Monday, August 10, 2009

Sister time!

A few weeks ago my sisters and I had a little get away together at my sister, Kathi's house. Here's a picture of me with my sisters, Kelli and Kathi. We had such a fun time together!
Now that our kids are getting older, we usually don't get all the kids together at once. In this picture is (from left to right) Kelli's boys, Joseph and Samuel, my son, Hayden, Kathi's sons, Garrett and Harrison and Kathi's daughters, Victoria and Jessica. The cousins had so much fun playing together!
Hayden and Harrison being cool.....
Victoria and Jessica's good friend, Abby, was there too. Here they are all together.
Hayden relaxing in the creek that runs through Kathi's place.
Here's Garrett.
Harrison and Garrett swimming together.
The girls striking a pose with their cell phones! Aren't they adorable!
My sweet sister, Kathi and me in front of her house.
We sat on the grass in front of the creek to watch the kids swim and these chickens came out of no where. I love them! Oh, how much fun it would be to live on a farm! My sister is so blessed!
Here's Garrett and Joseph playing on the wagon wheel teeter-totter.
The kids were trying to get down a yellow jacket nest with water balloons and a water gun. Be careful kids!
At night we watched movies and ate junk food! Oh, what good times!
The girls enjoying the show.
Joseph looks like he's a little too into it!!! LOL!
The next day Kelli and her kids had to go home. Kathi and I and the kids went to a swimming hole with a rope swing. Here's Hayden ready to take off!
Oh, he's going upside down!
Now it's handsome Harrison's turn!
He looks a little frightened!
Jessica looks so calm and collected!
Victoria is showing no fear!
Here's Victoria helping Garret.........go Garret, go Garret!
Yea! He did it! Actually he did it over and over!
Now Kathi's going to try it!
Oh my gosh, she did it! She's so brave and so strong to hold on to that rope that way! Oh my goodness!
Here I am holding the rope, does that count??? LOL!
Oh what a blessing it is to have sisters that are your best friends! It is a double blessing to have all our kids love and enjoy each other too! What a great time we all had together!

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20

I hope you have a great week!

Love, Sharon


Amy said...

It looks like you all had a great time together.

grey like snuffie said...

How fun...wise woman to stay on the ground. :o) Family is indeed a gift of His love.

Heather said...

what a great time. i love all the photos! everyone is so brave going on that rope swing! i would have been holding the rope with you if i was there, lol :)

Where My Treasure Is said...

How fun! I've always thought the "farm life" seemed neat. That rope swing looked like a blast!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics of your lovely visit together! I'm glad all of you enjoyed such a nice time!

Happy Belated Anniversary, too!

~Michelle :)

Kathi said...

Sharon, What a wonderful time with you and Kelli here. These moments are priceless. I'm so happy and thankful for you two and our kids. Thanks so much for coming. I look forward to seeing you too. Love you, Kathi

rhymeswithplague said...

Now I know you are completely off your rocker! "Oh, how much fun it would be to live on a farm"??? Come on!!

For a reality check, I recommend that you read some of the posts on this woman's blog.

Sharon said...

Rhymeswithplauge, the link didn't open up for me. I take it you don't think it would be fun to live on a farm? I would really love to live in the country with just a few animals. I really would love the peace and quiet.

rhymeswithplague said...

Sorry about the link! Try this one...

Wait. "Living in the country with just a few animals" is not the same thing as "living on a farm" at all. If Jeannelle's link works this time, you browse through some of her earlier posts, you'll see how hard a life it is. And the reason there's peace and quiet is that everyone is exhausted and has to go to bed with the chickens in order to be up in time to milk the cows, etc. And sometimes the "fresh air" isn't all that fresh, especially with all those cows and chickens....

But I don't want to burst your bubble! We can all pretend to be the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Channel (who lives in East Hampton, Long Island, New York, by the way, one of the wealthiest enclaves in the country)!

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