Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How I spent my 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July! It was nice because we slept in and had a lazy morning drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, and then we headed down to main street to watch the parade. Hayden and I put out our lawn chairs the night before, so we had "reserved" seating in the shade! It was awesome!
Hayden, Grayson and Rachelle and Eric and I all sat together watching the parade.
Hayden enjoying the parade and all the candy!
I love our town's parade, it is so wholesome and old fashioned.
It's also very patriotic!
Even ol' Uncle Sam was there!
I took a picture of this for all my blogging buddies who adore pink! Isn't this just the cutest truck! I've never seen a pink one before!
After the parade we headed down to the park where there was a band playing great music. There also was a lot of food booths, lots of merchandise and game booths and tons of people! Grayson had to head to work and Hayden took off with his friends, so it was just Eric and I walking around together drinking iced coffees. He bought me a new cool handmade necklace at one of the booths! We had fun!
It is so fun to walk around and see so many people we know from our community. I absolutely love the way our town does up the 4th! It reminds me of the movie Pollyanna!
Hey, there's Hayden talking with his buddies!
After the gathering at the park Eric and I were invited to a neighbor's party. They served us a wonderful lunch and had a live band playing! We really enjoyed ourselves. When we got back home we were so happy because Cameron was there! He got off work early and wanted to hang out with us. Here's him and Hayden playing Marco Polo in the pool.
They were cracking me up! They were having lots of fun together.
After they were done playing Marco Polo Cameron said, "What should we do now?" and Hayden said with a giggle, "Lets play storm." I said, "What's storm?" and Cameron started laughing and said, "It's a lame game we made up when we were little and this is all it is......." Then they both started jumping up and down and made the water all wild like a storm! It cracks me up that when they were little that was actually a game that they played!
Eric was trying to cool Bailey off by tricking her to go in the sprinkler. If you look closely, you will see a small Frisbee in the grass. He made her stay right there and get showered a little and then he finally said, "Okay, go get it" and she ran through the sprinkler and got the Frisbee. It was really cute.
Cameron moved onto the trampoline after he was done swimming. He moved the sprinkler so that he was splashing on the tramp and I got this cool picture! It was a REALLY hot day. I love sitting in my chaise lounge on days like this with a glass of iced tea and watch all the family activities!
Eric barbecued up some ribs for dinner! I boiled up some corn and sliced up some cantaloupe. Yummy! What a great 4th of July dinner we had!
I didn't think to get a picture of everyone at the table until it was too late. Eric and Hayden had already gone in the house, but here's Cameron, Grayson and Rachelle finishing up their meals. Cameron is joking and putting his arm around the girlfriend that he doesn't have! LOL!
Grayson and Rachelle rode bikes down to the grade school to watch the big fireworks show that the city puts on with her family. We always stay at our house so the kids can do fireworks in the street and because we live so close to the school we have a great view of the show from our house. We like to get on our rooftop to see them even better! Rachelle had her face painted at the park earlier, it was so cute!
Cameron and Hayden had fun lighting fireworks.
I tried to lighten this picture as it is pretty dark, but it is a cool picture. Hayden is lighting a firework for Cameron. I just like how it turned out.
They had fun setting them off.
Here's a cool one. Do you see the blurry figure on the left? That's Hayden, he just jumped over that firework. Isn't that a cool picture!
Later Eric, Cameron and I got on the roof and watched from up there. It was really fun. It was such a beautiful warm summer evening!
Hayden opted to stay in the street and keep lighting fireworks. The neighbor boy came over to join him. I was on the roof when I took this picture of him and I like the angle!
What a great day I had! What a great day we all had together! We missed Mackenzie and Brittany though, they were in San Diego with her father. This was the first year I didn't have any plans or expectations. I really thought that Eric and I might be watching the parade by ourselves and spending the whole day and evening alone, but I was happily surprised when the boys and Rachelle were with us! Here I didn't fret and worry about where all my kids were going to be or that they wouldn't be with us, and you know what.....I liked how it all turned out! Could there be a lesson in this? I am thinking yes there is! I think that I need to stop trying to plan so much and have high expectations and just let things unfold and be okay with whatever happens!Maybe I need to let go and let God!!!

