Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can you guess what I'm doing today????

Yep, I'm going to decorate my house for fall! I brought down all my boxes of fall decor. I think four boxes is a bit much, but some of the things in the boxes are large. Mind you, these are just the boxes for fall, I also have about three more boxes of Halloween and two more boxes of Thanksgiving! I decided that if I don't put it out this year then I need to give it to Goodwill! I would like to cut it down by a third or more if possible. I have a lot of things out in the shed to decorate our front porch too. I have been collecting these decorations for many years and I do seem to hold on to things I'm not using anymore, so this year I really would like to par down and get rid of the things I don't use anymore. However, I do think it is so fun and festive to decorate the house and I can't wait to do it today! I'll show pictures later!

Hope you have a great day today!

"Satisfy us in the morning with Your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. " Psalm 90:14

Fondly, Sharon

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I had a good birthday!

A few weeks ago I turned 48! Oh my goodness, I am only 2 years away from the big 5-0! It just doesn't seem possible, yet I know it's true. I had a really great birthday this year. It started with my sweet hubby taking me out to lunch. He said we could eat anywhere I wanted, so we went to this darling restaurant where they sell antiques. Now this is a real act of love for my hubby to take me to this place because it is soooo not him!
We had a lovely lunch and strolled through the store. It was a nice time, but I think next time I'll pick a place that he would enjoy a bit more and I'll save this place for lunches with the girls! LOL!
After lunch we headed to Best Buy to buy my present!
He bought me a new camera! I am so excited about it! My old digital camera broke and I was borrowing my son Grayson's for a few months. I picked out a Canon Powershot. I was so excited to get this! I love it because it is so little and it's RED!!!! It has all the features for good blogging pictures, 12.1 mega pixels, rechargeable battery, zoom lens, micro zoom etc. and we bought a chip that holds 900 photos! So far it is working wonderfully and I really like it! I am really excited about the battery! My old camera took two double A batteries and they would run out after a few hours of taking pictures. This new little camera will be so nice! :0)
That night the whole family gathered at our home for my birthday dinner. Eric made the whole dinner of barbecue steak, baked potatoes and green salad. It was a delicious meal. I forgot to take a picture of the food, but it turned out so good! I did get pictures of me with all of my kids though. Here's me and Brittany.
Me and Mackenzie.
Me and Cameron.
Me and Grayson.
Me and Hayden. I am usually the photographer and I forget to get pictures of my boys and I together. I am so thankful for my husband and children, they are the best gift in the world!
Here I am with my cake. I had a great birthday! My birthday wish.....that the Lord would continue to keep my family safe and we would all continue to walk in Him and grow in Him. I also wish that all of you out there in Blogland have a great year too!!!

"The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise Him, my father's God, and I will exalt Him." Exodus 15:2

Hugs, Sharon

Monday, September 28, 2009

My husband's garden.....

Welcome to Eric's garden!
We moved to this house over 15 years ago. The backyard was just a slopped grassy hill with some dead diseased trees on it. There was not much use or character to the property. Eric bartered with some workmen who were constructing the nearby street . He cut down the five dead trees on our property and the men took them to the mill and sold them. In trade, the men used their big tractors and we had our lot terraced and leveled so that we could get the best use out of it.

After that Eric hand placed every single one of the over 100 railroad ties that we have on our property. He used them to shore up the terraced sections. I don't know how he did it, they each weigh over 100 pounds! The boys were all too young to help him that much. I remember him working hard all day at his job cutting trees down and then he would work in our yard for hours until dark. I was getting worried about him, but he was on a mission and didn't stop until the project was done, which was a matter of weeks. The result of all of his hard work is a beautifully landscaped yard with lots of interest and character! He made this beautiful staircase that leads to the garden. I love it! He also made the grape arbor at the top of the stairs. It is very beautiful and romantic looking to me. It's a perfect entry into the garden!
Okay, so lets get back to Eric's garden. At the top of the stairs down the path through the grape arbor is our little garden. Eric has planted a garden just about every year we have been married! We didn't plant a garden the year we moved here or for two years when we were trying to sell our home because we had just lost interest. Any way, this is the first year since then that he has planted a garden.
It is a very casual garden without a lot of structure and rows. He used to plant all kinds of things, but we have learned to just plant the things we really love to eat that are easy to grow.
He planted sunflower seeds many years ago and every year they just volunteer!
I think they are so pretty! And the birds love them too!
These little mini pumpkins volunteered too! I think they came from some ornamental pumpkins that I bought last year and threw them in the garden after the season!
He planted cherry tomatoes.
Mmmmmm cherry tomatoes! You might as well call them cherry tomato candies!
Whenever you are in our garden, you also just might see a cute little doggie who wants to play Frisbee! Okay Bailey, go fetch!!!
He planted some beautiful tomatoes too!
Oh, there is nothing like fresh tomatoes out of the garden!
This is the little rhubarb plant that could! We had a nice plant, but it accidentally got rototilled up by one of the boys. Eric has been baby-ing it and it's coming back. I think next year we might be able to harvest it.
One of our favorite things to grow and eat is bush beans! He planted several rows of these this year!
Look at these beauties! Oh, they are soooo delicious too!
He planted two varieties of cucumbers and we got a nice crop this year!
Well, that's it for the little vegetable garden tour!
I think I'll go in the house now and eat a big dish of cherry tomatoes!
Thanks honey for planting such a nice garden for us and for so faithfully taking care of it every day! It is so wonderful to be able to walk up to the garden and pick fresh produce!

