Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Candle Light......

I was at the Salvation Army Thrift Store the other day and my eyes were drawn to this. I thought it was a neat country candle and I LOVE candles! It was a blue tag, which meant it was 75% off. I thought, wow, $5.95 is a lot for a candle, but since it was a blue tag, I decided to investigate it a bit more.
When I picked it up and started inspecting it, I soon realized that this was not a candle but a cute little lamp! Do you see the cord wrapped around and tucked neatly in the plastic? I thought, oh my goodness, 75% off would make it so cheap, I'm gonna buy it! It ended up costing me $1.48!
When I got home I took all the plastic off and discovered that it is made of a hard wax that smells so delicious! It is kind of a marmalade spice smell. They just dug out a hole in the bottom and placed an electrical cord and light inside.
It has a light bulb in it that looks like a flame. It sits on a darling little metal scalloped edged plate and has wonderfully scented rose hips surrounding the whole base. When it's plugged in it looks so much like a candle and it warms the wax just enough to release the yummy scent!
I put it on my breadbox in the corner of my kitchen. I'm not sure I'll keep it there, but for now it is a nice little touch.
Isn't it such a clever idea! I love it! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." Psalm 115:105

Love, Sharon


Linda said...

This is the neatest! I love candles too and with this I wouldn't need to worry about the flame. It is so pretty what a neat find...hugs, Linda

adsgram said...

Sweet little candle/lamp. Love how it goes with you colors---great find, Sharon!

Enjoy the day!


Jocelyn said...

how cute !

I love the color tag days at goodwill for the 50% off !

Happy @ Home said...

That sure does look like a real candle and how nice not to have to worry about blowing it out. Looks nice where you have it. Another great deal you found.

Heather said...

ooh i love that! i bet it does smell sooo good!

Dana said...

Hi Sharon, what was the name of the company you used for your pictures when you had them printed?

City Girl Country Heart said...

I love it, I would of bought it too! I hope I find one now :)

Brit said...

You have been very lucky, Sharon!
It wasn't a candle, but a lamp, and it smells good as well! And how cheap you got it!
Enjoy your nw lamp!:-)

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
Well my goodness ~ what will they think of next? I love it! :o) And what a STEAL you got it for. Wow! It's amazing what people get rid of...one woman's trash is another woman's treasure!

I scored some seriously vintage German Christmas ornaments a few weeks ago. They are SO fragile & so big ~ about 4" tall with very delicate painting on them. I have no idea how to display them. I was thinking about those little hook things & then put them under a clothe (sp?) I got them for $2 each (got two), and the guy just had them all tossed in a box. Quite a few of them were already broken, otherwise I would have gotten more.

Have a great Tuesday also!

PS: Happy Summer to you, too! :o)
The pancakes look yummy! I like to make extras & then freeze them. Grab them out of the freezer & pop them in the toaster.

Kathi said...

Cute Sharon. You always find such cool things. Love you, kathi

~~Deby said...

oh what a neat thing...and to find it at such a bargain..you go girl !!

Anonymous said...

Sharon that is so neat.


jennifer said...

That is SO cool! And $1.48 makes it even better!

Farrah said...

I love candle lamps as well! I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you, Sharon, for your prayers as my family has been going through our difficulties. I'm so humbled and blessed that we are healing with God's grace. We still have pain in the back of our minds-the awful things he said when I was pregnant and things I told the guy I was speaking with- but I know that we can persevere and be better than ever!

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