Sunday, September 20, 2009

Public or Private, now that's the question....

First of all I wanted to thank all of you for the tips on how to make my blog private, and also for the nice surprise on how many of you expressed that you would want to be the list if I did indeed go private. Believe it or not, hearing all of your unexpected positive and supportive comments helped me make my decision. I don't think I'll be setting my blog to private because after looking into it I found out my blog would be invitation only with a password and I could only invite 100 people. With everything that I was weighing in my mind, hearing that a lot of you do enjoy my blog definitely went into the column "reasons why to keep my blog open."
Since I have started blogging there have been several reasons that have popped up on why I have considered going private. I am sure some of you out there have pondered the same things. Do I really want to expose so much of my life to anybody and everybody across the WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Am I putting my children, husband and home at risk in anyway by sharing so much of my life. Am I weird because I like to share about my life? There are so many celebrities who covet their private life and do so much to protect their activities of daily living and here I am inviting everyone into my home, sharing my ups and downs, warts and all to the world.
What counter balances all of these thoughts are the following:

1. I do what I can to keep our last name and our town name anonymous to protect our "true identity."

2. We have never had any trouble in the two years I have blogged with security issues.

3. I have met so many wonderful, wonderful people from blogging! I actually consider you friends even though we have never met. I love it that we lift each other up in prayer through hard times and we rejoice with each other through the good times. So many of you inspire me and encourage me with your blogs in all areas including being Godly women, good wives and mothers, with cooking, decorating, shopping, etc..
4. I hear positive feedback that my blog inspires and encourages many of you and I want to be an encouraging and inspiring person. The Bible says that the older women are to teach and encourage the younger women in the things of the Lord and that is what I feel like my mission statement is with my blog, as well as encouraging women that are my age going through midlife transition.

5. Blogging is a creative outlet for me. It's my hobby. I love taking pictures and writing a story about them. I love seeing something I might normally not notice and suddenly thinking, "Hey, that would be a neat blog post!" Since I have started blogging I have really taken an interest in photography and have learned how to take good pictures.
6. I feel like my blog is like my own personal magazine with many different subjects in the "Table of Contents." There's cooking, family, decorating, organization, etc..

7. My blog is my on-line diary. It is so wonderful for me to click on some random month from the past two years and remember what was going on in my life back then. I am recording my family events with pictures and stories.

8. Blogging is usually very rewarding for me. It is so fun to write a post and hear feedback from my friends. It is fun to go visit my friends and leave comments and get ideas.
The reason that really pushed me over the edge to pursue going private was that I had a person leave a comment saying something to the effect that I shouldn't show my thrift store treasures during this tough economical time when there are people out there struggling to pay their bills and that perhaps I shouldn't be buying things that are "wants" and not "needs." I took offense to this and wrote the author and told him how it made me feel. He did apologize, but it still left a sting and left me thinking.
I am guilty of shopping at thrift stores and I do like to share my good deals on my blog. I would like to apologize to any of you out there that I have offended by showing my purchases. I guess my the point I am trying to make when I share my good deals is to share with other folks out there in blogland who are on tight budgets that you can buy nice things for your home and you don't have to spend a lot.
I truthfully do not feel that I am excessive and spend too much on my treasures. I am so frugal and cut corners in so many ways. The fact that I shop second hand in itself shows that I am not excessive. This commenter knows nothing about my private finances and how much I actually spend on my treasures. He knows nothing about how much I give to charity, my church and my community. He knows nothing of my past where I did come through some very difficult financial times. He knows nothing about the budget my husband and I have set for our "wants." On the other hand, he shared nothing about his finances and how much he spends on his "wants."
I plan to continue to keep my blog public and not private and I plan on continuing to have posts about my great deals that I find while thrifting unless there is an overwhelming response from my readers that you don't like it. I would appreciate your input on this subject.
Again, I would like to thank all of you who have been such loyal and supportive friends these past two years and those who have left such nice comments. I am hoping to get around to all of your blogs in the next couple of days. May the Lord bless you and keep you!