"Build homes and plan to stay. Plant gardens, and eat the food you produce." Jeremiah 29:5

Love, Sharon

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More fun with Kathi and the kids.....

On day two of my sister Kathi's visit, we slept in and laid around the house a bit. Then we packed a big picnic lunch and headed for the swimming holes. The first place we stopped was called "The Pipes" I have told you about this place before. It is so gorgeous! Here's the whole gang sitting on the bank having a wonderful picnic lunch. My husband Eric didn't come with us as he had other plans.
Grayson was being so funny while playing with his cousin, Garrett. He picked him up and put him over his shoulder and started walking into the river.
He kept going and going and as he got deeper in the water he lifted Garrett above his head!
Pretty soon all you could see was Garrett! He looked like he was floating. It was so funny!
They were having so much fun! Everyone was having a great time at this awesome swimming hole.
Who are those bathing beauties? LOL! It's Kathi and I cooling off a bit. What's funny is that is the furthest Kathi and I got in the water. I think our age is showing!
One of my pretty nieces, Victoria, exploring the river's edge.
We stayed at The Pipes for several hours and then we headed up to a brand new place called Brice Creek. We have never been there before. To get to the swimming hole he you have to cross this amazing bridge. Here's cute Kathi getting ready to cross.
Here's a picture I took from the bridge looking down into the water. Isn't it pretty!
We hiked about a mile until we came to this gorgeous setting! It makes me think of Africa with all the amazing rock formations!
As soon as we got there Grayson did a back flip into the water! The water is over 20 feet deep!
Hayden climbed to the top of this big cliff and........
.......he did a "gainer" off of it, which is kind of a frontwards flip.
Grayson and his girlfriend Rachelle, Victoria, Garrett and Jessica. Notice the beautiful rock formations in the background. This place is truly amazing!
Here's all the kids looking over the bridge as we were leaving. I cannot believe how blessed we are to live so close to so many neat swimming holes and they are all just miles from each other!
The last whole we went to is called "Wild Wood Falls." This is a beautiful water fall that has neat rock formations and a big deep swimming hole.
Is as if God created this place just for thrill seekers to jump into the water! Here's Harrison taking the 20 foot jump into the water!
Now you see him........... you don't!
Rachelle is so brave! She even jumped in! You go girl!
Hayden's thinking about it...........
........there he goes!!!
Victoria and Jessica decided to just watch this time! These girls are brave too though and they jumped off the rocks at the Pipes.
After we got home from a fun day of picnicking and swimming the kids all went to the movies and Kathi & Garrett came along with Eric & I to a really fun 50th birthday party of a friend of ours. They had swimming, fabulous food, a DJ, a fire pit and dancing. There was probably 100 people there. My friends were so great and so warm and just included Kathi and Garrett in all the fun just like family.

I am so thankful for both of my sisters, we all love each other so much. Kathi and I started spending the night at each other's homes about 16 years ago when she first moved back to Oregon from Texas. She was back in Oregon, but lived in a town that was about an hour away. We just started planning three or four day trips at each other's homes. Kathi and Kelli did the same thing, but I think because Kelli and I live in the same town we never did this (which in retrospect I wish we had). Any way, you can click here to see some pictures from the old days of our times together.

We had another great time this year and I am so thankful for my sister and her family and all the fun we always have together!

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." Colossians 3:16-17

Love, Sharon
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