Friday, May 15, 2009

Track season!

We had two track stars this year, Grayson and Hayden. It was really fun having them both run track on the same team. They even ran a few relays together and ran against each other in a couple of events.
I just love this picture. Grayson was warming up before his 400 race and he was talking to his Dad and brother, Hayden.
He's putting on his special "silver bullet" track shoes.
He's ready to go!
He took first place in this one!
He puts so much into it when he's running and he has to rest a minute right after the race.
I took this picture thinking I was taking it just of Hayden running the 200. He is the one on the far left in lane 6. I was cheering him on and then as the boys got closer, I realized Grayson was in lane 4!
It was so bizaar for me to realize all the sudden that Grayson was running too. I felt kind of bad. I knew he was running the 200, but I thought they had two heats. I quickly started cheering his name too! He took second and Hayden took 4th. Hayden doesn't mind losing because often times he is running against juniors and seniors and he is just a freshman. He is doing really well for a freshman.
Here we are at a home track meet. That's Grayson warming up again talking to his Dad, getting last minute advice.
Grandpa Jim came to watch this race. Grandma Alice came to a few races too, but I failed to get her picture :0(
Here comes Hayden down the track running the 100. He was neck and neck with Willie, but Willie beat him buy a tenth of a second. Here's Grayson running the 400. He took first place!
Grayson and Rachelle resting in the shade after the race.
Eric and I have gone to so many sporting events, we are getting to be old pros at it.
This track meet was out of town and we met my sister, Kathi, and her daughter Victoria there. It wasn't windy at all! LOL!
Victoria's friend was helping with the track meet and she asked Victoria to help too. That was pretty cool for my boys that their cousin was helping with their track meet!
Here's Hayden running the 4x100. He is getting ready to pass the baton to his teammate.
Here's Grayson just taking off for the 400.
He was not feeling good this day, his calves were hurting him really bad. He took third place today.
Here's Hayden running the 200. I think he got 4th or 5th for this one.
I'm so proud of my boys. They have worked really hard at track and they have done quite well. Track is such a fun sport because it there is such awesome sportsmanship between the athletes and your kids are happy even if they take 6th place if their time was a personal best for them.

They had districts last week and did pretty well I will be writing about it soon. Hayden did not make it in the 400, 200 or the 4x100, but it was an honor for him to be able to participate. Grayson did not make his goal in the 400 and that was kind of sad, but his 4x400 team made first place! It was so exciting and now they are going to the state championship, which is today! They don't run until later this evening, so Eric, Rachelle (Grayson's girlfriend) and I will be be going this evening. Hayden was asked to be the alternate in case one of the boys got injured, so he is with them too! Wish them luck!

I had a fun morning at our city-wide garage sale! I found some fabo deals and will be sharing those next week too! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." II Timothy 4:7

Love, Sharon


Heather said...

you take some great action photos! it's like i'm there watching it in real time!

adsgram said...

Lots to be proud of there, Mom! Good Luck to the boys (and the whole team) this evening!


Cottage Contessa said...

Congratulations to both of your boys on such awesome achievements! It's just wonderful that Grayson is having a fantastic senior year, one he'll never forget! Wishing you a lovely weekend sweetie.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

grey like snuffie said...

I was part of our high school track team...the only sport I many crazy memories of traveling to meets, sitting around and waiting and then waiting some stuff..

Kathi said...

Congratulations to your two handsome strong sons. I am proud of both of them. I enjoyed seeing them run and visiting you at the meet. Love you, Kathi

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