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen" Ephesians 4:29

Hugs, Sharon


~~Deby said...

wooohooo...Sharon that made my evening..
and show your or not..we all go thru seasons when money is more abundant or not..really it is not anyone's business....I never saw you as BRAGGING....there will always be a critic.I don't let those comments through..usually don't even answer them....
your blog is a blessing..
because of you I now:
have Rose Chintz dishes
different Fairy lights
and watched that logging show !!LOL
and I am sure a whole lot more..
keep em' coming, girlfriend.

gin said...

I'm glad you are staying public. I don't comment much, but I do enjoy seeing and listening to you everyday. It's like we are neighors with the same things going on with home, family, kids, and ourselves. You are an inspiration. I wouldn't worry about the negative comments. They are probably way fewer than your friendly comments.

grey like snuffie said...

Yeah for you...we must be wise according to Him...but not live in fear. As to the negative comment...I'm thinking he needs some prayer and chain saw for the log in his own eye. Sometimes it seems so easy to blurt...even on blogs. I'm trying to stop when those words come my way and just set my gaze at the hard but if that becomes my goal then I can pray it through before it enlarges in my spiraling mind.

The words of others can be hurtful. I just started a new book...Strong Women, Soft Hearts. I think the main happens and how are we going to let God deal with it so we stay tender to Him. Bless you sweet Sharon...I LOVE to come to your blog.

City Girl Country Heart said...

I recently deleted my blog only because I have nothing to blog about and I had no comments. Therefore, I considered it boring to post and boring for readers! I do however love reading others and still plan to come read yours daily. Its on my favorites ! I really do get inspiration from you and your quotes, they are great.
I hope that somebody out there who thinks they can tell you what to do with your money wont keep you from blogging. Its none of their business what you do or how you spend your money. Wow, the nerve of them! So, enjoy shopping, blogging and everthing that makes you happy, thats what Jesus wants you to do- Be Happy!I enjoy your blog and hope you continue it! Have a great week ! Take Care, Stephanie

Beth said...

I'm so glad you are staying public! I find your blog to be an ispiration to me. I have two young boys and find your posts so uplifting and rewarding. I have been shopping at Goodwill because of your great thrift store finds! I was shopping there this weekend and found some wonderful Halloween decorations for my home! The prices you can't beat anywhere! I have never felt as though you were bragging about your finds. Thanks for sharing your life with us:)

Connie said...

Honey, don't let what others say upset you. Sometimes it comes across entirely different from what the blogger comment actually meant. I blog for every single reason you mentioned, but I do protect my privacy. Also, we're armed and dangerous!!! LOL But I'd certainly want to be on your blog if you ever decided to go private. I think you'll keep it public because you enjoy it so much. I think of my blog as a "missionary tool" also. I let my light shine so others can benefit from it, sugar. Just keep that in mind and go on doing what you are doing, chick!! You got me...

Oh, I'm going to be a great-grandmother in May!!!


Rebecca said...

Sharon...I've NEVER thought of you as a braggart and I'm put off that anyone implied you were. I agree with Deby... We all experience seasons of distress and those of success...times when we HAVE and then times when we HAVE NOT. I've had both during my life and I remain grateful for all good things for I believe they come directly from the Lord. Should we hide our blessings for fear of offending someone who is going through a valley? I think not.

Continue to share you faith. Continue to share your finds...your loving family and your joy for living. Not all of us comment all the time but be assured we read what is on your heart.

For me, you bless and inspire. Simple as that!

Love to you~Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Sharon enjoy seeing your
thrift store finds.
And they ARE TS finds.
You are saving money
in this economy.
Pamela NE Ohio

adsgram said...

