Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Umpqua river camping trip, day two.....

Here are the rest of the pictures from our Umpqua river camp trip. The pictures I posted yesterday were from the first night and the first camp site. These pictures are from the second day after we floated all day and found our place to camp for the night. We camped right in front of a neat little fishing hole and swimming hole. Here's a picture of Mackenzie giving Brittany fishing lessons. I call it "Fishing lessons for the love birds!"
My lovely daughter-in-love, Brittany and I keeping cool in the river! Talk about relaxing!
Mackenzie and Brittany doing the same!
I love this shot!
Now the whole family's doing it! :0)
The boys heading up river to snorkel again.
Here's a close up shot of the same picture. I just love this! They have such an amazing brotherhood, it really warms my heart!
Can you see Brittany sitting in a chair way up river? I was hauling my chair and my soda pop and heading up to sit with her when I snapped this beautiful picture.
Hayden and Mackenzie relaxing at camp.
Grayson doing the same.
Mackenzie and Brittany, so happy together!
I love this picture taken at twilight.
Time to build a fire!
The whole family sitting around the campfire. Camping is so good for families. You spend so much quality time together and you have to work together. Most of the time things are wonderful, but because you are out there surviving, some moments can get intense and stressful and arguments can happen, but I think that is good for a family because you need to learn to work together. I believe it makes you stronger. I LOVE to camp with my family!
Brittany found this rock with a funny face on it!
Good morning Sunshine! Eric was up first again and starting the coffee!
Wow Eric! Nice hog!
Just floating down the river relaxing with the family!
Here's Mackenzie, Brittany, Grayson and Hayden in their boat. Hayden just caught a fish! The water is so pretty, you can see through it, do you see the rocks below the boat in this picture?
It looks like a keeper!
Okay, here's the scary part.......class III rapids! These set of rapids are called Bradford rapids. Here's Eric, Mackenzie and Cameron assessing the situation.
These are very dangerous to maneuver, so Eric has the whole family get out of the boat except one volunteer to help balance the boat. I stand on the bank and pray!
They are beautiful, but dangerous. Two people died here a few years back; it was really sad. You really have to be experienced and really respect the river!
Here they come!
Eric and Hayden got through just fine! Thank you Lord! My hubby's a very experienced boater. Now he needs to walk back up river and take the other boat through. Whew, we're always glad when it's over, but there's another set of rapids coming up that are more dangerous!
In the meantime, we'll enjoy our float down. We stopped frequently to swim. It was a very hot weekend, probably around 90 degrees out. Even though we brought sunscreen, We all got too much sun!
My handsome son, Hayden, rowing the boat. All the boys are really good at rowing the boats as they have had lots of experience with their dad!
Captain Eric at the helm! He's dragging the other boat through the "frog water."
Here's the other set of rapids; they are called the Smith Ferry rapids. They class IV rapids. These scare me the most.
It's such a long skinny shoot and very tumultuous. Cameron went through them with Eric with the first boat and Mackenzie went through on the second. The rest of us got out and walked.
I was so thankful when he got both boats through them safely. I thank God for protecting them through these scary rapids!

Well, this was the last picture I took because I filled my camera chip and couldn't take any more! I took way too many pictures, but I'm so glad that I have the memories. I am so thankful that we had a wonderful time and the Lord protected us. It was a perfect weekend!

"Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb" Revelation 22:1

If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your righteousness like the waves of the sea." Isaiah 48:18

Hugs, Sharon


Heather said...

definitely a perfect weekend! thank you for taking us with you through your pictures. that rock looks like a snake head!

Richard and Jean said...

Hi. I have a blog at www.picturecamping.com where I feature people's posts about camping, and I would like to send my readers your way. Of course I would give you credit for quotes and would link back to your site.

Thanks for considering this,

Jean B. in SC

Rosemary said...

Sharon, what alovely place you live! The vacation looked so relaxing!

Mrs. Farrah Ginter said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! I felt like I was there with you. Thanks for sharing your trip. Have a great evening dearie!

It's Jan! said...

Oh, that trip looks like such fun! How did you ever get organized to feed and cloth all those people for two nights?

That's amazing!


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