Sunday, April 19, 2009

I will

Below are the lyrics to the song playing on my PlayList.
Please turn your volume up so you can hear the words.
My brother gave me this song a few years ago.
It is called "I will" by Sonic Flood.
I really love it and it has a special meaning to me.
Today is Praise and Worship Sunday at
Brittany's Blog, Sweet Nothings.
Please go over to her blog if you would like to participate.
I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday!

My Savior, Redeemer
My love and my Lord
I'll give You all of my heart
My will and my soul
You take me as I am
A scarred and broken man
Lord, I surrender all I have
To You, To You
I will give you everything
I will, I will
Make my life an offering
I will, I will
My Savior, I'll never
Forget what You've done
You carried the weight of my sin
To the cross, the victory's won!
You make my heart brand new
Now there's nothing I won't do
Lord, I surrender all I am
To You, to You
So when I lose my life, I save it, I save it
And by Your Grace I'm saved, I know, I know it
And when You were on the cross You gave it,
You gave it all
Oh, yes You did
You gave it all
I will give you everything
I will, I will
Make my life an offering
I will, I will
I will give my heart to You
I will, I will
Broken and poured out for You
I will, I will
No price I pay
Will ever be too great for me
To rest alone in the love
You've shown
I'm free, I'm free
You took the stripes
You took the pain for me
So now I sing a song of hope
I'm free, I'm free
So now I sing Hallelujah
I'm free, I'm free!


Lille meg said...

Beautiful song, Sharon!
I hope you have a good Sunday!

Heather said...

great song. Happy Sunday to you!

Kathi said...

Beautiful song Sharon. I love it. Kathi

Kelly said...

hope this finds you well Sharon! And I am happy you had a wonderful Easter with your family!


Leah said...

Thanks for sharing that song - I hadn't heard it before....

Hope you had a great Sunday.

Sweet Nothings said...

Beautiful song, Mom #2! :) Thanks for sharing it. I'm glad we got to see you today! I really like your hair straight like that! Love you!

Debra said...

I've never heard this song before. Wow! What a powerful message! I can't wait to download it from Itunes. Thank you, so much for sharing it with us.

Love your Easter pictures!

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