Sharon...I am with the others...Happy that you are staying online. I love seeing all your new stuff whether it is a $.25 TS piece or a new car! You have no apologies to make. We all know what we can spend in our own lives and you have actually shown us that even a little can sometimes go a long way! Also, it's fun going to games with your boys, taking rides on the boat and getting to meet the rest of your family. Even those of us who have our own families enjoy watching you and yours do the same things and really enjoying being a real family! ..Glad you are staying!

BTW...if you happen to talk to Stephanie (or if you read this Stephanie) Her/your blog was not boring, and you are missed!

Have a great week!


Carol said...

So glad you're staying public with your blog. Have a super week blogging, you are a blessing to us all!


PJ said...

Sharon, I love reading about your family.I love seeing your thrift store finds! I have learnt so much about being a mom from you.I look up to your blog for guidance and inspiration.
I am so glad that you are not letting one hurtful comment be the cause for you to be the way you are and being such a blessing to so many people like me,who rarely leave a comment but follow your blog diligently.

Cottage Contessa said...

Yay! Sweetie that's wonderful news! Sharon don't change a thing about who you are or what you do because we love you and your blog just the way it is......inspirational! Wishing you a truly happy day....
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Sondra said...

Wow, I can't believe you had a commenter say that! That is just so silly. You are showing thrift store finds. Thrift store! It is not like you are going out buying $300 shoes every week and bragging about it. My, my. I don't understand some people. You know I LOVE your blog and I LOVE seeing your great buys. Keep it up!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

So glad you're not going private! And how awful that someone who really knows nothing about the details of your life, as you mentioned, can make a comment that truly ruins your day! We all make sacrifices for the things we want and I'm sure if you couldn't afford to go treasure hunting, you wouldn't. You seem to always put your family first! Enjoy your blog very much!

Linda said...

Hi Sharon...I love seeing the treasures you find thrifting....I just think it's so neat to see you find a little treat and find a perfect little spot for it in your cozy home.
I hope you do not go private...but if you do I hope I'm included in your list of visitors...hugs, Linda

Kathi said...

Sharon, I'm so sorry you have been criticised by this man. I love your blog and really appreciate all the tips and decorating ideas you give. I love the way you share your life. I'm proud of you for the way you set guidelines for you blog and the way you encourage younger women to budget and to love their husbands and children. I love you, big sister Kathi

Jan said...

I have to add my YIPPEE to the growing list of your followers who are so happy you are staying public.

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm so glad you're not going private on us!! I'm saddened that you were hurt from some negative comments from a reader. :o( I'm sure I would have reacted the same as you. I echo what all of these wonderful gals have said! I have been so blessed reading your blog & getting to know you & your beautiful family. You have taught me so much & I am forever grateful for that...seriously. YOU are the kind of woman I want to be. xoxoxo

Hugs from NY :o)

PS: I love the photo of your hand on the mouse. It's beautiful...and so are you!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I for one love it when you show all of the goodies you find at thrift shops! I just wish our thrift shops in my area had more to pick from. The comment the man made just doesn't make sense. I think buying from thrift shops shows how goood you are at saving money. You get beautiful items for pennies! What's not economical about that? This person sounds like he is going thru hard times, all you can do is pray for him. If he is offended, he doesn't need to go to your site. It sounds like a strange thing for a man to focus on. Maybe his wife reads your blog and has gone to thrift shops. And maybe he is upset about it. It could be none of this, I just always try and figure out where someone is coming from. I'm glad you are not going private. You never know when someone might stumble accross your blog and read exactly what they need for that day. Your blog is so uplifting and so needed by so many people. Just put this behind you and know everyone in blog land (and ones who don't have a blog like me) appreciate all of your hard work you put into your blog site. You can consider me a friend, any time you need prayer I'm here for you!
Take care and God Bless!

Jill said...

