Monday, September 28, 2009

My husband's garden.....

Welcome to Eric's garden!
We moved to this house over 15 years ago. The backyard was just a slopped grassy hill with some dead diseased trees on it. There was not much use or character to the property. Eric bartered with some workmen who were constructing the nearby street . He cut down the five dead trees on our property and the men took them to the mill and sold them. In trade, the men used their big tractors and we had our lot terraced and leveled so that we could get the best use out of it.

After that Eric hand placed every single one of the over 100 railroad ties that we have on our property. He used them to shore up the terraced sections. I don't know how he did it, they each weigh over 100 pounds! The boys were all too young to help him that much. I remember him working hard all day at his job cutting trees down and then he would work in our yard for hours until dark. I was getting worried about him, but he was on a mission and didn't stop until the project was done, which was a matter of weeks. The result of all of his hard work is a beautifully landscaped yard with lots of interest and character! He made this beautiful staircase that leads to the garden. I love it! He also made the grape arbor at the top of the stairs. It is very beautiful and romantic looking to me. It's a perfect entry into the garden!
Okay, so lets get back to Eric's garden. At the top of the stairs down the path through the grape arbor is our little garden. Eric has planted a garden just about every year we have been married! We didn't plant a garden the year we moved here or for two years when we were trying to sell our home because we had just lost interest. Any way, this is the first year since then that he has planted a garden.
It is a very casual garden without a lot of structure and rows. He used to plant all kinds of things, but we have learned to just plant the things we really love to eat that are easy to grow.
He planted sunflower seeds many years ago and every year they just volunteer!
I think they are so pretty! And the birds love them too!
These little mini pumpkins volunteered too! I think they came from some ornamental pumpkins that I bought last year and threw them in the garden after the season!
He planted cherry tomatoes.
Mmmmmm cherry tomatoes! You might as well call them cherry tomato candies!
Whenever you are in our garden, you also just might see a cute little doggie who wants to play Frisbee! Okay Bailey, go fetch!!!
He planted some beautiful tomatoes too!
Oh, there is nothing like fresh tomatoes out of the garden!
This is the little rhubarb plant that could! We had a nice plant, but it accidentally got rototilled up by one of the boys. Eric has been baby-ing it and it's coming back. I think next year we might be able to harvest it.
One of our favorite things to grow and eat is bush beans! He planted several rows of these this year!
Look at these beauties! Oh, they are soooo delicious too!
He planted two varieties of cucumbers and we got a nice crop this year!
Well, that's it for the little vegetable garden tour!
I think I'll go in the house now and eat a big dish of cherry tomatoes!
Thanks honey for planting such a nice garden for us and for so faithfully taking care of it every day! It is so wonderful to be able to walk up to the garden and pick fresh produce!

"Build homes and plan to stay. Plant gardens, and eat the food you produce." Jeremiah 29:5

Love, Sharon


Tammy said...

What a beautiful garden! The hard labor paid off.

Mrs. Farrah Ginter said...

Good job Eric! Looks yummy!

grey like snuffie said...

Well a family reunion this summer someone made a Raspberry Rhubarb was AMAZING!

PJ said...

what a beautiful garden!

blushing rose said...

Oh, I envy anyone with a good garden this year ... ours was the putz! You all did a lovely job in your terracing & plantings.

Happy autumn. Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~Marydon

Heather said...

what a great garden! all his hard work surely has paid off. what a sweet reward!

Happy@Home said...

That looks like a lot of hard work that has paid off very nicely. Your vegetables all look so fresh & delicious. I had a small garden this year and loved it.

Cottage Contessa said...

Good morning sweetie! Eric has done a wonderful job in creating such a terrific garden and landscaping the yard. You and him are a great team! The way you keep the inside and the way Eric keeps the outside all make for a very attractive and welcoming family home. Love it! Wishing you a happy day Sharon!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Michelle said...

Wow, that garden is just beautiful...your sweetie did a great job!

Have a wonderful week, Sharon!

Smiles :)

jen said...

what a great garden-how nice!

you've inspired me!

Where My Treasure Is said...

WOW! What a beautiful garden! You're husband has done a great job with it =)

Jan Parrish said...

Gorgeous arbor! What a blessing.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Do you lend him out at all??

Great garden!

Mardell said...

Wow ~ how did I miss this post?! Oh my goodness, what a fabulous garden! Way-2-go Eric. Amazing. Everything looks so delish. We had zero luck w/our tomatoes this year. They ALL died before they got ripe. Too much rain is what people are saying. I love cherry tomato "candies!" :o) And those RR ties ~ wowzers! They're great for landscaping & last 4-ever. Didn't realize they are that heavy though. Eeek!

Kathi said...

Sharon, Eric is truly amazing and very strong. I love what he did in your back yard. The garden is lovely with all those beautful vegetables growing. Love it. Kathi

nannykim said...

Nice garden!! Oh I didn't realize Grayson was so tall until he stood beside you!

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