Saturday, May 16, 2009

District Track Meet!!!

Last weekend was a whirlwind weekend for us. On Friday Eric and I drove up to Portland to go to a funeral for his Uncle Wes. We made it there on time and were able to talk to his Aunt and the rest of the family members. He was 79 years old and had a long and happy life with lots of people who loved him. It was nice to be able to remember him like that.

After the funeral we had to quickly hit the road and drive for two hours to get to Grayson and Hayden's District Track meet. We were cutting it so short that I had to change from my nice clothes I wore to the funeral to my jeans in the back of car! That was quite the experience, let me tell ya! We needed to be at the stadium at 4:10 and we arrived at 3:50, we thought we had time to park and run in the stadium.
When we pulled up to the stadium we saw some kids that we recognized running and we realized it was the 400 meter race, which both Grayson and Hayden were going to run. They were ahead of schedule!!! Panic!!! Eric stopped the car and we jumped out. We realized we had just witnessed the first heat and that Grayson and Hayden were just preparing to run in the second heat! We decided the best bet was to stay right where we were at the cyclone fence and watch from there. This is how far away we were. Grayson and Hayden spotted us and waved to us. If you recall, the day before Grayson had tweaked a muscle in his neck pinching a nerve that caused terrible back pain. We massaged it and gave him prescription strength Ibuprofen and prayed. God healed him and he was able to run this race. We were so thankful!
We were able to cheer on both boys and we saw them both run their race even though we were so far away. I just kept clicking my camera and when we got home and loaded the pictures I actually got some pretty good ones! Above you can see Grayson crossing the finish line. He got second place meaning he would move on to the district finals the next day.
Here's Hayden crossing the finish line. Hayden didn't make the top eight so he did not move on to finals.
Our coach set up this pop up tent so the kids can rest in the shade between their events. Grayson is laying down in the back on the left. They have lots of fun and get really close with each other.
Both Grayson and Hayden ran the 200 (Hayden is on the far left and Grayson is right next to him). Grayson was able to move on to finals, but Hayden was just shy. That's okay with him though, it was a real honor just being at Districts. I think it's neat that you can see both of them running together in this photo and that Hayden is actually pretty close to his big brother!
They were both pretty tired after running that hard and fast!
Here they are with their coach, Dave. Dave is such a wonderful, encouraging coach. He got Coach of the Year and he totally deserves that!
Eric and I were getting fried by the sun on Saturday, the final day of Districts.
Half way through the track meet I got a phone call and it was my sister, Kathi. She was with her daughters, Victoria and Jessica and they just happened to drive by and noticed our school bus! They saw that a track meet was going on and wondered if we were there! It was so fun to see them! They were able to watch Grayson run the 400 from the fence where Eric and I were watching the day before!
On your mark, get set........GO!!!!!
Sadly, he did not obtain his dream, which was to go to State in the 400. He took 5th place in District and only the top two runners go to State.
Here's Hayden with his ribbon for the 4x100. His team took 5th place in District.
Here's Grayson with his friend, Perry. They have been competitors for all four years of high school and have become friends just through sports.
The last thing Grayson competed in was the 4x400. He runs the first leg and he did a great job. He was neck to neck with this guy.
I love this picture. He is handing the baton to his best friend, Garret.
They took first place in District for the 4x400 relay!!!! They're going to State!
They were so happy! They ran it in 3 minutes, 40 seconds!
Brothers and friends forever!
Here's all the competitors receiving their ribbons and pins. You can see our team in the first place slot!
They were so stoked! Now they are on to State! The other boys on the team won District in other races too. Larry, who is standing on the left took 1st in the 1500 and the 800. Corbin, who is only a freshman took 1st in the 3000 and 2nd in the 800. Garrett won 1st place in the 110 high hurdles and the 300 high hurdles as well as 3rd place for the long jump. Garrett also got Athlete of the year for our District!!! We are so proud of all of them!

Last night we went to the preliminary State Championship and Grayson's 4x400 team took 4th. They moved into the State finals, which will be later today! We are hoping and praying that they will do their best. It is pretty exciting! I'll keep ya posted!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philipians 4:13

Hugs, Sharon


Heather said...

very exciting! congrats to them!

Brittany said...

Good job Gray and Hay! We're excited to see how today goes! See you in a few hours! Love you!

Kathi said...

I'm proud of your boys for the hard work and effort they put into track. Way to go boys. You did a great job as parents supporting your boys. I loved seeing you that day. What a cool surprise. Love you, Kathi

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon! Just read your track blog. Congratulations on two great running boys! Are you sure Grayson and Hayden aren't twins? They certainly look like it. "Little G" is as big as "Big G" now. Have a great Lord's day. Love, Aunt Helen

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