Since you are the first blog I check every morning, I have to admit I was afraid that you would not be here. So delighted that for now you are choosing to stay public in blog land. As for the person that upset you....You could paint your face purple and stand on your head and he would find fault with that. People that are so judgemental can't be pleased. If that upset him so much that he felt compelled to write, then I say he should be happy to have such mundane things to complain about. Ignore him, feel sorry for him, pray for him. Whatever you need to do so that he doesn't get to you. There will always be someone to find fault with what you write. Keep doing what you are doing and write and share what you feel in your heart is worthy to share. Those people will never be happy and let them move on. Thanks for staying around!


Heather said...

yay. i'm glad you're not going private. although as long as i was on your "invited" list it didn't matter, lol. i just didn't want to lose you! you're one of my favorites :)
i love your glasses by the way. very chic! don't let that one man ruin your fun. we can't please everyone. you are blogging for you. it's your outlet just like it's my outlet and so many other peoples outlets. i love to see things everyone buys and uses to decorate with, whether it's frugal or not, lol. who cares! everyone needs to remember that you can't compare yourself to anyone else. you have no idea what their situation is, etc. I know it's hard sometimes but it's true. Anyway I'm glad you're sticking around!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! There are times when I just need to write your Godly inspiration, even though I know we may never meet in this life. Thanks for showing so many ways that you are thrifty! Carrie P

Elena said...

Sharon, I really enjoy reading your blog. It is always so interesting and fun. I'm sorry you get the negative comments. Love, Elena

shamrock fields said...

Whew!!! I thought I missed the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I am so glad it is still public. Your thrifting and decorating inspire me! The other day, I saw a Morning Glory vine growing around a stop sign pole--I thought of you and your post about your walk! I think that is neat that we could live so far apart and have similar occurences! Blessings-

susan said...

I am so glad to hear that you are not making your blog private. I really enjoy reading about your day. I like to see what you get at thrift stores although I am a bit jealous that I never make the kind of finds you do. I would certainaly try not to let that person's words bother you. It is your blog, your choice of what parts of your life you share with us and if someone does not like your choices then they don't have to read your blog. I am glad that you choose to share your wonderful life with us.

Michelle said...

Oh Sharon, I'm glad you are keeping your blog public...I would miss you very much if it was private! You've got a lot of wisdom and encouragement to definitely have a positive impact on others...thank you!

Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! So glad you are staying here Sharon! I would miss you so much. You do encourage me and inspire in me to be a better Christian, wife, mom the whole shebang! I think you have a special ministry of being able to touch the hearts of others. That's a blessing indeed! I am sorry someone tried to tear you negative really. If not for you I wouldn't have found some really super thrifty treasures...didn't cost much...but I thank the Lord because, really all blessings flow from him (of course we have to earn the $). I smile when I see your treasures and am happy for you. I think you have a thankful and humble heart! Blog on! With best wishes, Lilly (

Claire said...

Sharon - YOU are the treasure, my dear. Yours is my favorite blog, hands down! I am sorry someone had the nerve to say such hurtful things. It's not like you're hitting the mall every weekend. I guess this person feels that no fun is allowed during a tough economy, even affordable fun! Don't let anyone get you down and make you feel bad about your blog. It's a bright spot in my day and I know that many others agree!
xo claire

Jan Parrish said...

Hi Sharon,

Don't let one grumpy old man spoil it for you and all your readers.

I laughed out loud when I heard what he said. Now if you were shopping at name brand stores and flaunting brand name stuff I could see it.

My advise is to proceed as usual and ignore this grump. Just hit delete if he comments again.

Love you!

kimka said...

You go Sharon!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you are keeping your blog public!

You have cheered me up on more than one occasion and given me some decorating ideas to boot!!

It is a blessing for me to see being a wife and mother from your perspective. Sometimes even though we know we're not, we feel kind of 'alone'. It's nice to know that someone else out there has the same issues of life as me ;)

Bless you!

Willa said...

I love everything about your blog. Most of all the Christian emphasis you put into it.

You have been an encouragement to me with your blog and, also, I know I am older than you - but I know that you are a teacher to the younger women which is what Titus 2tells us to do.

