Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A deer gift from God.....

Back in June I was going through a rough time. Click here and here to read about it. Any way, I was going through a tough couple of weeks and I was sitting on the porch early in the morning, reading my Bible and crying out to God. I was sitting there concentrating on the Lord when all of the sudden I heard what I thought was someone running really, really fast. I thought it was a jogger, but boy were they running fast and loud too! I looked up and saw this beautiful deer running down my street! Can you see him there in the background of the picture?
I was so shocked to see him and so excited too! I quickly ran into the house and grabbed my camera. I was so sad because I thought he was gone, but I looked up the street and he was coming back! He ran right in front of the my house where I could get a good picture of him.
Isn't he beautiful! It was sad though, he seemed so scared. He had somehow wondered off the path and became lost in an unfamiliar place. This is such an unusual occurrence because we live in a developed neighborhood, we never see deer here! I was so excited and I immediately felt like this was a blessing from the Lord.
There were many reasons why I was having a hard time in June and one of them was the fact that my son did not get a big important internship at a local utility company that he had applied for. He made it through many levels of the interview process and we had heard that he was a shoe in and then he didn't get the job. I was just so disappointed and it sent me into little funk.
The little deer was gone in a flash, just as quickly as he came. He jumped over the fence at the end of the road and probably went through the yard and out towards the country. I am certain he got back to safety out in the country away from the developed city.
I thanked God. I sat there and thought, why would God send this deer on this particular day, at this particular hour when I was out on my porch praying and feeling so down. I thought that maybe he was saying don't worry, I'm watching out for you. It really comforted me. I still went through the feelings of being down, worried and concerned, but I kept going to the Lord in prayer.

Well, the story does not end here!
I kept praying and trusting God and He gave us a miracle! Three weeks later the utility company called him and offered him the job! It turns out that one of the boys they hired didn't work out, so they gave it to Grayson. You can read more about it by clicking here . It truly was a miracle and I give God the glory!

Any way, the internship was only for 12 weeks and it ended two weeks ago. Because he was working full time at the internship he was not able to sign up for college, which was a bummer, but he will be signing up for winter term. He really wanted to stay on at the utility company because he loved the work and it is one of those excellent jobs that you could stay at your whole life and get promoted and he would go to night school. Any way, the job was over and he wasn't taking classes, so he desperately needed to get a job. He went to town and went on line and contacted probably thirty places. Last Friday he got a job offer at Target and then on Monday morning he got a job offer at a mill! He actually was planning on accepting both jobs to earn more money, but then Monday afternoon he got another job offer to go back to the utility company working full time!!!! I cannot believe how the Lord has worked all of this out! Grayson is so excited and so thankful! We all are!

With all of this new activity, I just started pondering everything and I remembered that sunny morning back in June when I was crying out to the Lord and then the little deer came. It reminds me of how God does care for us and does hear our prayers and does answer them. He is faithful! We do not always get the answers we want, and sometimes we have to wait a long time, but that is the beauty of faith, you know that God is taking care of all of it and He will be with you whatever the outcome. I just want to thank God for how He has worked in my son's life and how He has blessed him and how He has answered my prayers. I feel like I disappoint the Lord because I do lose my faith and I do get in funks when life gets hard. I want to remember these times of victory and I want to remember that He will never leave me or forsake me.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Hugs, Sharon


Brenda Eason said...

Great post ...I really needed this.

Lori said...

Thank you for this post of encouragement. I too am having some difficulties. I am not able to post any of them, they are family related, but I can so identify with what you have said. I have never been one to become too affected by my children's issues, but of late, I have been more concerned and troubled than ever before. I think having them grow up is much more difficult than when they were smaller. I never thought I'd say that as I had 3 in diapers at one time. But the issues are so much bigger. I didn't mean to ramble, but I wanted to thank you for sending a reminder of God's attention to us even when we don't see it.


Heather said...

what a wonderful post Sharon. sometimes we all need a little encouragement and you're right- it comes in all shapes & sizes and at some of the strangest times!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Just as he knows and cares for the sparrows, he knows and cares for us even more. Thanks!
Carrie P

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Sharon, sweetie you don't know just how much I needed to hear this post right now. I'm feeling like you were in June, but I keep praying too and having faith in the Lord even though I feel so sad at times. I'm thrilled for Grayson that everything is working out so wonderfully for him, he's a good young man. Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend.......
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Elena said...

Awesome post Sharon! I am so happy that your son has a good job and the Lord is helping him and blessing him.

Kim said...

I loved this story and I am so glad you shared it and the photos. I can so relate to you and how we feel like dissapointments when we let our faith weaken. I am so happy Grayson got the job offer he wanted! I am in one continuous lesson with God on patience. So far he hasn't kicked me out of class...LOL
Sharing stories like this is such a blessing.
Take care,

My Shabby Roses said...

God is GOOD! It's so good you have this story down on your blog so when tough times come you can recall God's goodness in your life. He is faithful!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Sharon,
What a wonderful testimony of the faithfulness of God!
Thank you for sharing, I have been truly blessed.
And what wonderful pictures you took.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Beautiful. In God's timing. Always need reminding of that! Thank you!

Diva Kreszl said...

God's timing is always amazing isn't it??? We often forget he answers prayers in His own time, not ours.

nannykim said...

Oh thanks so for sharing this story--God does amazing things!! So cool. I need the encouragement. My youngest son is finishing his last college class this semester and hopes to graduate. He has not been able to find work anywhere. He has applied to hundreds of jobs and keeps getting turned down--mainly due to lack of I needed to read this post!!

Sondra said...

Wonderful post Sharon! What a blessing :)

Anonymous said...

Sharon this is such a beautiful story and I feel blessed to see how the Lord hears your cries and then sends this magnificent deer.

My thoughts went to this verse in the Bible: Song of Solomon 2:9 My beloved is like a roe or young hart (deer): behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through lattice.

What a wonderful miracle from the Lord. (I believe this is also the book that mentions the rose of sharon). I feel so encouraged and thankful to see He is so Faithful.

Thank you for sharing! Lilly

Kathi said...

This is so wonderful. I'm so happy for you and for Grayson. God is indeed good. What a beautiful deer to bless you during your prayer time. That is so special. Kathi

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon & Eric, what good news and answer to prayer for Grayson, we have been praying every morning that he would get the job with the utility company. We also enjoyed your story about the deer. We love you.
Mom & Dad

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