Sunday, November 22, 2009

Exercise quiet, sweet, diligence in your work...

I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately. This year has been a stressful year for me. Although I have had many blessings and many good happy times, I have also had many things that have burdened me. On top of some of my stressors, I have been trying to organize my whole house by cleaning cabinets and closets, moving things around and throwing things out. Then, right around the corner, is Christmas and all that that entails! I am feeling like the lady above.
I feel like I am doing a lot of things, but I am not doing anything well. I have not been happy with myself. I feel like the girl above, I look fine on the outside, but inside, I'm feeling out of control, a little angry and not happy. I'm not trusting God.

Any way, I was feeling down this morning and started praying. I got down on my knees and prayed in the spirit. I just gave all of my troubles to Him. When I was done praying I opened my little devotional book called Streams in the Dessert and this is what I read:

Talk to God about whatever may be pressuring you

and then commit the entire matter into His hands.

Do so to be free from the conflicts and cares that fill the world today.

In fact, anytime you are undergoing some trial or

simply pursuing your normal business, tell the Father about it.

Acquaint Him with it; yes, even burden Him with it,

and you will have put the concerns and cares behind you.

From that point forward, exercise quiet, sweet, diligence in your work, recognizing your dependence on Him to carry the matter for you.”

R. Leighton, Streams in the Dessert, 11-21, edited

What stood out to me is the part that says after we give the Lord our burdens this is what we need to do:

From that point forward, exercise quiet, sweet, diligence in your work

So that is what I'm going to do. I have decided that although there are some stressful things in my life that I cannot control, one thing I can control is giving it all to the Lord. Then I need to continue to do the work that the Lord has put upon me, which is being a good wife and mother and making my home a wonderful cozy sanctuary for my family with yummy meals and fresh baked sweets. This is the true desire of my heart anyway and I keep letting other things get in my way. I also have been called to work outside my home at my little part-time job and I need to work there with the same heart and same attitude. That little book just hit me when it said to give it all to the Lord and just continue to work, but not just work, exercise quiet, sweet, diligence in my work! This little passage was just a gift from God this morning.
I believe that we are not fighting a battle of flesh and blood, it is a spiritual battle. I feel that in my Christian walk, I just go up and down all the time. Good news than bad news. I know this is how life is, but I do believe the enemy is trying to rob me of my joy. Although it is true that 2009 has brought some big issues on the old stress test, the Lord also has answered so many prayers for us and I'm talking amazing prayers and long term prayers that I never thought would get answered! He is so good! Why do I let things get to me? Where's my faith? I feel like I am such a light-weight Christian. I want to be strong like my Grandma Ethel and my Grandma Margaret. I need to continue to get on my knees and give all of it to Him and keep trusting.
From that point forward, exercise quiet, sweet, diligence in your work
I have concluded that the beginning steps to exercising quiet, sweet diligence in my work, I need to be a better steward with my time. I have decided to quit blogging for a bit. I am not sure for how long, perhaps a month or two with perhaps a few little posts in between. I will just see how the Lord directs me. I will miss all of you, but I will be checking your blogs often to keep up on your lives.

I also want to be more thankful for all my blessings. I am going to start a thankful journal and list all my many blessings. Our pastor said if you list all the things you are grateful for you won't have any time left to dwell on the negative things!
This is how I want to be, carefree, joyful, happy and trusting in the Lord! I pray the same for all of you.

I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May the Lord richly bless you!

"Commit your way to the Lord." Psalm 37:5

Love, Sharon


grey like snuffie said...

I will miss you but so understand. Praying He grants you His wisdom, that He will order your days according to His will...what He knows needs to be done and above all else that you will find strength in His sweet peace in your relationship with Him. Sending hugs and will pray as He leads....So thankful you have a relationship with Him....cause life happens no matter what we believe about God but having that assurance of His love...will carry you through.

Elena said...

I really enjoy your posts and the news of your family but I totally understand. I wish you the best in all that you do. Your family is so blessed to have you!

Beth said...