I love seeing your family and what a great blessing they are to you, their schools, in their careers and all. They are going to be leaders for Jesus.

You know my husband and I have 3 sons just a little older than yours. I love remembering the times we have had raising them when I read your posts. They have done alot of the same things as your sons such as football, basketball and being active in their church.

I, also, don't know why someone would critique you and say that about thrifting. After all isn't thrifting what we are supposed to be doing? You have really bought some beautiful things - for a great price. I think its awesome that you show us them.

Most of all I see in you the character of our Lord. God has really blessed me by reading your blog. I click on it several times a week. I would never think of invading your privacy.

Please include me if you ever do decide to go "private".


oatbread said...

well if we didnt shop at thrift stores , we wouldnt be helping our local charities do what they do best. I buy from Thrift stores and i also donate back to thrift stores. It is a great hobby and the best way to recycle and be green. I love all of your collections. Donna

The Barefoot Mama said...

Oh Sharon,

Boo on the person who told you such a nasty thing. For real, sharing your junkin' treasures is inspiring! None of us are without desires, and showing us how to decorate beautifully on the cheap is a wonderful way to meet our wants while not losing focus of our needs! I think you're awesome! (and I love my Goodwill because of you! ;o)

I'm so glad that you're staying public. :o) I struggle with the same things, namely the anonymity thing (I've lost some of that) and also feeling strange about if I'm sharing TOO much. I don't want to seem full of myself, but then I remember that my blog is MY blog, and like you said it's a creative outlet. I like to think of it as a magazine, too. :o) It's neat that we share that same thought.

Have a lovely weekend, lady-o...and happy birthday to your beloved boy!

Judy @ daily yarns said...

Hi Sharon,
I've been too busy to visit lately and I see I've missed so much here. I'm glad you're not going private. I enjoy your blog very much and all the great treasures you find.
Keep it up.

Warren Baldwin said...

Hi, just a visitor linking here from nannykins (or something like that!). Saw one of your comments and decided to link over and see your blog.

You have a good one. Read a couple of posts and thought I'd comment on this one. I wouldn't worry about what one detractor says. If he doesn't like you mentioning the items here he doesn't have to read your blog, right? What I didn't when I had someone that kept getting on and making negative comments was to control the comments by using blog owner approval. That way I can see them first. Out of hundreds of comments I've only deleted one or two that were of someone wanting to use my blog for their own promotion of something. (Truth is, I don't mind someone asking me to promote a book or item. I have done that for friends).

From my quick look here you have a very good blog.


Anonymous said...

I don't know a lot about blogs, only know how to visit one, read it, and read friends list.
I am so happy you decided not to go private. PLEASE DO NOT LET ONE NEGATIVE PERSON spoil your blog fun.
Just keep your sweet Christian Spirit which comes thru in your blog, your love of Christ, family and friends is encouraging to many people. Your bible verses seem to speak to me on many occasions, just what I needed for that
day, God always know what we need and when we need it. I LOVE your blog and enjoy all the thrifty finds you post. ROSE OF SHARON and SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY are my two favorite blogs.
I have learned so much reading blogs and have tried many recipes and projects, plus getting daily
inspiration from the kindness expressed by so many ladies. I read some of the project you ladies do and think
I can do that!
My daughter's name is Sharon and she has two teenage sons, so I can relate to many of your blogs.
Please keep up the wonderful blog!

elaine said...

hi Sharon, I was just catching up on your blog. Re: the comment made by someone about you flaunting your thrift The way I see it is that you are helping somebody else in this economy. We're human and we have stuff. When you buy stuff of of somebody else are helping them get rid of some of their own stuff. Even if it's only a dime for a refridgerator're helping someone. Besides, a lot of us like to see that stuff going around so...think about that. As far as your family safety...Come on' you have the Big Guy on your side. xox

Sharon said...

Thank you everyone so, so much for your amazing support! I appreciate it so much. I hope all of you have wonderful weekends!

Hugs, Sharon

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