Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My cousin Abby's wedding.......

Well, Abby is not really my cousin, she is my cousin's daughter. Does that mean she's my second cousin? Any way, on July 25th Abby married a wonderful man named Ryan. They had such a pretty wedding. It was outside in the backyard of her Mom and Dad's house. Her brother, Aaron, performed the ceremony.
Right after the wedding there was a really fun reception in the barn. It is the same barn that we had our family reunion in back in June.
The newlyweds entering the reception. I liked it because they announced them when they entered and they announced the whole wedding party.
Here's my cousin, Anna and her husband Wayne, entering the reception.
Abby is from Hawaii and so it was a Hawaiian themed reception. They even had hula dancers! It was so much fun! The food was Hawaiian too and boy was it delicious!
Anna congratulating the happy couple.
Here's my parents sitting with my aunts and uncles. I love going to weddings not only to celebrate with the couple, but to see so many other family members!
My Dad was chatting with me and my sisters so we took pictures of all of us with him. Here's him and I together.
Here's Kathi and Dad.
And here's Kelli and Dad.
Me and my parents.
What a beautiful cake.
I loved her flowers, she had miniature white orchids with blue hydrangeas and they were so gorgeous!
Here's two little girls who were doing the hula along with the other dancers.
I don't know who she is, but isn't she a doll!
I always love to watch the father dance with the bride. Here's Wayne dancing with Abby. You could just see their love for each other. It was really touching. It was a great wedding and it is so wonderful to know that God is the foundation of their marriage. I wish them happiness all the days of their lives!

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." I Corinthians 13:13

Hugs, Sharon


Heather said...

how beautiful! i am loving that barn! do they do anything else in there besides reunions and wedding receptions, lol? it's so clean, empty and big!

Diva Kreszl said...

Thanks for sharing these photos...we all love weddings!

Kal said...

What a beautiful family! Everyone loves a summer wedding!

jAne said...

oooh an outdoor wedding! love it! such pretty pictures and happy faces. :o)

you are radiant.

tickleberry farm

Mardell said...

Giiiiiiiirl, look at your TAN! Wowzers! You look fantastic! All those days out on the boat & camping. :o)

What a lovely wedding indeed. And yes, that makes her your 2nd cousin. She's your kids 3rd cousin. And don't ask me about cousins "twice removed" & all that jazz ~ LOL. Could never figure that stuff out!

Congrats to the newlyweds. Oh, and thanks for stopping by my ever-so-new blog. You helped me a great deal w/your advice about posting pics.

nannykim said...

Really beautiful pictures of your family--so nice. I think that is one of the prettiest wedding cakes I have seen--romantic and homey.

Where My Treasure Is said...

Weddings are so much fun!!
Looks like they had a beautiful one!!

Kelly said...

What a beautiful wedding, Sharon! Congratulations to Abby and Ryan, as well as the entire family! :o) (We tell Grace that Ed's cousin's kids are "her" cousins, so a cousin is a cousin is a cousin!)

My sister just got engaged on Sunday, and my best friend just got engaged on Friday, so I'm in major wedding mode over here! I was super duper excited to pop over to your blog when I saw what the title of your latest post was! FUN! I'm seriously up to my knees (mentally) in tulle, flowers, cake and monogrammed everything.

Wait - I'm not the bride. ;o) (Might as well be, LOL! I'm so stinkin' giddy!)

Have a lovely rest of the week, Sharon!

rhymeswithplague said...

What great photos, Sharon, especially of you three sisters each with your Dad individually.

Mardell is wrong; Abby is not your second cousin. Since Abby is your first cousin's daughter, she is your first cousin once removed. Your children and Abby, however, are second cousins (that is, second cousins are what the children of first cousins are to each other). And when Abby and Ryan have a child, that child will be your first cousin twice removed, but to your children it will be their second cousin, once removed. Abby's child and Mackenzie & Brittany's child will be third cousins (the children of second cousins).

Got that?

All righty, then!

Sharon said...


Thank you for this information! I have always heard people say once removed etc. and I never knew what it meant! This is very interesting! I agree with Mardell and Kelly though that it is so much easier to say "My cousin!" :0) I'm going to search google for more info on this, it is pretty interesting! I wonder how far it goes, like is there a name for my sister's husband's mother? Is she anything to me because my brother-in-law's mother???

Have a great day!

rhymeswithplague said...


Sharon said...


rhymeswithplague said...

I think your sister's mother-in-law can best be described as being part of your "extended family" relation at all, really.

Kathi said...

What fun memories Sharon. Your pictures capture the pretty day and how special it was. I think it's interesting too and fun. People used to say those words a lot in the old days, "My cousin once removed." Maybe it is because we live so far apart these days and don't keep up with family like we used to, that we don't use the terms anymore. Another one is "kin." My mother-in-law often says it as in, "Are they kin to you?" I guess we could say Abby and Ryan are kin to us. : ) love ya, Kathi

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