I'll greatly miss your posts, but I really do understand. You need to do what is the best for you. I feel as though I am growing in my faith and I can see so many blessings and changes within my family because of it. Thanks for your blog and your honesty about life.
Beth from Michigan

Diva Kreszl said...

oh my... how this time of the year can lose all it's joy if we let it! thanks for the reminder to give it all to our Lord, I will turn the stress this season can bring over to Him and simply set about doing the work of caring and nurturing my family. I shall miss your wise posts but certainly understand the need for a break. May God bless you and your family this season and I will be waiting for you when you get back to posting!

Heather said...

I thinkn you know what you need to do and this sounds like a good plan. You will be terribly missed but I will look forward to seeing any posts or at least you coming to visit me once in awhile :)
I'll be praying for you!

Linda said...

I'm going to miss you, but you know you must follow this path. I keep a gratitude journal and it's wonderful...we have so many blessings and the journal helps you acknowledge how much we have to be thankful for. Wishing you joy and may you find peace and contentment...hugs, Linda

Sue said...

Sharon, we will all miss you, but understand. Hoping you and your family have a blessed and holy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Sue said...

P.S. Sharon, I can count you as one of my blessings. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sharon I really got a lot out of this post about giving our troubles and cares to God and trying our best with what the Lord has given us. Thank you for sharing and being so giving of your heart here. I will miss you and wish you the happiest of holidays ever. With Love, Lilly

luvmy4sons said...

I could so relate to this post. I so often get flustered and agitated, feeling rushed and hurried and frazzled.

I know it is not a battle against my flesh so much as a battle in the spiritual realm. With God there is peace and not fear. I want to control all the outcomes and feel too frenzied to make it all turn out just the way I want. When I do as your devotion suggests- quiet sweet diligence in my work- and give it all to Him, not caring that I can control it all, but letting the results rest in His hands and keeping my eyes on Him and not the results I so badly desire, I find that peace. When I started my part time job(only three days a month, but full days 8-10 hrs)I too quit blogging for awhile. Just the idea of it had me all stressed. So blessings sweet sister. I so understand. Thanks for sharing what the Lord did in your heart and your transparency about it. I am quite certain many mothers can relate. I know I can. Hugs and have a great Thanksgiving!

It's Jan! said...

Sharon, that is the message I needed today. I'll write it down and look at it often. I find that this time of year, when we spend more time at home, that I get overwhelmed with the details and miss the picture.

Today 3 of my 4 kids came over to enjoy home made potato soup...soup that I did not want to make, but I had a request for it.

We sat down to eat and I was so thankful for God's blessings on us, that I was at a loss for words (which doesn't happen often).

I'm on a blogging break too, so I understand, but I WILL miss you!

Praise God!

My Grandkids ROCK said...

Oh, darn it. I already miss you. I will be thinking of you and checking up on you to see if you posted anything. Also, after this harvest is finailly over maybe we could meet again for lunch. Tata for now, Pam

jen said...

what a great post. thanks!

will miss your blog but happy for you that you are following a path you are happy about. looking forward to your return.

all the best to you and your family-

gin said...

your words are a blessing to me. I also have those burdens that I worry with, too. And deep down I also know I need to tell God and leave them with him. But we are human and think we can fix everything. So I am going to give them to the Lord right this moment, and praise Him and thank Him for all his goodness, blessings, and answered prayers in my life. And I will lift you up to Him too.

Kathi said...

Sharon, What a beautiful post. I need to do this too. You will be greatly missed by so many people, including me. You know what is best though. Love you, Kathi

Michelle said...

Oh I will miss you! But your post is right on...couldn't agree more. You are such a blessing to your family and so many others, my sweet friend :)

Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

I will miss you! Best wishes to you and your family. Happy Holidays and hope to hear from you real soon!

Chancellorsville, Virginia

as always starzie said...

