Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My grad announcement system.......

Several weeks ago I did a post telling you that we received Grayson's high school graduation announcements. I have been busy with so many areas of preparing for his graduation and this is one big thing that I accomplished and I thought I would share with you my system. Proper etiquette dictates that you mail the announcements out about four weeks before the event.
The first thing I did was design a little invitation for Grayson's grad party that we will be having at our home two days after graduation.
I simply typed this up in Microsoft word and printed it on card stock. I made it short and sweet. I wanted it small so I could tuck it inside his graduation announcement along with his picture.
Then I cut them down to size with my paper cutter.
My life has been so busy with so many different events that I often have to multitask. On this day Eric and I were driving up to Grayson and Hayden's district track meets. I knew I would be in the car for four hours, so I brought all of the grad announcement stuff!
The next step I did was make labels that state Grayson's full given name along with Class of 2009 below it. I also brought all of his senior pictures.
As we drove along I put a label on the back of each photo. This will mark the photo forever and save me from having to hand write his name on every single picture!
Once that little job was done I started assembling the announcements.
Each one needed the little business card placed in the cut out slot, Grayson's graduation picture and the party invite. Then I tucked this into the inner envelope and then stuck that envelope in the outer envelope. What a relief to get this little project done! That is all that I did while in the car. I did the next phase at home.
I prepared all of my supplies and made a little assembly line.
I made address labels for all the recipients and placed a label on each envelope then put our return address label on each one and then placed a stamp on every one. I made really cute, but simple return address labels. I simply typed our name and address and then found a cute little clip art graduation cap and put it in the corner. I made these when Mackenzie graduated in 2003 and made enough to use for all four of my sons!

Also, a good piece of advice, which you guys probably alread know is, save all those address labels that you make on your computer! This helps so much when doing the next event or when you send Christmas cards, they are all saved right there in your computer. I saved the address labels and grad party invitation on the computer so I can use them when Hayden graduates, I will just have to change a few details and it will be done!
Yea!!!! They are all done and ready to be mailed and right on schedule too! What a big thing off my list!
I wanted to share with you a very helpful thing that I do for any party that I give. I make a copy of the labels on plain paper to use for my reply RSVPs. Only this time, I did not put an RSVP on the grad party card just because I decided I didn't need to, I will just over buy the food and plan for lots of people to come. What I made these label copies for is so we can keep track of who sent him graduation cards. If they sent a card they get a check mark, if they sent money, he'll write that amount in the corner of the label.
Eric and I feel it is very important to teach our sons proper manners and etiquette, so we require that they write a thank you note before they can cash a check or spend any money they receive. This really motivates them to get this job done!
For all of my sons I wrote them out sample thank you notes to give them ideas on what to say.
I keep all of these supplies in a folder because from past experience, I know that he will be receiving lots of graduation cards and we need to keep track of all of them! I just want to make sure that he acknowledges everyone who gave him a gift. We will display the cards around the dining room as he gets them.
Once he has written a thank you he will write a TY by their name so we know it was done. I also highlighted the people that we invited to the party and I will keep track of who came to the party so he can tell them thank you for that too (we only invited local people, I also made a bunch of extra party invites for him to hand out to his friends at school that we didn't send the grad announcement to). Another nice thing about making plain paper copies of the labels is that the addresses are right there for him when he writes the thank you notes.

Well, that's my system. Things are winding down for him. We had baccalaureate last night, which was very special and today is his last day of school (Hayden gets out next Tuesday). He has a few final exams today and he had a few yesterday too. I took a picture of him on the front porch this morning on his last day! Tomorrow the whole class will be going to the lake for Senior Skip Day and then Friday will be Senior Breakfast and then the actual gradation ceremony and the all night grad party. He has been working on his scrapbook too, which I will be sharing sometime soon.

I am off work today and have so much to do! I need to get my house in shape for the party and then go to the grocery store to buy all the groceries for the party. We will be ordering sub sandwiches and I'll make potato salad, pasta salad and jello salad. I also ordered a big half sheet cake for the party. This should be fun if I survive it all!!!!

Have an awesome Wednesday!

"If you listen to advice and are willing to learn, one day you will be wise." Proverbs 19:20

Blessings, Sharon

P.S. Eric's spider bite is much better. I hope this isn't too much information, but it "erupted" on Sunday and he went to the doctor on Monday. The doctor lanced it and now it is healing like a regular wound. I am so thankful! He is still in pain, but it is a different kind of pain, it is more tolerable and I think not so scary. Before there was so much of the unknown and we didn't know how it would end up based off of pictures we saw on the Internet. It could have been so much worse and I am so thankful to the Lord for helping with this!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

What your hubby had sounds a lot like what my hubby went through!! Glad he's doing better.

Your system sounds amazing! I also write out sample thank you's for my kids to choose from! I love how organized you are!! Hope you have a great party and take lots of pictures for us!!!

Ruthie said...

Wow, you are so totally organized. What a great system! And what a special time - graduation is such a milestone in our kid's lives.

Glad the spider bite is better. Those can be really bad.

Glad you are letting us comment again.
Blessings to you and the family. And Happy Graduation.

Brit said...

You must have had a lot of work with organizing all this! You are very clever!
I hope your day will be good!:-)

Heather said...

you have a great system! i totally need to do address labels on the computer and i love the idea of doing the name on a sticky for the back of photos! i always hand write everything from Christmas cards, the envelopes and then I write on the back of Ella's Christmas pictures that I give out to family/friends. It's a lot of writing, lol! Glad your hubby's spider bite is doing better. that's great news!

Kathi said...

Sharon, Your system is fabulous. You are so organized. I'm so glad Eric's bite is getting better. I'm making the announcements for the party. I have a busy week, an all day field trip, a half day at Garrett's school, and I'm planning a wedding shower, so I'll see what I can do. Love you, Kathi

grey like snuffie said...

Sounds like you are on top of things! HAVE FUN!!! So glad the spider bite is doing better...I know my dad's was a LONG time ago and so much is different today but that is one NASTY spider.
Praying God orders your days so that you accomplish all that you need to...HAVE FUN!!!!!

Linda said...

Sharon, this is a wonderful system. What a great grad photo and I like the label on the back...I also like the boys sending thank you notes. It's always nice to receive a note and you would be surprised how few people send a thank you. The party plans sound great's going to be such a happy celebration.
Good to hear Eric is doing well...hugs, Linda

Sherry said...

I have been through announcements one time and will do it two more times. I did it much like you...and also anywhere I could like you. LOL

Liz said...

Wow... your organization system here puts me to shame. I dont even have a system for paying bills. :)

Jan said...

Hi Sharon! Thank you for sharing your methods with us. As a busy wife and mom, all time savings tips are happily welcomed.

I sent you a private email...just a heads up!

Jan in PA

Monica said...

I am so glad to hear your husband is doing much better!Those were some great tips Sharon!Congrats to Grayson!

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Wow, love your organization! I worked in a factory for 17 yrs., so I'm familar with "assembly line" type projects. You did a great job. I love the pic you all decided for Grayson's Sr. picture. I remember how difficult it was to choose!

Glad to hear that Eric's bite is improving. It's astonishing how such a little bugger like that could do so much damage! :o( Crazy.

Have a great day off (even though I'm sure you're very busy, as always.)


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