Saturday, May 2, 2009

These just arrived.........

Oh, boo-hoo, I am ready to cry! Look what just arrived. It's a box of Grayson's graduation announcements. This is a real milestone in his life. This represents 13 years of education, and he has achieved his goal and is moving on to college! I am so very proud of him,'s hard on me!!!!
I thought I was prepared for this.
I thought I was going to be strong and not cry.
But in the past week it is really hitting me that my little boy is all grown up and graduating. I've been having moments of melancholy and weeping. I am so thankful that I really do not have any regrets with the way that we raised Grayson. He had a wonderful, magical childhood and we spent so much time together as a family. My sadness comes from the thoughts that his childhood is over.

I love the quote that his class picked for their class by Sir Winston Churchill, "This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." This really sums it up. I know that he has so much ahead of him and it is really exciting. The part that's hard on moms is the "end of the beginning" part.
This is my third time doing this and you'd think I'd have a handle on it, but it is still hitting me hard. I have loved being a mom so much and my boys have really been dream children. I know we have had our share of the "downs" to along with the "ups", but I really feel like it was mostly "ups". It is hard on me to close this chapter, but the Lord is helping me and I know I'll be okay. It is really wonderful to see my older two sons doing very well in their lives and being very successful and happy and I know that Grayson will be the same. There really is so much to look forward to!!!

"The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart" Psalm 34:18a

Hugs, Sharon


grey like snuffie said...

I'm okay with the empty nest ONLY because our girls are close to home so I still get to see them.....but I will tell you that there is a part of me that is enjoying being back to just two of us...hubby and I....IT'S GRAND in so many ways. Praying He comforts you as only He can do!!!!

adsgram said...

"I have loved being a mom so much and my boys have really been dream children."


You make it sound as if it is somehow the end of your being Grayson's Mom...You still are and always will be the boys' Mom and they will be your dream children , too! As you have learned with Cameron and Mackenzie, it does change your role a bit when they grow and leave home, but ALWAYS ALWAYS are Mom...they know it, and will forever. You have awhile to go, but just wait until you have four MEN with wives and will know you are MOM...and GRAMMIE.

Grayson's beginning may have come to an end, but you aren't there yet! #4 coming up right behind. You will cry at graduation, but it will be happy crying! Gal, you have so much to look forward happy!


Lori said...

As with each milestone my children meet, I too have this pang of sadness for what cannot be recaptured. You love your role as mom and your family dearly. You are a precious jewel to your family.

Heather said...

those are very cool looking announcements! i can't even imagine what you are feeling but atleast you do have one more to go! i think that's going to be the hardest one. we'll all be praying for you!

Connie said...

But just think ahead to when you and hubs can have the house all to yourself and "frolic" around with no kids, sugar! That's how I looked at it. But also to know that you've raised them to "go out into the world" on their own and be independent and productive young men. Independent but interdependent on family! Great job, chickee, for creating such an awesome family.

Sondra said...

What can I say except I know how you feel.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through! It seems so sad and yet happy at the same time! HOpe you're adjusting and enjoying a beautiful weekend! Congrats to your son and YOU for doing an awesome job!!!

Lille meg said...

I am sure this was difficult to you! A milestone, yes it is!

I hope you have a good weekend!;)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Not being a mom, I can't put myself in your place. All I can do is send you a hug.

the hearts of hartmann said...

I have been through one and have two more to go. Next year our middle daughter graduates and Im not looking forward to it :(
Those invites are very nice however !!
How are things with you? I think we need to get together soon, Pam & I both need a fun day out with friends!
Take Care and Happy Weekend !

Sherry said...


I think it gets harder with the younger kids. You are like me and we are is who we is what we do...and we love it. Well...when we get down to the end of the "pack" we realize we have suceeded in our quest and they are raised...and what will we do? So I am with you girlfriend....lets just turn back the hads of time and do it again...I would!

Prayers for is wonderful but....I know what your going through.

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