Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ruby robin....

Here's another sweet treasure I found this summer while thrifting. It's a sweet little ruby Robin.
Again, she was an item that I dove for!
I love and collect ruby glassware and when I saw her I fell in love.
I especially love the details on her as well as the heavy, heavy glass that she's made of.
I wish you could feel how heavy she is. She was only $2.99, which I thought was a good deal.
I know she's not vintage, but I think she fits in perfectly with my decor and she adds a bit of whimsy to our dining room table. Just a fun little treasure I wanted to share with you today!

Hope you're having an awesome week! The Lord has been teaching me things about contentment this week and I am so excited about it! I feel like I have been set free! I will share more of this at another time. I am heading out for a special birthday luncheon with my mother and two sisters, Kelli and Kathi. This is a tradition we do every year and I am really looking forward to it!

"The steps of the Godly are directed by the Lord. He delights in every detail of their lives." Psalm 37:23

Hugs, Sharon


Heather said...

she is very cute! the table looks very pretty. have fun with the girls!

Mrs. Farrah Ginter said...

Hope you had fun with your sisters! Blessings dear friend.

Diva Kreszl said...

Your ruby glass bird is just beautiful! My sister collects red glass and it just catches the light and is delightful to look at. God is a great teacher if we open our hearts to his lessons!

Mardell said...

Oooh, I love it Sharon! Ruby glass is so pretty & very pricey (if it's true red glass & not painted.) I bet it looks amazing at night with a candle in it. Great find! (As always.)

Speaking of which, can you please email me when you get a chance? I have a little somthing for you that I found when I was out & about last weekend. Just something little & has your name written all over it. Thanks!
mlamb9 at


Mary said...


It's been a while since I've had a chance to drop by. It was a hectic summer between having the boys everyday and lots of rainy days.

Love your Ruby Robin and the vase. Mom collects ruby glass and has many vintage pieces from over the years.

Hope all is well with you. If you have time, drop by and enter my giveaway.


~~Deby said...

She is a cutie and does fit right in...
contentment is a hard one at time..yet the reverse is coveteousness isn't it..and when you look that word up...oh yikes..we are so warned about being that way...
I struggle too..
looking forward to your post.

A Romantic Porch said...

You find the absolutely cutest things. I can't wait to read your contentment posting. xo rachel

Rosemary said...

your home is so pretty and you find the neatest things out junkin! I have drapes and slipcover in that same fabric as your table cloth!

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