Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garage Sale Palooza!!!

Comfy boots........check
All systems go!!!! Can you tell that I had a fun day? Our little town had a citywide garage sale and boy was it fantastic! They just started this a few years ago and am I glad they did. You just drive to a neighborhood, park the car and walk from sale to sale. This is yard sale heaven!!! This was the first year I didn't have a partner, so I was kind of lonely, but that didn't stop me from having an awesome day!
Here's my treasure trove! You can see the little red reproduction vintage step stool that I blogged about a few weeks ago, click here to read more about it. I was so thrilled when I found it!
Here's a really beautiful old 25th anniversary plate. It is clear crystal with a beautiful sterling silver over lay. I only paid $1.00 for it and found it on Ebay going for $24.99!!! I think I might start collecting this stuff; I already have a vase that I found last summer that matches it. Don't they say that three makes a collection?
I found six burgundy mugs that match our everyday dishes for only $1.50 for the set! I also found two beautiful fine crystal wine glasses that match a set of six that I already have. I paid $.50 for each!
I found some fun black and yellow bracelets and a matching vintage floral pin. I always pick up candles if they are a good deal. I won't pay more than .50 cents for the sizes you see there and I won't pay more than $2.00 for the bigger ones. I came across the three stainless steel canisters, all three for $1.00. I picked them up for my daughter-in-love, Brittany as she does stainless in her kitchen and bathrooms.
I'm a plate freak and I found some beauties on this day!
I got them for such a great deal, just $1.00 a piece. I love this old fruit pattern. It reminds me Majolica or Franciscan Ware. If anybody knows the manufacturer and pattern name of this plate, I'd love to know! I love all the old crackling that it has.
I found two of these beautiful plates also for $1.00 each. They are hand painted fine china. These are not my normal colors that I buy, but I just couldn't resist them, they are so beautiful! I still need to find a home for them, or I might just put them in my china cabinet and serve brownies something like that on them for a special guest.
She reminds me of my grandmother Margaret. She had several of these Asian planters. I don't know where I'll put her, but I'll find her a home. I might even put a little cactus in her just as my grandmother did with hers! She only cost .50 cents!
Here's another planter, this one is a little frog. He's made by Hull and is quite collectible. I paid $1.00 for him.
I started picking up amber glass a few years ago. This 8" vase is made by Fenton and this pattern is called a hobnail. I paid $1.00 for it and I found the smaller 6" version of it on Ebay for $12.99.
I also found this pretty vase for .25 cents! It is not old, but it is red and it is pretty! It will look great on my dining room table with roses in it!
I'm a softy for these old vintage books. I found this one in a free box!
I love the old illustrations.
They are so original and the colors are fabulous. I will keep this in my cottage guest room and save it for my little grandchildren some day!
Here's the last thing I want to show you. It's a little foot stool. I have been wanting one for my bedroom to have near my closet to reach the top shelf. I have been looking for something sturdy and strong, yet ornate and kind of vintage looking. I think this fits the bill and it only cost me $1.00! Score! I had such a fun time and the Lord blessed me with so many wonderful treasures!

Thank you again for your sweet prayers and words of encouragement. I am feeling better. My husband's allergic reaction symptoms have gone away and he's feeling much better. Wow, that was scary. He took the medication on Tuesday at noon and he felt really bad for more than 24 hours! His skin stayed red until this morning. It was really a crazy weird thing. He will never be taking that medication again! The spider bite looked better to me yesterday, so we will continue to keep an eye on it. The doctor did prescribe a new antibiotic for him, but Eric is leery and wants to see if the bite gets better without taking another med.

We are still praying for some good news for Grayson.

I hope all of you have an awesome day today!

"And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might." Deuteronomy 6:5

Hugs, Sharon


adsgram said...

WOW...what a score on your yard saling! Love the amber vase, and the dog book will be a great addition to your Grammie/Nana box of goodies!

Have a wonderful day!


Kim said...

Wow! You really found some treasures! If I could I would find a way to sneak that red step chair out and bring it home. LOL It would be perfect in my kitchen.
Take care,

My Shabby Roses said...

It looks like you had a very successful day!

I'm so glad your hubby is getting better, pretty scary!

City Girl Country Heart said...

WOWWEE ! You had a great day! I have started picking up little plates with flowers on them for my oldest daughter, she is getting married next summer. She loves old vintage roses and everytime I come home with more plates she comments on them , well.... she doesnt know they are for her! It will be a great surprise when I give them to her .
I like the amber vase you got too, that will be so pretty this fall with fall colored flowers in it!Were having a garage sale this weekend and sure hope the rain stays away!
Glad to hear your husband is doing better, spider bites can be scary.
Have a great day and take care,

Where My Treasure Is said...

Wow! You found a ton of great deals! I need to start going to more garage sales--I always have a good time when I go.

I can't believe you got that foot stool for $1.00! That's great!

Amy said...

You did a good job looking for that treasure! You and I have the same taste.

Gail said...

I like all your fun treasures- how neat to have several sales to go to all together like that!

I am glad to hear that your husband is getting better.

You are so thoughtful to think of Brittany- what a good mom-
(in-love !) she is blessed and so are you :)

Continuing to pray~

Lady Farmer said...

Hi Sharon!
Anytime you need company for your terrific city wide yard sale, I'm your gal! I would love to go to one of these.
Thanks for sharing your treasures!
p.s. so glad hubby is getting better. those spider bites can be pretty nasty!

Jan said...

What a stash! You truly are the Queen of Bargains! Next year, if you will be partnerless, let me know...I'd be happy to come out from Pittsburgh to be your partner.

Praying for Grayson and am already thankful for prayers answered!


cherished*vintage said...

Hi Sharon!
What fun stuff. I love the purse bank with roses you found. Glad to hear you're feeling better too.

Heather said...

wow you found so many great things! next time you call me in advance and i'll fly out there and go yardsaling with you! lol. that's so scary about your hubby's spider bite and the reaction to the medicine. i hope it starts healing quickly so he doesn't have to take anything else for it.

Linda said...

You hit the jackpot! Love all your goodies.
Good to hear Eric is feeling better...hugs, Linda

shamrock fields said...

What beautiful treasures you found! I love the plates and the antique dog book. A town-wide yardsale sounds so fun. We used to have neighborhood yardsales in our old neighborhood! Glad to hear that Eric is feeling better. Did you get the email I sent in response to yours? I think I might have sent it to myself! Blessings-

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a lot of stuff you found Sharon. But all the items look very useful
I also will buy pretty plates. I even mix them
on the table when we eat
off them.
Pamela in OH

Kathi said...

Sharon, I'm so glad you found so many fun and useful treasures. I love that red step stool and the one for your closet too. That dog book is so cute. It looks like a really fun day you had.

I'm sorry about Eric's spider bite and the bad reaction he had to the medication. I will keep him in prayer. I hope you have a really nice day. Love you, Kathi ps today is "freezer slaw" day. We grew lots of cabbage and I decided to make coleslaw and freeze it. I ran into cousin Lori at the down town shops and had lunch. Fun Fun Fun. I bought a slicer for veggies.

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