Monday, May 11, 2009

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta!

We had our annual Cinco De Mayo party last week. We started this several years ago. It started small with me just making tacos for dinner and then I started having the kids each invite one friend over, and I expanded the menue and we started adding decorations and music. Now it is a fun tradition that we all look forward too!
I pulled out the decorations and made our house festive. I also had salsa music playing all through the house, so it really felt like we were at a Mexican restaurant.
Brittany helped cook up the ground beef and beans.
Cameron looks as if he is mixing drinks, but really he didn't, he was just teasing as if he was trying to get the glory. Eric really was the one who made the drinks.
All the kids were able to make it! Grayson's girlfriend, Rachelle also came.
Eric was busy helping with the preparations.
Brittany made a delicious salsa. Oh my goodness, did I love that salsa!
Here's the newlyweds enjoying their first Cinco De Mayo as a married couple!
I was trying to get a picture of Grayson and Rachelle, but he wasn't smiling, so she started tickling him and well, you can see, it worked!
Here's a better one.
Hayden's best friend Dan was able to join us too. The kids all had non-alcoholic drinks of course! We just used the margarita glasses because they're fun. Eric mixed them up special lime Kool-Aid, 7-Up and limeade drinks.
Ooops......the quesadilla's burnt! You know what, this is another tradition! It seems like every single year we burn the quesadillas!
Time to dish up!
Mmmmm! The food was wonderful!
We all had such a delicious meal and a really fun night. Usually we all go out side and play in the street with the stilts, pogo sticks, bikes and basketballs, but this year the boys all went out back and played on the trampoline and the girls (Brittany, Rachelle and myself) stayed inside and sat around the table for a great discussion about marriage, babies and life. It was really special for me to spend time with these wonderful young women!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

"Whether, then you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." I Corinthians 10:31

Love, Sharon


Amy said...

We always have a Cinco De Mayo party too. I look forward to when the boys can bring a friend over and I can decorate more. So much fun to find a day just to have a celebration.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a great idea! And it looks like you all had so much fun! I love Mexican food! May try this next year!

Heather said...

looks like a lot of fun! know that i think about it, i don't think i've ever celebrated cinco de mayo in my whole life, lol!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Sharon, this looks so wonderful...lots of family fun and your food looks out of this world.

Love it!!


Mary Anne said...

This looks like so much fun, Sharon. Your post makes me hungry;-)


Elena said...

Wow,that looks like a lot of fun! What a great family tradition.

Brittany said...

This was a fun evening! I'm glad we can have these celebrations together. Love you

Kathi said...

Sharon, You did a great job. What a fun celebration. I love the way you plan everything. You really make it fun for everyone, with thoughtfulness and creativity.

Honestly, I didn't think about the occasion until I got off work, and I bought a whole bunch of food and through it together. I wish I'd planned. The kids and Stacey loved the food though. I also put on music. I love you, Kathi

Lynn said...

Sharon, that sounds like so much fun. I want to try that next year. I just need to keep my house clean between now and then! :)


Brenda Eason said...

Looks awesome Sharon.I guess you read im getting a Spanish daugher-in-law. she has spoiled me with her cooking.
I always love Mexican,but had never had the real thing.
Love your family

Dana said...

looks like fun:)

Linda said...

What a fun celebration...I do this too and hey, that's how I like my quesadilla's. hugs, Linda

Jessica said...

Looks like fun!
I want to do this next year :)

Farrah said...

That looks like so much fun, Sharon! Thanks for sharing!

jAne said...

Oh what fun!!!!!!!


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