Thursday, August 6, 2009

My little herb garden!

I used to have a little herb garden, but over time I let it slip away. I missed having one, so I decided that this was the year I would plant another one. I bought a big bag of soil and some seeds, that's it!
I had this old antique enamelware baby bathtub and I dumped all the dirt in there. I nailed some holes in the bottom of it so it would drain good.
I bought chives, garlic chives, basil, cilantro, oregano and sage. I also had an old packet of Nasturtium that I wasn't sure would even grow, so I threw them in as well!
I made little furrows in the ground and gently placed the seeds there and covered them up.
I didn't have any cute markers, so I simply used the seed packets for markers. I cut off the bottom of the packet.
Then I found some wooden clothes pins.
I used a Sharpie and marked the name of the plant on the clothes pin. I did this in case the wind blew the seed packets away.
It's all done! Bailey's standing guard for me!
Oh, I feel so domestic!
After I stopped to admire my little garden I watered it. I made sure it stayed nice and moist especially the first couple of weeks.
Okay, it's been about two weeks and look! I see signs of life!
The oregano is coming in nicely!
Here's a pretty little Nasturtium coming up! You can also see tiny little shoots of the chives popping up in the background!
Okay, now it's been about a month! Look at it now!
I'm so proud!
I can't believe that this little garden all came from seed packets!
It's so fun!
What a beautiful cilantro leaf!
Look at the Basil!
Well, now it's been about six weeks or more and my little garden looks like it's getting too big for the tub! I am so thrilled and so proud of myself! It is so fun to have fresh herbs!
It's so wonderful to just step out my back door and snip some cilantro!
Isn't it pretty! And it smells so good too! I wish you could smell it! Now I'm headed to the kitchen to make a big cucumber tomato salad! Yummy! I will be using cucumbers from the garden my husband put in and I'll add some of this home grown cilantro!

Hope you have a terrific Thursday!

"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary." Galatians 6:7-9

Love, Sharon


Amy said...

Nice job! I love fresh herbs. I need to plant some here at my new home now.

Linda said...

Hi Sharon...your herb garden is wonderful...all yummy, I especially like chives and I love Nasturtium, they are so bright and cheery.

Oh, your camping trip looked so fun...the rapids were a bit scary but exciting...hugs, Linda

Sunflower Farm said...

love it

City Girl Country Heart said...

What a cute idea.... Im going to have to try that ! Hope your day is great :)
We do need to get together again, soon !!!!!

~~Deby said...

What a beautiful garden...oh I want to do that NEXT year, Sharon...
Tell me, here in our neck or the woods, can we grow some herbs indoors in the winter?

Elena said...

Good job! That is beatuiful herb garden. Fresh herbs are so yummy!

Erin said...

That is absolutely darling!!! I bought a pre-planted herb garden, but that makes me want to grow some from seed next year!

Kal said...

Oh my goodness! That is the cutest thing ever. Great idea!

Heather said...

wow that turned out wonderful. love the idea of using the tub!

A Romantic Porch said...

Sharon, That is a darling idea! ANd my vinegar fruit fly "trap" is working great too! xo rachel

It's Jan! said...

I have a regular kitchen herb garden growing next to our patio, but last year I grew annuals in a baby bath tub like yours. I love your idea of putting herbs in it. I think I'll do that next year at the river so we have fresh herbs both places.

Isn't it fun to have all those fresh herbs at your disposal? I think I'm a much better cook in the summer.

grey like snuffie said...

That is so cool! Well done!

Kathi said...

I love this Sharon. It is so adorable and so YOU. I did post today, but couldn't get many pics on. Love you, Kathi

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