Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy as a bee!

Things have been so busy here at Rose of Sharon! Oh my goodness, I hardly have time to breathe! May is such a busy month when you have a senior graduating from high school! Last weekend on Friday and Saturday we spent all day at the district track meet and on Sunday we had an awesome family day celebrating Mother's day. I worked Monday and Tuesday and in the evenings I've been working on my picture project, Grayson's graduation annuoncements and helping him with college things. I'm extreemly busy, but I know that this pace will soon slow down.

I have today off and I will be finishing up the graduation announcments and will get them in the mail today. I also will be getting my house cleaned up and caught up. Tonight I have a Grad Nite Party Committee meeting. Tonight's menu is meatloaf, baked potatoes and green salad. I am hoping to make my hubby some peanut butter cookies today too. I will try to get around to visit all of you today or in the next few days, but please understand if it takes me awhile as I am trying to balance all these things! I am planning on showing you my systems for getting all my old digital photos organized, uploaded and ordered as well as share with you my process for Grayson's graduation announcements.

I hope that you're having an awesome week!

"Never be lazy in your work but serve the Lord enthusiastically." Romans 12:11

In Him ~ Sharon


Happy @ Home said...

Hi Sharon,
Don't worry about visiting us. You have enough on your plate. Enjoy this special time in your son's life. We will be here when things slow down for you.

I am interested in hearing how you organize your pictures. I just keep putting mine in folders by month as I don't know a lot about it. Hoping to learn things from you.

Heather said...

make sure you enjoy everything this month too! that's most important :)

Kathi said...

Sharon, You are busy. I know everything will come together beautifully for Grayson's grad. party. I'm impressed with what you showed me about your photos and look forward to seeing how it's all coming together. You are such a good planner. I'm always impressed with your skill in this. Enjoy your day off. Love you, Kathi

Terry said...

Hi Sharon
What a blessing your blog is .
I was just out riding no where in particular and I don't really know for sure how I got here.
But I know for certain I will return to visit again soon.
Blessings to you and yours.
Enjoy your frantic,crazy schedule it does go by quickly .
Have a wonderful week.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a busy week you have! I'm looking forward to seeing how you organized your photos. Hope you're enjoying everything even with the craziness!

Jocelyn said...

I just got Lucas Graduation announcement as well. Im just as happy, proud and blessed as a Mom should be. So why am I so sad?

Linda said...

You are busy....don't forget to take a moment to catch your breath. I'm looking forward to seeing how you are organizing all your have the best ideas and this is something I need help with...hugs, Linda

Kelly said...

Praying for smoothness and, most of all, lots of fun during this busy time, Sharon! I love being able to catch up with your family, and one of the reasons that I'm glad to "know" ya is because of your dedication to your family and all of the fun that you guys share together!

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