Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I found a Hull vase!!!!

In June I went to Bend, Oregon with my "Bag Lady" girlfriends. We had such a great time together! We spent one afternoon in town for lunch and thrift store shopping. One of the very special treasures I found there was this beautiful Hull vase!
I love the soft colors of Hull vases. They have the most beautiful raised flowers on them too. I believe the name of this pattern is called "Wildflower."
The Hull Pottery company was started in 1907. They were famous for their matte pastel finish. They made florist pots, artware and kitchenware.
In 1950 their plant burnt down. They did rebuild their plant, but they could not duplicate the matte glaze with the new equipment. The continued to make pottery, but it had a high gloss, which is probably one of the reason they are so collectible.
I saw one in perfection condition on Ebay going for $199.00!!! Mine is not perfect though, it has a crack in the back that has been glued, but I only paid $8.00 for it and the crack is barely noticeable. Even though it is cracked, I am thrilled to own it! You see, I probably could never afford to have this thing of beauty for a price tag of two hundred dollars (nor would I ever pay that much for a vase if I did have the extra cash!), but I can own it, even though it is not perfect, for under ten dollars. By buying things that are not perfect I am able to enjoy them without the hefty price tag!
I just love the look of it, it is so soft and beautiful. It also doubles as a memento of my fun trip with my girlfriends! I feel blessed by the Lord when I find special treasures like this!

"Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful." Colossians 4:2

Fondly, Sharon


blushing rose said...

Yup! They sure are pricey. We have sold them in the shop, that was a dynamite price, ladybug. Good for you! I am green with envy ... my colors. There are people who can restore them to perfection, you can often find them in antique mall settings. Ask around.

Have a beautiful day. TTFN ~Marydon

Diva Kreszl said...

I absolutely love the Hull vase! What a great find...crack and all.

Kathi said...

Sharon, I had never heard of Hull vases before this. The softness of the glaze is so pretty. I'm so happy you found one. Have a wonderful day. Love ya, Kathi

Jan said...

Sharon,you find the greatest treasures! I am lovin' that vase! It's gorgeous...just gorgeous!
I think it's the imperfections that make these things special!

Brenda Eason said...

Great find. I had a client that collected for years. I bet she had 100. The sad part is none of her kids wanted that junk. Oh how I wish I just had one to remember her.
Ilove yours.

Judy said...

That is very pretty...I have never seen one but I know about them. Great find!

Mrs. Preston said...

What a beautiful find sharon! I always really enjoy seeing all your pretty finds! ;)

God be with you today in all you do! =)


Mardell said...

She's a beauty for sure! What a steal, even tho cracked. Gives it character I think. Love the colors & everything. Crazy what price you found on Ebay ~ wow. Once my son starts K next week, I hope to be able to do more garage sales etc. Sometimes it's SO hard to shop with him under tow (or toe! LOL)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

$8.00?? That's fabulous!! I've never heard of this type of vase, but it is really pretty! And it makes you happy, that's the most important thing! Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

What a neat find!! Love the soft colors....what a shame about not being able to duplicate it with their new equipment.

nannykim said...

oops--tha anonymous post was mine--here let me try again

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon! Your Hull vase is gorgeous! I have a set of Hull soup bowls and trays. I paid $2.50 for all of them at a yard sale. Several years ago I checked them out and found a price of from $20. to $40 for each set. They are like new. I love Rosewood pottery too. It has that soft look of Hull.

We are engaged in a noisy thunder storm passing through. Have a great evening.
Love, Helen

Anonymous said...

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