My computer seems to be faster, so I am thinking the problem must be with the Internet. I have lots to do today. I have an eye doctor appointment this morning, which I am so looking forward to, my vision has gotten so bad lately and I am hoping to get contacts. I am getting ready a family reunion with Eric's side of the family. We are having it here on Monday evening and we will be having a fish fry! I am preparing the guest room for Eric's brother, Mark, and his daughter, Michaela. We have busy plans this weekend too, so really today is the day for me to get things caught up! We also are having Mackenzie, Brittany and Cameron come tonight for dinner, which I am really looking forward to.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer!

"The Lord merely spoke and the heavens were created. He breathed the word and all the stars were born!" Psalm 33:6

Love, Sharon


Judy said...

It was fun catching up on your life Sharon. We didn't have all the kids home for the 4th but we all had a wonderful time and ate too much. I'm glad your finding some peace with how things are.
Have a wonderful week and have fun with your family coming to stay.

adsgram said...

"Let Go and Let God"! By Jove, Sharon, I think you've got it!

Looks you had a wonderfully fun and relaxing 4th, and good luck with the cookout with the family. I am planning one myself for my Mom's birthday..she decided to 'come home' this year...LOL

Have a wonderful Week...


Michelle said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing your 4th with us...looks like everyone had such fun and a lot of great memories were made :)

Hope you enjoy the upcoming visits with family!

Have a lovely day, Sharon!


grey like snuffie said...

I LOVE that first picture of you and your hubby. I can't believe you could put out chairs the night before....THAT WOULD NOT HAPPEN IN OUR LITTLE TOWN. That is so cool. The pink truck is great. I would LOVE to have some kind of old truck fixed up...I have an old van that we have taken the seats out of and use it to haul all my landscaping and recycling. I just have to have a way to haul stuff and I test drove new trucks and didn't like them. I think it would be so fun to have an old truck...not pink...maybe some shade of yellow or blue that looks old and mellow. So cool how God worked your 4th out.

Jocelyn said...

We had a great 4th too. I bbq'd, we worked in the yard, it was just the two of us and it was nice just to not have to make plans and just the the day unfold.

Your new grand kitty is so cute!

Thats a funny picture of Cam with his arm around his invisible girlfriend :)

Linda said...

What a neat 4th you had...lots of good times and sweet memories.
Love your parade and all the pictures, we had a small neighborhood parade and it was lots of fun...all the patriotic music and flags just make you proud to be an Americian.

Enjoy all the family celebrations...hugs, Linda

shamrock fields said...

I love your 4th of July photos. I just love that pink truck--I wonder if I could talk my husband into painting his pink? Probably not! I love the parade. I can tell your boys love spending time with family! My girls and their friends love hanging out at home--I think that is really neat. I was worried that they would want to spend their time elsewhere at this age, but the more of the world they experience, the more home seems to mean to them! Bless you-

Dana said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by. My husband was asking about my blogging yesterday and I mentioned to him that you were one of the ladies that I had not spokine to in a while. Glad to hear from you. Looks like you all a had a great holiday! I just posted about my new grandbaby too!! I think they look alike:)

Where My Treasure Is said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a fun fourth!!

My Grandkids ROCK said...

Sharon, Your days sound like my days. Each one is busy, mostly with family things. I love reading about your family. I hope that before the summer is over that we can have another get together. Have a great day. Pam

Walking on Sunshine... said...

How do you manage everything you do? You're like a super woman! Love all the pictures. Love the old town celebration! We had a lazy day as well. It was the first time like this and I really enjoyed it! Enjoy your family get-together!!!

Heather said...

what a fun day and night! you sure do have some great photos. everything looked and sounded wonderful. my kind of celebrating!

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