Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lucky mom.......

First of all I need to state that I am a lucky mom for many, many reasons, but mainly four big reasons: Mackenzie, Cameron, Grayson and Hayden (five counting Brittany!)!!!! But for this post, I am going to share just one of the many, many other reasons. Since Cameron has moved home, he has been cooking a few meals for us! He has always shown an interest in cooking and he is quite good!

He especially enjoys Asian foods. On this particular evening he made a delicious pork stir fry dish. It was amazing!

To the chopped pork steak he added mixed vegetables, mushrooms, onions, sunflower seeds and peanuts. He made a special teriyaki sauce from scratch. He laid this on a bed of rice. It was really, really good! What a treat it is for me to have someone cook dinner!!!

On another night he made a baked chicken in teriyaki sauce along with Rice-A-Roni and broccoli. It was very delicious and very healthy!Thank you Cameron for cooking dinner!

I couldn't resist showing these pictures as well. This is an example of some of the antics that go on around our house. Grayson is sneaking up on Cameron, as he is cooking, wielding a knife!

Cameron doesn't look to frightened though does he!

Oh no! It looks like he got him! But some how, Cam doesn't look like he's in pain!

He just laughs it off. Believe me when I say that as soon as he had his hands free after the dinner, he got even on old Grayson!

It's all in good fun. No boys were hurt in the making of this blog post!!!!

I am feeling so, so much better! I know the Lord has helped me so much. Sometime soon I will be posting more about what I've been going through, but for now I just want to thank all of you for your sweet, sweet prayers, they are appreciated so much! I am still very, very busy with so many different activities, so it is hard to keep up with my blogging, but my spirits have lifted so much. I know I owe several of you out there visits to your blog and as soon as I get some free time I promise I'll swing by to say hello. The Lord is so faithful and good!

Happy Tuesday!

"A tranquil mind gives life to the flesh." Proverbs 14:30

Love, Sharon


Kathi said...

Sharon, What a treat!! Your boys are wonderful. I'm so happy and thankful you are feeling better. I had such a fun fun time with you. We really need to spend the night at each other's houses more often and talk and talk and talk some more. I love you, Kathi

I'd love to go to the game!!! I'll let you know if we'll be there.

Mary Anne said...

Hi Sharon,

Cameron's pork dish does look yummy. I love Asian foods. It is really nice that you have someone to help you prepare the meals. I cook most meals for my family, but my daughters usually do the clean up. That in itself is a big help!

Glad you're feeling better. Have a wonderful day


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Looks yummy!! And how great that your son is cooking for you and the family now! You've raised a great person! Glad to hear you're feeling better!!

shamrock fields said...

How sweet of your son Cameron to cook dinner, and it looks very delicious and healthy too! How funny seeing the brothers clowning around! You just can't help but smile can you?! Bless you-

Rosemary said...

ah how nice, and what a good hubby he's gonna make some lucky girl!
Megans taking a cooking class in school and tonight shes cooking dinner as an assignment. She has to take pictures, write the recipes, do the shopping, set the table, ect..then turn it into a booklet. She loves to cook so it will be fun!

grey like snuffie said...

I'm hungry now!

Heather said...

how wonderful! they can come and cook at my house anytime! i'm glad you are feeling better :)

jAne said...

We love this kind of fun! Would love to have seen a picture of the payback. hehehe.

As to what you're going through or have gone through, dear one, know that prayer continues. <><


Faye said...


adsgram said...

Sharon...nice UPBEAT post. I am so happy to see it! God is watching out for ya, for sure!

My son cooks for his family, too, The boys just seem to be more naturally adventurous when it comes to throwing things in a pan, don't they?

Good on you for your happier mood! Love your blog and miss you when you are down!


Debra said...

Sharon, you ARE a very lucky mom! It looks like you have a wonderful family and great boys! How awesome to have Cameron cooking some meals and the pictures of your boys playin' around in the kitchen are priceless. Oh how I love those times with my kids.

Maybe if WE'RE lucky, Cameron will give you his Teriyaki sauce recipe, as well as his other recipes, for you to post on your blog. :)

Sweet Nothings said...

How sweet of Cameron to cook for you guys! Looks like he did a great job!

Sondra said...

You might have a chef in the making! His food looks great. Austin is into baking and I hope he will become a pastry chef one day :)
My boys are full of those crazy antics too. It just keeps things fun around here.
Glad to know that you are feeling some what better.

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
I'm glad that you're feeling better. Yes, the Lord IS good! :o) I think it's so neat that your son loves to cook. My (almost 21) yr. old can make Ramen noodles & that's it! He's never shown an interest in cooking, that's for sure. Cameron's meals look delicious. Two thumbs up! I'm *guessing* he had GREAT teachers! :o)

Have a great day.

Elena said...

That is so awesome that your son likes to cook! My hubby loves to cook too and what a treat that is!

Tim said...

I am so tired of not being able to cook in my own kitchen. Things just seem to be moving slow but I know that we will get it together soon. Until then can we borrow chef?

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