Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day Fun!

These are my guys! My wonderful husband and our four awesome sons! We all gathered together on Sunday evening to celebrate Eric as the great father he is for Father's Day.
The few days before father's day Eric took Grayson and Hayden camping and fishing up near Astoria, Oregon. I was on my annual trip with the girls to Sunriver, Oregon. We all came back together on Sunday to have a special Father's day dinner .
They caught a ton of Sturgeon, so Eric said he wanted to have deep fried Sturgeon for his Father's day dinner.
He filleted the fish out into nice sized pieces and then he soaked them in milk for a couple of hours, then we dipped them in eggs and then covered them in instant potatoes! This was a new recipe that he had gotten from a good friend.
I made a yummy cabbage/top ramen salad and baked potatoes. Because I had just gotten home I didn't make a dessert, but I bought him a pretty chocolate cake.
Mackenzie and Brittany and Cameron all came over too. Here's Brittany helping cut up the lemons for the fish.
Oh my goodness did that fish taste wonderful! We will be using this recipe again! Check out my cute fish platter! I got that for my hope chest before I was married! It's perfect for serving fish!
And speaking of fish, can you guess what these guys are doing?
Eric smoked some of the fish too. He has done this for years and it tastes wonderful! Here he is changing the wood chips. You place them on a little burner inside the smoker and it smolders and causes the smoke flavoring.
Mmmmm.......smoked fish!!! It still has several hours to go. It usually takes 18-24 hours to completely cook.
The kids were checking out the new pond that Eric and the boys are making and also checking out the cherries that are ripe!
Aren't they pretty! They sure taste good too!
Standing around and visiting while Eric is deep-frying the fish. I love sunny evenings like this on the deck. We had cool music playing too. Hey, I see Mackenzie and Brittany, Grayson, Hayden and Eric, but where's Cameron? Let's go inside and look for him.
Oh, there he is! He feel asleep on the couch! Poor guy, he had just worked a long shift.
After our delicious meal Eric opened his gifts. The boys are all so generous and gave him thoughtful gifts.
This was one of his gifts from Mackenzie and Brittany! Isn't this a great shirt! If you read closely between the lines it says, "I love my Wife when she lets me go fishing!" We all had a great laugh about this one!
It seems like whenever the boys are together one of them wants to show the rest of them something funny on You Tube. I love these little moments! They are all around the computer like this and then they all in unison burst out laughing!
Then they moved on to Grayson's lap top to look at Google Earth to see the lake where Grayson and his buddies hiked to and camped at.
I am so thankful for my husband and his amazing abilities as a father. Without him and his influence on our four sons, I know they would not have grown up to be the amazing men that they are today! He raised them with a soft, loving, firm hand teaching them how to work hard, have fun, be tough, be loving and respectful and have the skills they need for life, as well as having a great sense of humor and teaching them all of this with the backdrop of loving and respecting our father in heaven and going to Him with everything!

"Children are a heritage of the Lord:and the fruit of the womb is His reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that has his quiver full of them." Psalm 127:3-4

Love, Sharon


luvmy4sons said...

What a handsome group of guys! What a great day you had. You truly are greatly blessed!

Mrs. Farrah Ginter said...

Cool!!!! I'm glad Mr. Eric had a great Daddy's day! Y'all have a great weekend!

Kathi said...

Sharon, What a loving tribute to your husband and wonderful family. I love the way you all love to be together. That's a funny T-shirt.

The song is fitting and sad too. Michael Jackson lived a tormented life. I hope he found Jesus at some point in his last days.

I love you, Kathi

Where My Treasure Is said...

Looks like you all had a great Father's Day celebration! I couldn't believe how much Cameron looked like my brother in the pic where he's lying on the couch! woah!

That fish looked incredible!! And I had to laugh when you wrote about the guys looking up videos on You Tube and laughing in unison..sounds like my family! hehe.

God bless~


Heather said...

sounds like the perfect fathers day! all that fish looked scrumptious! i love your backyard. i've noticed it in several different posts and it's really cool-so many different textures, etc. and in one of the pictures on this post it looks like the ocean out on the horion over your fence. are you near the ocean?

SweetAnnee said...

Oh and all those men.. I think they must pamper you.. the fish looks great too.
Looks like you all had a good day.
love to you

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
Glad to hear that Father's Day was a fun celebration! I just love that first pic of them. That should be in a frame. Where were your inlaws? I pray that Alice is feeling better.

Cute T-shirt. :o) They sure caught alot of fish. I've never seen them cooked in the smoker like that. How neat is that? Love your cherry tree. I used to climb the one in our backyard & eat cherries for hours. Half the time I'd swallow the pits! LOL Mom always told me that I'd grow a cherry tree in my stomach. She had goin' on that for awhile! Ha ha.

Loved your garage sale finds. I haven't been to one in WEEKS & am having withdrawals.

Have a great week!

PS: Can't wait to hear more about the pond project. How cool!

nannykim said...

Man that fish looks good!! Your Dog has grown!! I hope the dog has grown out of his puppy chewing days!

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