Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Daddy's 80th birthday party!

On May 30th my Daddy turned 80 years old! He was born May 30, 1929! We wanted to have a big party for him, but due to schedule conflicts, we waited until last weekend to celebrate.
My two sisters, Kelli and Kathi and I planned the party. We held it at my Dad's church. Kathi designed the above invitation and sent them all out. We all pulled together and made this happen for our dear father. This is the guest book table that Kathi set up. Isn't it pretty! She cut all the gorgeous fresh flowers from her yard and we used them on all of the tables. She brought a pretty black and white table cloth, the topiaries and the pretty crystal candlesticks. We set his high school graduation picture next to the guest book.
Here's the cake table. I brought a bunch of my crystal candlesticks and bowls.
We used the church's crystal dishes and silverware.
I bought the paper products at the dollar store. We served nuts and mints along with the cake and punch. The punch was so good! It is easy to make too, it is 1 can frozen pink lemonade, 1 can frozen punch, 1 liter of 7-up, 12 oz crushed pineapple and a pint of frozen strawberries. You simply dump it all in a punch bowl and stir and it is so delicious!
Kelli ordered the cake. Actually we had two cakes and it was a good thing because we at almost all of it up! It was chocolate cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting! This is one of Dad's favorite cakes!
The granddaughters, Whitney, Victoria and Jessica made this cute sign. All the kids helped us decorate the room. It was nice to have the whole family involved!
We set up tables of old pictures and special little mementos of my Dad.
We had a whole table dedicated to just a small sampling of the neat toys that he made for the grandkids. He is such a talented woodworker.
He made every grandson a sling shot and made most of the kids one special treasure or another.
When my sisters and I were little girls he carved each of us a cute little trinket. He made Kelli a butterfly, which sadly broke, and he made me the two little owls sitting on a branch. He made the cute kitties you see above for Kathi. I always coveted these kitties! Aren't they so cute. I love how he made the kitten so fat and he made the mama cat such a good little mother by teaching her baby how to play and hunt! He is so talented!
This is how I always remember my Daddy. He was so handsome and so big and strong to me. This is a picture of him at work when he was about 59 years old. What a handsome man!
He was a truck driver all of his life. He loved driving that 18 wheeler! He drove many different trucks over the 49 years he worked for the same company, but his favorite was this one, ol' number 19! At the party one of his old co-workers stood up and was saying some nice things about my Dad and then he said, "Leonard always put me to shame though because he always kept his truck so nice and clean." Everyone laughed because they knew this was true. He really took pride in his truck and he took pride in being a very hard worker. Here's a cute picture of my two oldest boys, Mackenzie and Cameron. They both got to go to work with their grandpa Leonard one day! Oh how exciting that was for them! I laughed when I saws this picture of them helping Grandpa wash his truck. Mackenzie later said at the party in front of everyone, "Well, now we know how Grandpa kept his truck so clean, there's a picture over there of me and my brother washing it!" Everybody laughed!
We had about 50 people come to the party. It was so neat for all of us to see old friends!
Here's my Dad visiting with his cousins and his brother.
Me and my wonderful Dad! You know, my Dad has green eyes and I was the only child to get green eyes! I always felt special about that!
Here's some of the grandsons. Cameron, Grayson, Mackenzie, Hayden and Harrison.
Time to light the candles and sing happy birthday!
Make a wish!!! His wondering, "Hey, how come these candles aren't blowing out?" Well, I was a little naughty and I put a couple of trick candles on the cake! It was really cute and funny to watch him keep trying, then we told him what was going on.
My Mom and Dad enjoying the party!
It was really great for my Dad to catch up with all his friends and family!
The kiddie table! LOL! It's all of my boys plus Brittany, Whitney and Harrison. After we all ate cake we played a slide show that my son, Mackenzie, made for my parents for their 50th anniversary. It is such a great sampling of my Dad's life. After the slide show we passed around the microphone and about a dozen people said some nice things about my Dad. It was very touching.
Here's my Dad and five of his 8 siblings. They all love each other very much and all stay really close.
My mother with my aunt Josephine. They've known each other for over 50 years!
Look who's doing the dishes! It's my sweet husband, Eric! He has plenty of help though with my brother-in-law, Ralph, his daughter Whitney.
My Mom and Dad with Eric's Mom and Dad, Jim and Alice. These four have been friends for nearly 30 years since Eric and I started dating!

Here's one last shot of my Mom and Dad with us three girls. We sure had a great day! Our mission was accomplished, my Dad had a very special and memorable 80th birthday!

"Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God." Philippians 1:3

Love, Sharon


mark said...

Pass on my wishes for a happy birthday to your father.

What a blessing it is to have such a strong family bond. The love shows through my monitor!

What a wonderful example your parents were for you and your family and it's so apparent that you and Eric are setting the same example for your boys.

God bless,

adsgram said...

What a great celebration of your Dad's past 80 years...can't wait to see the pics of his 100th!

My Mom will be 80 next August...we had her Big One when she was 75, so 80 will be a little more subdued can it be though with 6 kids all married along with grands and greats? That alone is a PARTY...

You ladies did a wonderful Job!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! What a great party! I loved all the pictures and all the detail you included! Great job. Just from your writing I can tell how much you love your dad and your mom. You're a great daughter! Enjoy your day!

Kathi said...

I'm so glad everything turned out so beautifully. Dad was really happy. Thanks for all that you did Sharon. Love you, Kathi

Elena said...

Wow, what a great party for your dad. You look a lot like your dad.

shamrock fields said...

What a wonderful party for your sweet Dad!!! I know he is so proud of you!!! Blessings-

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! You sure can see all the love there in those pictures.
Give thanks to your Dad too
for letting us your blogger
friends see the pictures.
God Bless!
Pamela in NE OH

Melissa said...

That is the sweetest thing! I bet you just lite him up with a party just for him. Your dad seems like such a sweet man. I love how much you respect him for his hard work over the years. What a sweet way to show your love for him!

Melissa :D

Where My Treasure Is said...

What a great party!! You're parents make a beautiful couple!

Thanks for sharing all the great pics--it looks like your dad had a great time!

Kelly said...

God bless your father, Sharon! I adore my dad, so I'm right there with ya as a Daddy's Girl. :o) I think that it's impossible not to be!

Many prayers for your father's continued journey through this life and a wonderful reward in the next! He seems like he's a truly special guy! LOVED all the pics! Happy birthday!

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