Monday, August 3, 2009

Umpqua River camping trip........

A couple of weeks ago we packed up all the kids, our tents, sleeping bags, and tons of food into two boats and camped on the Umpqua river. Oh my goodness, we had such a wonderful time! I value and appreciate these moments with our family so, so much! We were all loaded up and ready to start the journey, but unfortunately once we got there and put the boats in the water and loaded them all up, Eric's motor wouldn't start!
We took our boat and we borrowed our friends boat. To get to the camp sight quicker, Eric wanted to turn the motor on and pull both boats down the river. All the boys were trying to work on the motor and Brittany and I were praying. Finally, we heard that baby purr and we were relieved!
Here we are motoring down the river hunting down a good camp site.
Brittany and I enjoying the ride together.
Once we got to our favorite spot, we unloaded the two boats........
......and we set up our three tents. Here's our temporary Home Sweet Home!
After all the work was done all four of my boys took their brand new snorkels and headed up river. They all floated the river and looked at all the things under the water.
Here they are all together in front of our camp site.
Watch out! Those rocks are slippery and you can fall pretty easy!
Brittany in front of her little house!
Eric and I relaxing in front of the fire.
Mmmm dinner time! The first night we had deli sandwiches, pasta salad and chips.
This looks like a moment out of Life magazine! Hayden was feeding Bailey a little snack in front of the fire. It looks like Cameron is heading to the fire pit drinking a soda and you can see Grayson way in the background sitting in the boat.
My handsome son, Mackenzie.
My handsome son, Grayson.
Me first thing in the husband is a lucky man! LOL! I just thought this picture was so funny, it is embarrassing, but so funny, I had to share! It looks like I had a hard night! How would you like to wake up to this every morning?LOL!!!!
This is what I saw when I unzipped the tent. Eric was standing at camp in front of the river making coffee! You can see the sun coming up over the mountains. My, what a beautiful morning!
My sweet husband!
My handsome son, Cameron, relaxing and reading his book!
Mackenzie made some eggs for breakfast and Brittany was standing in line to get hers!
Here's my new old lady swimsuit. I am thrilled with it. It hides everything and I was soooo comfortable wearing it all day, yet it doesn't look too matronly. It's actually two pieces. I found it at Penny's and I just bought a black one on clearance!
After breakfast we had to load the boats back up with every single thing!
I just thought this picture was so cute. Grayson and Hayden were washing their feet and putting on their shoes.
The newlyweds!
My boys are soooo funny! They are constantly cracking us up. All the sudden we looked over and saw this sight. Cameron and Mackenzie tucked in their shirts and started dancing and singing that they were the party boat! What nuts they are!
Eric doing what he loves!
Bailey doing what she loves!
Yea! Fish on!!!
Brittany and me soaking in the sun. It is so fun to have a girl with us! This was her first trip camping on the river and she was a real trooper! She actually really enjoyed it!
Mackenzie and Brittany frolicking in the water. The Umpqua river is so warm and perfect to swim in!
Bailey was going a little crazy trying to keep track of all of us. If she was in one boat she would be worried about everyone in the other boat. She seemed to love the trip!

I'll be posting the rest of the pictures soon. We had such a wonderful time, I am so thankful that we get to do things like this! Oregon is such a beautiful state!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

"He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth." Psalm 72:8

Love, Sharon


Mardell said...

Oh Sharon! That looks like SO much FUN!! Wow! Love the togetherness of your family. :o) Funny pic of you in the morning. You ARE brave for posting it! Ha ha. And look at sweet hubby preparing the coffee w/that smile on his face. Aaaaaaawww! Your bathing suit is absolutely lovely on you ~ no, not matronly at all. Beautiful color on you! How deep is the water?

Thanks for sharing.
Have a great week!

jAne said...

What an absolutely


adventure on so many levels!

Thank you for sharing, Sharon. :o)

jAne at

Walking on Sunshine... said...

First, I LOVE YOUR BATHING SUIT!!! Looks great on you and it doesn't look old! You look great!

Looks like a fun time. Something I'm not up to doing with my back, but you and your family sure had a great time!

Heather said...

fun fun trip! maybe someday i'll go camping. seeing your pictures and hearing your stories warms me up to the idea!

Elena said...

That looks like a blast! It reminds me of the days when I was younger and we rafted down part of the Rogue River.

Brit said...

I can really see you enjoyed this.
It looks wonderful.
Have a nice week!

Kathi said...

Sharon, You have so much fun and so much love in your family. I love all the pictures. Your whole trip looks so wonderful. I love your "old lady swimsuit." It looks terrific on you. Love you, Kathi

My Grandkids ROCK said...

That looks like SOOOOO much fun. That is exactly what Jay would want to do. No motels, no amusement parks, just plain ol camping and being outdoors. You have an awesome family. PAM

Brenda Eason said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Oh how I miss these days of floating the rivers in Arkansas. The weather was always perfect. It is so hard in Mississippi due to he heat and bugs.
Nasty water and nothing like what you guys are blessed with.
so glad you have a blessed relationship with your DIL.
Miss you,brenda

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