Dear Sharon,
I hope you have a really good rest and that you come back to blogging with renewed strenght.
Journals can be very benificial. Sarah Ban Breathnach has written some wonderful books on journal keeping. One of them is "The Illustrated Discovery Journal". It is about creating a visual autobiography of your authentic self. It's alot of fun working with collages and creating art to help a women work through the many challenging times in her life. Her book "Simple Abundance" is wonderful too.
Take care and have a beautiful Christmas and may the New Year bring you joy, peace and many blessings!
Darlene M

adsgram said...

Well, I will very selfishly miss you, Sharon! I hope that you are feeling better about the things in your life soon and come on back! Have no doubt that you aren't faithful have a great soul,and God knows your true heart. Everyone gets 'down' a little when life overwhelms. Do what is good for you, but never feel just isn't so.

Have a wonderful Holiday will be missed!


jennifer said...

I definitely understand. This post was beautifully written and the images were perfect.

Have a blessed holiday season Sharon. I hope your Thanksgiving is happy and your Christmas, merry.

luvmy4sons said...

Happy Thanksgiving sweet sister

Marydon Ford said...

G'eve ~ Hope you holiday was wonderful.

Follow me on my new blog ... had issues with the old one.

We are having a huge GIVEAWAY ending Dec. lst.
Hugs, Marydon

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

What a blessing you are to me, Sharon!.

shamrock fields said...

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes to you and your family for a Blessed Christmas. I will miss your posts--but I know what you mean!!! Thanks for sharing the Bible lesson and the cute pictures!!! Our family has been throught alot this year, and that along with keeping up with my family does get a bit overwhelming. Spending time with God and focusing on what He has given us does a world of good!!! Blessings-

Rosemary said...

Hi Sharon, its a busy time of year, so don't feel pressure to blog :) Goodness, i blog once in a great mooon! haha! I'm sorry you've been down and stressed out. IT seems we all go through this from time to time. I just know that 2009 has been an awful year for my family and i'm going to be glad to see it end :) Have a wonderful christmas holiday season with your family!!

Susan said...

Do you need some hormones?
It can have a profound effect on you. Some women start a lot younger than others.
Suz in the Tules

Kim Creasy said...

Dear Sharon, Thank you for allowing God to use you to help a fellow believer hundreds of miles away. I have been feeling convicted of the time I use on the computer. I don't have a blog but love to read other blogs. When you published your 11.22.09 blog, it nailed me. I knew that God was wanting me to cut back, not cut out computer time because I receive so many blessings. So, I whittled my long list of favs to 5. I kept yours even though you said you wouldn't regularly but wanted to read whenever you did. I love reading your stories. Because of our shared faith, I know I will get to meet you again someday. I will be the one with the southern accent yelling your name! God bless! In His Love, Kim Creasy

nannykim said...

Hi, just stopping by to see how you are doing. (ha, and of course you are taking a break from blogging again---for some reason I always seem to come when you decide to do this.

I love it when God gives us a devotional or verse just when we need it--He is so amazingly intimate. I have the song on my recipe blog (the second song) about counting your blessings. Lately God has just filled me with so much thankfulness. Even when I wake in the middle of the night I am thinking of things to thank him for---it is definitely a God thing. I think part of it was having a friend who was 42 die this fall---it made me realize all of the things I am thankful for in this life and in the life to come.

Have a blessed Christmas.

PattieJ said...

Wow! I was blog surfing and came across this post of yours, It's EXACTLY what I needed to read!!!I've been feeling the same way lately!! Thank You for such an awesome post!! I am adding your blog to my favorites so I can visit again!


Jan Parrish said...

Love the picture of the lady on the gate. Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas season and new year. May God bless you with abounding joy and renewed purpose in 2010.

jAne said...

I needed to revisit this post. Thank you for sharing your heart, Sharon, for it has touched mine.

jAne *

Anonymous said...

Miss you Sharon and your posts.
Hope you come back and show us
your lovely home and how you
decorated for Christmas.


~~Deby said...

I know this is an older post...but want to echo your thoughts...this has been a very rough year for me..and today's verse that I posted on my blog encouraged me so much..isn't it wonderful how God's WORD does that...

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