Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My needlework collection II

By now you probably know that I love antique things and I have a special affection towards needlework. I have a big collection displayed all over our home, click here to read my original post about it where I showed you about half of my collection. Today I would like to show you the other half! The framed pictures above are hanging in our master bedroom. I love the His and Hers Victorian needlepoint pictures. I found them at Goodwill several years ago.
I think this little burgundy needlepoint is one of my all time favorite pieces. I guess because it is my favorite color!
The colors are perfect for our bedroom.
This picture and the few below are from our little office. I seem to buy needlepoint pictures whenever I see them if they are within my price range and they are in my color palate and designs that I love. Like this little lady for example. I think she is so cute and the colors are perfect for our home. It is an added bonus that she was framed behind glass!
Here's a cute one. I am not sure what style of stitch this is, but I do think it is probably from a kit. I don't usually do browns, but I couldn't resist the price and I do think it's pretty.
This was a big thrill for me to find this needle point chair! Isn't it wonderful! Can you imagine how long it took someone to make this???? It probably took hundreds of hours. I am so happy to own this piece and I have it sitting proudly in our little office/den.
I can't even remember where I found this cute little stool. The top is made from a special stitch made from wool rags, called wool hooking. I actually learned how to do this stitch with my Tacky group, but I was not good at it at all! I was really happy to find this little stool ready made! I found the cute green pillow in the back with the cute Scottie dogs on it at a second hand shop. I just love the little Scottie dogs!
Okay, now we have moved to the guest room upstairs. Here is more brown! It is an awesome old vintage needle point pillow. I just sat it in an antique chair. I love the look of it.
Here's another floral needlepoint.
It is probably made from a kit. I usually don't like to pay more than $2.99 for these, but if I found one that I really loved I would pay a bit more.
On this wall I have a couple more displayed.
This is a fabulous cross stitch sampler. And this cute one is cross stitch as well. Sorry for the glare in the picture!
This is such a cute one too! It is a wonderful winter scene done in needlepoint. It is just so cozy and warm! I love it because it has red in it!
Here's a cute little pillow. I imagine this one was done by a small child. I think it is so cute! I just couldn't resist and it looks adorable on this little miniature red chair!
I love this darling little bunny. He has quite a story. He was made by my mother when she was 4 years old! My sister, Kelli, had him for many years and just recently she gave him to me. I was absolutely thrilled! He must have been made from a kit or a very popular pattern because I have seen many very similar bunnies at antique stores as well as a very similar kitty pattern. Does anybody out there know the history behind him?

I love his little tie! What makes me sad is that she made him with a sad face. I am not sure if that is part of the pattern or because she was a sad little girl. She was sad because her mother had died the year before. It makes me want to cry to think about it, but my mother really does not remember much about it. The Lord blessed her with a wonderful step-mother whom she loved and called her "Mama" and she loved her so much. Wow, I did not mean for this post to end so sad, so lets look at one more cute needlework piece from my collection.
This last one is one of my favorite pillows. It is a darling little pooch done in the wool hooking technique. He is just so cute and sweet and he looks perfect on the guest room bed.

Well, that's all the pieces in my needlework collection. I am sure with the garage sale season just starting up that I will be adding a few more pieces to the collection and I'm sure I'll keep you posted on those!

I hope you have a great day today!

"Be happy and rejoice and be glad-hearted continually." I Thessalonians 5:16

Hugs, Sharon


Lille meg said...

That is great, Sharon! You are really clever! It is a lot of work with this, but is a big satisfaction when it is ready!
Thank you for sharing!
Happy easter to you!:)

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

You have beautiful things that obviously make you happy! And isn't that what things are for!
Have a blessed day! From another Sharon!

oatbread said...

Thank you for sharing those sharon , they are lovely. I see lots of those in thrift stores. I have a collection of antique wedding photos. I havent dispalyed them yet , i am waiting till i get my walls reapinted. Although a needlework one would be nice too to go with my china. You would love my china collection too , small florals. Donna

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Sharon,
What a beautiful collection of needlepoint!!! I was thinking as I was observing each piece of all the time and LOVE that each person put into it and how awesome that you get to share in that love !!!

Sharon, it is so good to see you posting again, your love and devotion to our Lord is so evident in all that you write and you always bless and inspire me.

Please know that I am praying for your dear Mother -in-law that God will give her a miraculous touch.
I want to wish you and all of your family a most Blessed Happy Ressurection!!!

adsgram said...

Sharon...I love all of your needlework pieces. I have a few, but no where near the # you have. Thanks for showing them! I just don't have the patience to do them myself, so I treasure the ones I find! Have a nice day....


Dana said...

Wow!! You have quite a collection:) It's nice to see you back.

Rosemary said...

oh my goodness, the last doggie pillow is my favorite!! Love those vintage doggie antiques!

Anonymous said...

Sharon I love your neddlework collection! I have gone to the thrift stores in our area here, and I don't seem to find as many great buys as you do in your area. I wonder why that is. Years ago my husband talked me into giving away a beautiful green mohare chair that had a beautiful neddlepoint back to it. I so regret giving it away! But my hubby doesn't believe in keeping things that aren't being used at the time. I am so different! I want to keep most everything! Anyway, I love your neddlework collection and enjoyed seeing all of them.
Take care,

Darlene M.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wow, you sure have some collection!! I love the one with the lace doily!! Very pretty! Thanks for the pictures!

gin said...

great collection. the last one of the pooch looks just like our little poochie in real life.

LillySue said...

What beautiful art....all those hours spent carefully stitching away. Makes you wonder all the thoughts going thru the minds of the artists as they placed the stitches....
Glad to have you back!

Jocelyn said...

I just love your house!
You find the greatest things!

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