Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grayson's Grad Party!

After many hours of preparation and hard work, we gave Grayson an awesome graduation party! Here he is standing in front of the cake table.
I made a little shrine to honor him! Everything is in the school colors, black, red and white. His girlfriend, Rachelle, and her mother, Teri, gave us the gorgeous flowers from their garden! I can't believe how beautiful they are!
Over the years we have had different grad parties and I have accumulated and saved a few little decorations that I always use. I also put photos of him on the table. Here you see his graduation photo next to a little photo book which has his kindergarten picture in the front and inside are all of his school photos representing every single year he was in school! It's fun to look through it and see how he has changed and grown.
On this side of the table I have a framed picture of him as he just accepted his diploma and was turning his tassel on graduation night and also his kindergarten photo.
Look at how that boy has grown. What a handsome kid he is. He really hasn't changed all that much, he still looks like my little Grayson to me!
I just ordered a reasonable cake from Winco and paid $22.00 for it. Everybody LOVED it! It's chocolate with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting! Yum!
We prepared WAY TOO MUCH food! We ordered two six foot deli sandwiches and I made a quadruple batch of jello salad, potato salad and pasta salad. Eric made a triple batch of his special beans. We were actually worried we wouldn't have enough food, so Eric also barbecued a ton of chicken legs and some salmon that we had in the freezer! It was quite an impressive spread of food!
My theory is it's much better to have too much food than not enough! Needless to say, we've all been eating leftovers this week!
We also served chips, olives and pickles. I didn't ask people to RSVP, so we were not sure how many would come. We thought it could be anywhere from 30 to 80 people and we ended up having 50.
Rachelle made Grayson this cute poster and we hung it on the garage so all the guests would see it when they arrived. Here she is standing next to it.
Here we are together. Do you notice anything special? We accidentally bought the exact same dress except in different colors! The funny thing is we are in the school colors - black and red! Isn't that a hoot! I guess we have the same taste in a few things, like clothes and Grayson! :0)
Well, it's 2:30 and guests are starting to arrive. Grandpa Leonard was the first to arrive. Here he is with Grayson and Cameron. They are looking at Grayson's scrapbook. It turned out so good! It was a huge hit of the party!
Some of the guests were playing cards and the others were watching.
Here's my sweet hubby, Eric, cooking the chicken and fish visiting with our friends, Jeff and Jaylin. It seems like he is always stuck at the BBQ on party nights! But you know what??? He loves it!!!
Grandma Alice and her dear life long friend, Darlene, looking at the scrapbook. Darlene and her husband Floyd drove all the way from Washington to be at the party!
My dear Aunt Josephine visiting with her grandson, Juan, and my niece Whitney. Our good friend, Bill is walking in the background.
Lots of visiting and reminiscing about the good ol' days when the kids were in elementary school!
The weather was perfect. The sun wasn't shining, which was a little disappointing, but at least it didn't rain and it wasn't cold! Also, it wasn't too hot, it was just right!
I'm so thankful to all the people who showed up and showed support to Grayson for this big occasion in his life!
More people just visiting and enjoying the day.
Here's Cameron, Brittany, Mackenzie, Grayson and Rachelle looking at the scrapbook and laughing A LOT!
Grayson was given many beautiful cards with lovely monetary gifts tucked inside. As I mentioned in a post last week, we told Grayson he was not allowed to spend any of the money until he wrote thank you notes. I have never seen a boy write so many thank you notes in such a short time! He got all of them done the night of the party in about an hour! He was so grateful for all of his gifts. He bought a lap top with his grad money, which will be great for school.

Well, it's all over now! What a great week we have all had! It's neat to be able to celebrate this wonderful milestone in his life! Thanks for putting up with all of my graduation posts this week. Tomorrow I'll be back to my normal Rose of Sharon programing! :0)

Have a terrific day!

"When you cross the deep rivers, I will be with you, and you won't drown. When you walk through the fire,you won’t be burned or scorched by the flames." Isaiah 43:2

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Oh im so happy for you and your family sharon! What a blessing it is to have a child graduate and celebrate in it all, I can only imagine! It all looks so beautiful and memorable! God is good to give us so many wonderful moments with family and friends and make beautiful life long memories that will stay with our children.

I wanted to know how you set the scrapbook up? perhaps you did a post on that already, I'll check the side bar. Thats such a wonderful idea!!!

I pray you can get some good rest and once again thank you for your faithful example to all us moms and for sharing, it's so encouraging!!

God bless your week! Now that the kids are finishing up with school I hope to be able to have a bit more time to comment. I always stop by though at least twice a week! ;) I really enjoy your blog, it's such a blessing!

~Joy =)

Sharon said...

Hi Joy, it is so good to hear from you again! Thank you for your sweet comment! I have not shown the scrapbook, but I will sometime soon. It's really not much, just an old fashioned scrapbook with pictures and momentos glued in, but you know what, it serves a great purpose and gives each child a snapshot of their childhood and brings back wonderful memories!

I am glad that you enjoy my blog. I hope that you have a wonderful summer with your family!

Hugs, Sharon

jAne said...

The love your family shares rings loud and clear and is such a blessing to others reading your blog, Sharon. :o)

Love your dress and that you and Rachelle bought the same dress just different colors. Sweet.

Your backyard is beautiful and would be perfect for a home-wedding some day. :o)

jAne at

adsgram said...


It certainly looks like a good time was had by all. I had to laugh about the speed with which those Thank You notes were written. They may grow up to be "big boys", but they'll always "do what they gotta" to get their gifts especially the ones with the $ in them! I know mine always did!

Your dresses were so cute-- the food looked wonderful, so leftovers all week would be not only easy dinner prep but delicious and varied! Good job!

Relax, enjoy the rest of your week..


Heather said...

so exciting. i love that so many friends and family members came out to celebrate. i love parties full of people we love. your son sure did have a great party in his honor! what a great idea to purchase the laptop. he's one smart cookie isn't he?!

Stephanie said...

WOW!! Congrats to your son ! I know how proud you must feel, he looks so happy too :) Thanks for sharing such a personal and special day with us! The food looks yummy too!!!
Im so glad to be back in blogland, it feels good to be visiting again!

Linda said...

What a great party! Everything looks wonderful and everyone is having a happy time. Yummy food and I'm with you ....I want to make sure I have plenty of food...and leftovers are the best. The dresses are too your picture...hugs, Linda

Rosemary said...

congrads to you and grayson! Megan graduated on the 6th :) NOw i'm planning her october wedding to Nick! He comes home from iraq on Sept 11 :)

Sunflower Farm said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Wish your son best of luck for me

Kathi said...

Sharon, I'm still caughing, and sad I was so sick I couldn't be there. Grayson is such a fine young man. You and Eric did a wonderful job raising him.

I love the cute matching dresses. How fun that you both have the same taste. I love you, kathi

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