Thursday, April 30, 2009

The little jewels in my day.........

I wanted to share with you a little 10 minute slice of my life that happened last week. These are little magic moments in a mom's world, they are like little jewels in our day if we stop and take notice of them.

It was 5:00 and I had just gotten off work. It was a gorgeous Spring afternoon and I was feeling awesome because I was off work and I was heading home! I had the windows down and the music up! I was heading down a little side street when I spotted two cute young men. At first I thought it was Grayson and then I realized it was Hayden with his friend Aaron.
They had just gotten off of track practice (thus the shorty shorts!) and were walking to the bank to cash a check. I stopped to say hello and Hayden asked if I could take them to the bank. I said, "Sure! Hop in!" I took them to the bank and I waited in the car. That's when I remembered that I had my camera in my purse! I quickly snapped a few pictures. I love little moments like this with my kids. I have always tried to say yes to little favors like this for them. I feel that it makes them feel important and special and it gives us wonderful memories together.
I had Nora Roberts playing loud on the stereo.
It's so fun to see the blue sky through my skylight! I have never owned a car with a skylight until now and it is so fun!
They wanted me to drop them off at Dari Mart and then they were running back to the school.
"Aah, remember the days of going to the corner store for candy???? Priceless!"

It seems like when something happens that is unexpected it can lift your spirits. I remember feeling that way when I would see one of my parents or siblings in a place that I normally didn't see them and it would be so fun and exciting. Now it is that way when I see my hubby or kids in an unexpected place and a little happy spontaneous moment happens.

Remember, when you find a little jewel in your day, stop and pick it up, admire it, enjoy it and appreciate it!

"For this God is our God forever and ever; He will be our guide until the very end." Psalm 48:18

Hugs, Sharon


Mary Anne said...

Really neat post, Sharon! I love moments like this too. Little gifts from God. Thanks for the reminder;-)

Have a great day!


A Romantic Porch said...

Sharon, So wonderful that you could have that sweet moment in your day. I definitely try to take advantage of the unexpected matter how small. xorachel

Kathi said...

What a very special jewel!! I love it! You look so pretty and I feel like I'm right there in the car with you. Your son is so blessed to have you for his mom. Love you, Kath

kal said...

Oh Sharon, I totally get what your saying! Last night I was stretched out on the couch & my son (he is 13) came over to talk to me. While he was talking to me he reached out and started stroking my hair. Oh my heart melted! It's the little things!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, especially the wonderful Bible verses throughout.
When I saw your sons' photos, I thought of the quote, "A woman who has all sons will be surrounded by handsome men all her life." I have a son and daughter, so can't claim that one for me, so thought I'd share with you :)
I'll visit again soon.
Thanks for sharing with all us.
BB from GA.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I remember walking to the candy store. I remember visiting my grandparent's house and my grandmother giving my sister and I her purse to take all the loose change out and we could use that at the candy store. Love the pictures of your son and a little glimpse into your day!!

Lille meg said...

Thank you for visiting me . You didn't find the translator, because I have taken it away from that blog.
Som times ago a made a new blog:
That is my main blog now.
I haven't deleted the old one, because so many countries has visited me there.
The reason why I made a new blog was that so many of my blogfriends could not open my blog "lille meg".
Have a wonderful weekend!:)

Sondra said...

It is so neat that you find such joy in the littlest things. I myself am the same way. Some people think it is silly, but life moves to fast not to savor each moment. I know how much fun it can be to turn the radio up and open your sun roof. Always makes me feel young again! LOL!

jAne said...

Back in the dark ages, my sister and I would walk through the ravine to Main Street where Don's Drug Store was to Betty's Bit-O Beauty and the postage stamp sized postal office. Across the street was our wee little tiny miniscule grocery store called Box. Good times. Good memories.

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