Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter decorations

I just wanted to share some pictures of my Easter decorations this year.
They are very similar to last year's pictures, as it is all the same stuff, I just tend to display it all a tad bit different (if you want to see last year's decor, go to my archives and use the drop down box and select March from 2008). I love the ceramic bunny above. I found him at Goodwill and I love how he looks so vintage. He's holding one of my many vintage paper mache Easter eggs made in Germany.
I have two antique Easter baskets sitting on both sides of our fireplace.
I filled them with some of my antique Easter decorations.
I made the "Blessing" sign a few years ago and displayed it on the mantle.
Here's a very old Easter table decoration. I found it at the Goodwill for pennies and later I saw it at an antique store where they were asking $65.00 for it! Yaaa hooo!!! I get so excited when I see my things that I have at antique stores!
Here's a little parade of Easter chicks on my dining room table. It looks like my Cherry blossoms have bit the dust!
I think the dropped petals look kind of cute, like the little chicks are eating their feed!
Here's my display on the kitchen bookshelf.
I have another antique Easter basket filled with vintage chicks and bunnies.
Here's my kitchen windowsill decor. It cheers me up to change out the windowsill decorations for each season.
I have many antique and reproduction pieces displayed here.
This little bunny is one of my favorite antique decorations. He is made from soap stone. I like that he's carrying another one of my German paper mache eggs.
I love the vintage postcard and some of my little chicks and bunnies. They are so cute!
I put these faux chocolate bunnies on top of the fridge. I think they look so realistic!
I found this wonderful Easter wagon at a garage sale. The man said it was his when he was a child so he figured it was about 60 years old or so.
I think it is so sweet! I placed a large German egg inside.
In the powder room I placed a few little things. I found both of these sugar eggs at Goodwill. It is truly amazing that they have lasted like they have! They are really made of sugar and they are so fragile. I remember admiring my childhood friend's egg like this and now I finally have my own!
They are so fun because they have a little secret Easter scene inside! I guess I am buying back my childhood!
Last but not least is a little display on top of my jewelry cabinet in the powder room.
I absolutely love this little pamphlet! I found it at a garage sale here in my little town.
It is an invitation to the Easter services at the local church back in 1915! Isn't that amazing! I love it because it has my town printed right on it and it represents such rich history. I can just imagine some nice gentleman going door to door giving these to folks and inviting them to the Easter service! It's amazing it has lasted all these years! It's nearly 100 years old!

I have a very busy weekend. I am going out to the local bank to help sell trees to earn money for the Class of 2009 all night grad party. After that I'm heading to our church for a Women's Ministry leadership luncheon. Then I will be making a few dishes for Easter dinner. On Sunday we will go to church and then going to Eric's sister's home for our family Easter dinner. I hope that all of you will have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Easter!

"Jesus said, 'I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives Hhis life for the sheep.'" John 10:10, 11

Love, Sharon


Kathi said...

Sharon, I love your decorating. What a unique Easter invitation. It's special that it was from your own town. Have a wonderful Easter. Vivian will come over to be with us after church. Love you, Kathi

Sunflower Farm said...

Have a wonderful Easter. Take Care

jAne said...

Such a pretty and varied display for the season, Sharon. :o) Your *blessing* mantle sign is great - can you share another view of it and let us know how you made it? I'd love that. I'm hoping to make one for my own mantle. :o)

Happy Resurrection Day <><


Jocelyn said...

wow ! I've never seen anyone decorate like you do! Its awesome!

Heather said...

very cute decorations. you have so many! Have a great weekend & Easter!

Mary Anne said...

You have some lovely decorations, Sharon. My favorites are the little wagon and the sugar eggs;-)

Have a Blessed Easter.

Hootin' Anni said...

What a great, tremendous array of decor!!! I love it all. I'm going to post a few of my Easter decorations for tomorrow's blog, but today I DID post a favorite Easter Photo of mine. You'll giggle, I'm sure.

Here to drop off my wishes to you Sharon, that your Easter be filled with peace and tranquility.

shamrock fields said...

Happy Easter!!! I love your Easter decorations! I am going to have to be on the lookout for the German eggs--they are beautiful. I love the little chicks on the table and the sweet bunnies! I also love the slip-sliding photo--how fun!!! I have a senior this year too--it is so hard to believe! Bless you & have a wonderful weekend with your family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharon for showing your Easter Decorations again. I was hoping you would.
I am glad you get to go somewhere for Easter.
Now you can relax and enjoy! Even tho we are
empty nesters and have been for 10 years! I always
decoratd for each holiday!
Pamela in Ohio

Rosemary said...

Happy Easter Sharon! I have that paper bunny with the honeycomb basket and eggs too! I think i found mine at a garage sale, and i've found them quite expensive in shops also!

Lille meg said...

Lovely decorations for easter!
And you have a lot!
I wish you a happy Easter Day!
He is risen!

Sharon said...

Hi Pam! Thanks for stopping by! It's neat to hear that you still decorate for the holidays! I think I probably always will too. I hope that you had a very happy Easter!

God bless you!


Erin said...

Beautiful decorations! I thought of you Saturday when I saw a framed needlepoint rose at an antique store.

Nora Lee said...

Such cute and meaningful Easter decorations! Love how you have them displayed. The chocolate bunnies on your frig do look good enough to eat.

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