Monday, October 12, 2009

Hayden's 16th birthday!

My youngest son, Hayden, recently turned 16! I can't believe he can possibly be this old! It's crazy! I made him a little birthday display with some vintage items and I placed his new school picture in the center.
I always make my kids any meal that they desire for their birthdays. Hayden wanted shrimp!
That's all he said he wanted, just a big bowl of shrimp (he takes after his Mama!).
I wasn't quite sure what to do with the shrimp to make it festive and fun. I was telling my supervisor, Pam, my dilemma and she suggested I make shrimp cocktails!
I loved the idea! I used my little ruby and crystal sherbert dishes and mixed up a concoction of a variety of ingredients to make a cocktail sauce. I had one bottle of cocktail sauce on hand and I added ketchup, lemon, garlic, french dressing and a little horseradish to it. It turned out really good! Hayden loved it! I thought the table turned out so pretty too.
I explained to him that while it is his birthday and he gets to pick the meal, the whole family will be eating and we really must have a complete and balanced meal! After a little thought, he also request cabbage and Top Ramen salad.
Mmmmmm......this is such a delicious salad! We also had fresh rolls and jam. It was a very tasty meal!
Here's the whole gang gathered for Hayden's birthday dinner. I love our family birthday dinners!
For his cake he said he didn't want a cake, he wanted brownies without frosting!
I couldn't NOT put frosting on his brownies, so I just dabbed a little on them and made stripes and added sprinkles. After we had cake his opened his presents and we had a great evening together with the whole family. Hayden had a great birthday. I am so thankful for my son and I hope that he has a terrific 16th year!

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord." Psalm 127:3

Love, Sharon


adsgram said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Hayden! Your shrimp sounds like a perfect bithday meal choice to me---YUM! Hope your day was a nice one.

Sharon...what a special setting for a special meal!


gin said...

happy birthday!! shrimp is perfect for any occasion! your table looks lovely.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby boy!

Sharon said...

Thank you Lynne! I hope you have a great day!

Carol said...

Oh my, that shrimp looks delicious! Shrimp is my favorite! Happy 16th to Hayden.

Jocelyn said...

Birthday shrimp sounds fabulous!

I have had a couple of odd " birthday dinner" requests. One was homemade pizza... weird...

Another was Curry, and I think Shawn asked for Guinness Beer Cupcakes this year!
Happy Birthday HAyden!

It's Jan! said...

That kid has excellent taste in food!

I know how hard it is to believe that your baby has grown up. My youngest turned 21 this year and I still want to hold his hand when he crosses the street.

Give Hayden a big birthday hug from me. He seems like such a sweet kid!


Heather said...

Hayden and I think alike! I'm glad he had a wonderful birthday dinner with his family.

Elena said...

Happy Birthday to your son! His celebration looked so great.

Sondra said...

Happy 16 to Hayden!! I love how you make each birthday so special for them. We have gotten away from that with the older boys :(

BittersweetPunkin said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Hayden!!

LOVED the menu, those are some of my favorite things as well!


Kathi said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!! What a fun celebration. I love the way you make things special for each family member, Sharon. xoxo's me, Kathi

grey like snuffie said...

Sharon your table looked GREAT....and I'm loving his what is the dressing on your cabbage salad??? I'm wondering if it's like something I have and can't find. I'm also with the boy on brownies with no frosting!!!!!

jennifer said...

Wow! Your sons are almost all grown!

Wonderful family photo.

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