Friday, May 8, 2009

Bag Lady Fun!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I headed over to my friend Virginia's house for a ladies tea she was hosting. I was so excited to go. I was taking her this cute little planted Violet as a hostess gift. I enjoy taking gifts to the hostess of parties I go to. I think it is a nice token of appreciation for the hostess as I know that she has been working hard all week to have all the details ready for the party.
This is Virginia. She is a very good friend of mine from our old church. She is one of six of my girlfriends in our little group that we call the Bag Ladies. BAG is an acronym for Bargains At Goodwill. We all met through church and have been friends for several years. We all love to shop at Goodwill and other thrift stores and we also gather for lunches and brunches such as this one. Every year in June we spend several nights at a resort for some good old fashion girl time!
Any way, on this day Virginia was hosting a brunch at her beautiful home. We gathered together to discuss our plans for this year's girl's get away at the resort. I wanted to show you some pictures of her lovely home. This is what you see as soon as you walk in the door. I love the whole look. She loves antiques and has some gorgeous pieces. Her husband found this beautiful buffet for her.
Here's her living room. She has a lot of black oak furniture.
Here's a cozy corner.
I love how she displays things. I was with her when she found that green lamp at Goodwill!
Look at this gorgeous hutch! The details on it are so ornate and beautiful. I love how she has displayed it.
There are pretty things every where you look. Again, I was with her when she bought the fabulous ornate coffee pot, now I wish that I would have bought it instead of her!!!! LOL!
She was hunting for the perfect pitcher and bowel set until she found this perfect one. It sure looks great here. I like how she filled it with the red berries.
I snuck into her bedroom and took these pictures. Isn't it beautiful and serene!
I love the red walls and I love the checkered hat boxes!
She worked so hard and prepared such a delicious meal for us.
She used her beautiful china and crystal.
I love this centerpiece that she designed. Very clever with the string of pearls!
We all had such a lovely day and felt so pampered. Virginia is a very good hostess. I am so thankful for my girlfriends! I can't wait until our annual trip in June!!!!

We are headed up to Portland for a funeral today. My husband's uncle died. Right after that we have to head South for Grayson and Hayden's big track meet. It is the district track meet, which is a very big deal. It is neat because both Grayson and Hayden are running against each other in the 200 and the 400, it will be fun to watch. I feel so bad for Grayson though, he pulled a muscle in his upper back yesterday and is in a lot of pain. He might not be able to run today and this is what he has been looking forward to all year long. Can I ask you to please say a prayer for him. He runs at 4:00. Thank you so much!

I hope that all of you have wonderful weekends and a wonderful Mother's day!

"But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise You more and more." Psalm 71:14

Love, Sharon


Jan Parrish said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Today I'm babysitting my grand baby. She loves the song on your blog. :) She loves music.

My condolences to your family. Have a blessed weekend.

Heather said...

what a fun day with the ladies! i love her style of decorating. love that furniture! sorry to hear about your husbands uncle. i will keep Grayson and Hayden in our prayers that they both do well and Grayson's back heals quickly.

Kathi said...

Sharon, I'm so happy you have fun with the bag ladies. They are such lovely ladies. I like the way Virginia decorates.

I'm sorry about Eric's uncle. I do hope the boys do well at the meet. Love, Kathi

Lisa said...

What a wonderful group of friends you have! Nothing better than girlfriends (:

Tanza said...

Hi Sharon,
Gosh your lunch looked delicious, and her home was so pretty !! I LoVe girls days out !! It's wonderful to have such sweet caring friends.. God is good !! Have a wonderful Mothers Day,and God bless you and your sweet family !! hugs ~tea~

Brittany said...

Sharon, you look so beautiful in that first picture! Virginia's house is very pretty as well, looks like she made your get together so nice for all of you ladies! I'm so sorry about Eric's uncle and I am a little late reading this but I hope Grayson was able to run. I'll be praying his back gets better soon!

Love you!

Kelly said...

Sharon, I love the mental image of you sneaking into her bedroom to take pictures, LOL! You're absolutely adorable!

I'm so sorry for your loss of Eric's uncle. I'll be praying for the family and also for Grayson's healing with his injury.

Happy Mother's Day, mama!

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