday in my kitchen! The colors are perfect for my home! They are made by the Watt Pottery Co. and the pattern is called Star Flower. I looked them up on Ebay and just the large bowl alone is going for $85.00! It's amazing how things that were once common place and purchased for a few dollars can become so collectible and valuable over time. I wonder what things young brides are buying today at Wal-Mart will be valuable in the future.
More chickens and cookbooks. I bought these cute little chickens from Mardell on her blog! I will be writing about that in a few weeks. She was so sweet and surprised me with extra goodies! I love my new chickens!!!
I also collect these cute little Betty Crocker wire bound cookbooks from the 50s. I think I have the whole set now. I also found a few Campbell's recipe books with the same binding.
Here's a few more bowls. The larger cream colored one with the green band is very old, but the smaller bowl is new from Target. I read that having a plants in your home brings life and the silk variety do the trick as well, so I tucked in a little in my display. I have had the same things up on my cabinets for a long time and often think I should change them out, but then I think why should I? I love everything that's up there and I think it looks great, so I guess it will be staying! :0)

My son, Hayden, woke up yesterday at 4:00 in the morning vomiting and he had a fever of 100.7. Today he still has a fever of 99.7, but he seems a little better. I still kept him home from school. Can I ask you to please say a prayer for him. I know so many of you and/or your loved ones have been sick and my prayers go out to you as well.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

"I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security." Jeremiah 33:6

Love, Sharon


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I didn't realize we were suppose to clean the tops of the cabinets more than once a year!! I haven't done mine in about a year either! And when I got up there last year, I was mortified!!! I will probably be more mortified in a few weeks when I take things down to clean because we've had tons of work done on the house and our house is always dusty!!!

I love how you've displayed all your beautiful collections. LOVE the cookbooks!! I have on top of my cabinets my collection of old canning jars, I collect the blue ones.

Hope your son feels better. It's awful to see them sick!!!

Where My Treasure Is said...

You have so many neat things! I loved the cookie jar, the canning jars, and the old cookbooks!!! How fun!! More and more I'm starting to like the country look. I NEVER thought I'd say that! haha. But it's so cozy and homey! The Lucite grapes were so neat--my nanny had some almost identical to the ones you have. Brought back some memories =)

Heather said...

you definitely have some cool things! i love the way you have everything grouped. yay for chickens, lol. love your bowl set too that your mother gave you.
so sorry Hayden is sick. I hope it passes quickly. sending prayers his way :)

Brenda Eason said...

Your goodies are all beautiful. I collect cookbooks old and new. love them so much. I also love old wood and crock bowls . You and I may fuss if we shopped together=) No I know we both share. Thanks love you style.

Anonymous said...

I love to come visit your blog, you have a very beautiful home. I always look forward to seeing your posts, they are very uplifting.

I think I'll head to Goodwill today in a hunt for some old cookbooks! Thanks for the tour and great ideas!

grey like snuffie said...

You have a lot of GREAT the old cookbooks.

Lillie Mae Acres said...

Nice arrangements, and I wouldn't worry about the dust. I don't think any of us dust where we don't have to often.

Mardell said...

Good morning Sharon,
I love your collections! You've arranged everything perfectly. Mr. & Mrs. Rooster look quite handsome too, I might add. They've landed a good home. :o) Have you ever used those battery operated tea lights? I'm thinking they would look really cool up there at night. My kitchen is extremely old (1930's) & the cupboards go right to the ceiling. I have to climb on a chair to reach the things up on the top shelf.

Saying a prayer for Hayden. Glad to hear his fever is going down.
Hugs ~~

gin said...

nice collection of bowls and cookbooks displayed. I love the nesting bowls from your mom. Very pretty and sentimental.

Avalon76 said...

I am envious of your book collections! I have the Betty Crocker Calendar Cookbook (Mom let me have hers) and treasure it - such a cool little book.

I hope Hayden feels better!

Jennifer ^_^

Linda said...

I loved seeing these kitchen treasure...we like lots of the same things. I'd like to just come and sit for a chat and just enjoy all your pretties.

I hope Hayden is better today...hugs, Linda

Kathi said...

I love all your cute things Sharon. Your cookbooks and books for the home are so neat. Love that "Sharon" one. I will keep Hayden in prayer and hope he is better soon. Love, Kathi

jennifer said...

Our tastes are similar to the point of being identical! Down to the colors that we like to use!!

Brittany said...

You are so creative Sharon! You have so many nice things on your cabinet tops! I especially love the canning jars! :) Love you! Hope Hayden is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I have oak open top cabinets also. A big kitchen but I have only 4
large items on the top.
Did not want all those items to dust. The top of
kitchen cabinets are major
dust collectors you do not
see it until youu climb
on a stool and look
Then its like oh my!
I also only dust the tops
once a year. Seems like
you do not have time too.
Or you think about
cleaning the tops then you
put it off. :=)
I think it helps to talk
to a girlfriend on the
phone while you are doing housework. Thanks Sharon I
have been wanting to see
closeups of the tops
of your cabinets.
NE Ohio

Sondra said...

First off- praying for Hayden to feel better :)
Second off- the top of your cabinets are so cute. It looks so adorable. I have some cool stuff on the top of mine too. I will have to show you sometime :)
I haven't been blogging much because we have all been so sick, but I have still been coming by to check up on you :)

Sharon said...


You have the right idea of not havng very much up there, less to dust, but then because I only dust once a year, I guess it doesn't matter! Yes, multitasking by talking on the phone with a friend is the way to go while cleaning! I wish I could blog and clean at the same time! LOL!

Have a great day!


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