Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walton* family reunion!

Last week we had the annual Walton* reunion. It was held at my cousin Anna and her husband Wayne's house. Actually, it was held in their beautiful barn, which they built to be a multipurpose building! Isn't it a great barn! We had somewhere between 50-60 people there. It was a great time!

*Walton is a pen name.
Here's my father Leonard and his brother, Lester.
The food was terrific!
I couldn't believe these two cakes! Two of my cousins brought them and had them especially made. One represents the family tree and the other is a wagon wheel representing our family heritage of coming across the Oregon trail!
Our family is proud of our heritage and at most of our gatherings people bring different photos and other memorabilia. Here is a table full of old photos and I see my grandmother Ethel's Bible sitting there too.
Here's a neat photo of my grandfather Harry sitting in an old jeep. Can you see the long old fashioned saw sitting next to him? I believe one of his sons took him up to the wood to cut fence posts. He did this up into his 80s to earn extra money! Isn't that incredible!
Here's a neat photo of all the Walton boys. There was 9 kids in my Dad's family, 7 boys and 2 girls. All the men in the family were in the service! I am so proud of my father and all my uncles and I am thankful for them too for their time and sacrifice for our country!
Here's a neat old picture of my cousin Lori when she was a young girl visiting our grandparents, Harry and Ethel in front of their old home. I love that little house!
Brittany, Mackenzie, Cameron and Grayson enjoying the food and conversation!
My cousin Karen's son, Juan visiting with my cousin Doug and his son, Tyler.
Here's my aunt Helen! I love my aunt Helen. When I was a little girl I remember her taking me to the movies. She is a regular reader of my blog! If you're reading this Helen, I just wanted to say hi!!!
Here's my other aunt, Josephine holding newest baby in the family, Emily. I love this picture!
My Dad and his cousin looking at old photos. My Dad is wearing a funny get up for a skit he'll be in later. He has had this old outfit for over 30 years! He has an alter ego named Doc Walton and he does a very hilarious impression of old Doc Walton. Doc Walton shows up every so often at different gatherings!
My cousin Anna's hubby, Wayne holding their little grandson, Zacky.
Aunt Helen telling the kids some stories from her childhood.
It's so fun to get together with all the family and catch up!
Now that we're done with dinner, we had a little show. Here's the Mill Creek Gang singing a song! Well, the truth is, they had a tape playing of Glory, Glory Hallelujah and they were lip singing. This is my Dad and five of his siblings. They all had funny home made instruments and were wearing funny clothes. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen!
It was so cute because they were all really getting into it!
Here's my sister Kelli's kids doing a couple of funny songs. They were so hilarious!
Aunt Helen printed off some stories about "Mother's apron". First I read a piece about Mama's apron from the 1920s and my sister Kathi modeled an apron very much like the one our grandmother, Ethel, wore. Next we have a more modern apron from the 60's that Jessica wore and Victoria read a piece about it. Victoria and Jessica are my sister Kathi's beautiful girls.
Helen gave a beautiful devotional about God's treasures to the group. Helen speaks every Sunday at a nursing home to the residents there.
My aunt Josephine showed me this beautiful black top to an old dress. She told me that it is the top of my grandmother Ethel's wedding dress! Isn't this something! It amazes me that back then it was vogue to wear black at your wedding! It is so amazing too that she made it. It is all hand stitched and she did such a great job on the detail work. It is a beautiful silk fabric. She made it in 1920, so it is almost 90 years old!
Here's the reason for the Walton reunion and a picture of my grandparents, Harry and Ethel on their wedding day. You can see her wearing the black dress that she made! I bet they had no idea that almost 100 years in the future they would have so many descendants gathering together in their name! It is so neat to know that they started a beautiful Christian heritage for all of us!

The weather has been so gorgeous here this week. It is sunny and in the high 80s. I hope that all of you are enjoying your summer!

"And I will give them one heart and one way that they may honor Me forever, for their own good and the for the good of all their descendants." Jeremiah 32:39

Love, Sharon


Where My Treasure Is said...

I LOVED seeing all those pictures! I used to hate family reunions as a kid, but now I'm older and interested in our family's heritage so they're pretty fun. This was such a fun post to read! Looks like you had a great time--and that you have a great heritage, too!

It's Jan! said...

I love family reunions! My father was one of 12, when my niece was born 30 years ago, she was the 50th descendant! We've lost count of them now. We have so many, we wear name tags explaining who we are. I'm "Uncle Tony's Janet" and my daughter is "Uncle Tony's Janet's Victoria!" Isn't that a hoot?

Thanks for 'inviting' us to your reunion!


TattingChic said...

OMGosh!! That looks like the BEST family reunion EVER!!! Those cakes are amazing and very neat to bring to a family reunion! What a wonderful heritage to be proud of! :)

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Sharon,
Enjoyed the reunion with you. How blessed you are to have such a fine heritage, and I am so inspired that you and your siblings are continuing on the tradition with your family.Many blessings, as you and your family celebrate THE 4TH OF JULY.

luvmy4sons said...

You have such a lovely family. Loved the pictures..those cakes were amazing! Gotta love reunions! Blessings sweet sister!

Shelley said...

Hi Sharon,that looks like a really great family reunion. The barn is so nice and what a wonderful place to hold a reunion. We have a very large family if we were to all gather in one place I'm sure the number would be in the 100's.It's hard just to get my brothers sister their familys and mom and dad together. We do try from time to time but can't ever seem to get them all together at once.
Thanks for your kind comment about my aunt. We will miss her....


Heather said...

what a wonderful reunion. i love how there is so much going on- not just eating! makes me wish I was in the Walton* family! those cakes were gorgeous.

Mardell said...

Oh what fun, Sharon! I really enjoyed this post about your family reunion. :o) Loved all the old photos & the stories that went w/them. The cakes were amazing!
Thanks so much for sharing!


PS: Hope Eric's spider bite is better.

Elena said...

How awesome to have such a wonderful family reunion!

shamrock fields said...

What a fun and creative family reunion! Those cakes are amazing! Love the music you have playing to go along with your post! Thanks for sharing.

Kathi said...

Sharon, What a wonderful tribute to Grandpa and Grandma. Your pictures turned out so much better than mine. Thank you for sharing them. We had a great time. Love you, kathi

Kelly said...

I love this post! Family is such a blessing - I love the kids' performances! Super fun!

P.S. You look stunning in that green top, Sharon! Gorgeous, mama!

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