Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today is my son Mackenzie's 25th birthday!

Happy 25th birthday my son! I am soooo thankful the Lord brought you to us!
On Thursday night his wife, Brittany, made the whole family a beautiful Mexican dinner for his birthday!
She made chicken enchiladas, beans and rice!
We had such a lovely dinner! This was the first time any of my kids had a birthday and I was not in charge. It was really, really nice! It is especially nice because Brittany has taken over as far as Mackenzie's birthday and she did such a wonderful job! We just had to show up with a present!
He got some really nice gifts and felt very loved.
This is the real Mackenzie! He is always so fun, silly and goofy and we all love him so much! Happy birthday Kenz! I love you!

"Every time I think of you I thank my God.!" Philippians 1:3

Love, Sharon


~~Deby said...

Happy Birthday to your son...and wow..Brittany did a great job...did I notice a new hair style on her????....Looks too cute...
They are such a cute couple...
you and Eric toooooo.

Heather said...

so sweet. Tell him Ella and I said happy birthday! 25 is big one!! Tell Brittany I miss her blogs too. I hope she comes back soon :)

blushing rose said...

What a wonderful birthday Mackenzie had. Cutie, isn't he. Did anyone save any of us CAKE? Chuckle!

Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

gin said...

such a sweet celebration. Happy birthday to your son.

Kathi said...

Happy Birthday Mackenzie. It's so neat the way Brittany has now taken her place as the one giving his party. She did a great job and you got to enjoy it just as much if not more. Love ya, Kathi

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