Monday, March 9, 2009

Barbie turns 50 today!

Barbie turns 50 years old today!

In honor of her birthday, Mattel designed a special addition Barbie...................

Hot Flash Barbie!

Just a little Monday morning chuckle for you!

Seriously, how many of you out there played with Barbie?
I did, but I think for just one summer.
I was not that into Barbie.
I played with two miniature troll dolls that
I kept in a match box and I made clothes for them.
I also built forts and rode my bike a lot.
I don't know why Barbie didn't mean that much to me,
perhaps because I got her when I was
a little bit older like around age 12.
There has always been a lot of controversy over
Barbie's perfect figure and flawless face,
but because I did not have any daughters,
it was never an issue in our home.
I'm interested in your thoughts about her.

Have a great day!

"One who trusts in the Lord is secure." Proverbs 29:25

Love, Sharon


Mary Anne said...

Hi Sharon,

I'm a Barbie fan. I played with her when I was growing up and really liked her a lot. My girls always liked her too, and all of her accessories. We've grown past our Barbie days now, but I still like her.

I enjoyed your post. It brought back lots of fun memories;-)

Have a wonderful day.


Mary Anne

My Grandkids ROCK said...

Good Morning Sharon,
This time change is making me crazy. Don't know when to go to bed or when to get up.
I don't remember having Barbies for myself but we did get them for our girls. Stacy didn't so much play with them but Mindy did. That's how their personalities are still this day. Mindy loves clothes and makeup and Stacy not so much. Wierd, huh! Tata for now, Pam

mardell said...

Sharon ~ you're so funny! :o)

All of my friends had them in 2nd grade (1972), but my mom never let me have one. I wanted one really bad. I think she finally got me one when I was 10 or 12, but by then I was onto other things! I had a Ken doll too. Because I grew up with two older brothers, I didn't have much time for dolls.

Have a great Monday!

LillySue said...

Hi Sharon!
I did play with Barbie for a few years. I actually was more into my "Sunshine Family". There was a Dad, Mom and little Sweets the baby. I made them clothes and furniture, etc... I wish my Mom had hung on to some of my toys.
The "Hot Flash Barbie" is too funny!!
Blessings- LillySue

adsgram said...

I never had a Barbie. I was the oldest of six and she was "hot" the Christmas I was 10. My sister is 6 years younger than I, and she got one years later. I never really got the hoopla, I guess, because I had my beloved baby doll, and along with all the real babies in my life, I played with her and had plenty of clothes to dress her in until I was about 13. MUCH easier to dress, snuggle and love! LOL!! My granddaughter is a tomboy, and we have NO dolls anymore- just about a hundred stuffed animals everywhere!


Tanza said...

Good morning Sharon.. Ooohhh BARBIE BARBIE BARBIE..I LOVED playing BARBIES'.. I still think that's where all my girl-girl stemmed from, I LOVED the hair the make-up, the clothes, ohh.. did we make beautiful clothes for her.. We would play all day with our Barbies.. We would get BIG boxes, and make 3 story homes and garages for the cars.. Color the walls, cut out windows, and make curtains and furniture.. We did everything ourselves..Nothing was bought ready-made then.. We would leave set up for days on end.. When we went to bed,we would put them in their beds, when we awoke, they awoke, we dress, and get them ready for the day.. It was wonderful clean, creative girly fun.. And of course, all mine were done in PINK..Even then.. Can you believe it !! Until one evil day, my brother and two friends took all our Barbies' hostage (GI Joe really did), They cut their hair off, and buried them in the backyard.. It was Vietnam War days back than, and this was their play.. Can you imagine the devastation.hahaha.. He got in BIG trouble..Let me tell you, but, I too than about 12, was finished with my Barbies, just wish it would of happenend in a more plesant way.. We all still laugh about that.. It just wasn't funny then.. What memories you've rekindled.. gigggling again cuz of you.. Have a wonderful, blessed Jesus filled day Sharon.. hugs to you ~tea~

Barb said...

Sharon, I had an original Barbie and then my brother came along and tore her head off....heeheheh

I love Barbie!!!!!!


Farrah said...

I always played with Barbie and I don't think it's a terrible thing. When I was in Toys R Us yesterday with my son, they have a replica of a Barbie from every generation. That was neat to see.

Tammy said...

I loved my Barbie.

Heather said...

i had lots of barbies and then of course ken dolls and then skipper dolls! but i only played with them when i was in elementary school. i had a little of everything, barbies, cars/trucks, etc. i never thought there was a big deal about barbie's figure. i still don't. she's a doll for crying out loud, lol!

Elena said...

Hot Flash Barbie, that is pretty funny! I did play with Barbies, mine was the Meg doll and her beau, Ken. They were hand me downs from my older sister. I played with them quite a bit as there were 2 other girls on my street that had them too. Her perfect figure didn't effect me too much. I didn't have a perfect figure but my mom and the Lord played a bigger role in my life so I think that is why I learned to be OK with who I was and what I looked like. The Lord is so good! Thanks for sharing this cute post and have a great day! Elena

shekinahhvac said...

Hi Sharon, I like barbie, have always. I was a tomboy, but loved the Barbie. I have 4 daughters, and though barbies have come and gone, the girls weren't too influenced by her body image. Now the Brat dolls are out, and they are the look I would warn parents and daughters about. Luckily my girls are level headed, and when they received the Brat dolls as gifts, they would ask to go buy outfits for them that were more appropriate for them. We have recently gotten rid of all of ours, because the girls didn't like the image.

luvmy4sons said...

I was not a barbie doll girl...I had a Chrissy doll! I don't like the old version of Barbie. I don't know why...but I don't! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon,
Hot Flash funnny! Those of us that have gone or are going thru the chance, can identify with this Barbie! I played with Barbie until around age 12. My Mom wasn't crazy about her, but she didn't stop me from playing with her. She is just a doll, heavens there are so many more important things to focus on in this world. Barbie has had pretigious careers and done many remarkable things in her life time. Perhaps if her waist was a little thicker and her b---- a little smaller, more people would like her. Oh by the way, does the Hot Flash Barbie have a more rounded figure? And a button you push that makes her hot and sweaty? Just curious!

Thanks for the chuckle!


shamrock fields said...

Dear Sharon,
Great minds think alike--I did my post on Barbie today too! I had been planning to do a post on Barbie, and when I realized it was her birthday, I decided it was the perfect day! Hope you have a great day-

Anonymous said...

Always played with the neighbor girls Barbies as only dolls Mom would buy us were the Velvet,Mia, Chrissy kind -where the hair could be long or short. I really liked dressing the Barbies and always wanted my own. Like you I rode the bike and also made like a Olympic gymnist on the swing set! :o) What can I say -- we were outdoors more than inside then!!! Enjoyed your blog! Karyl(Carol)

Gail said...

I played with Barbie- and I had a barbie motor home- it was so fun!

Love the hot flash barbie- I can totally relate to her ;)

If I had girls, I think I would have for sure bought barbies for them- I would however NOT put them in pageants- have you seen that 'Toddler's and Tiara's" tv show? Now that worries me!

Have a great day and thanks for the laugh ! :)

SweetAnnee said...

Hi honey..I played with Barbie..I was born in 1955 and Barbie was about the hottest thing
for girls.

I love the hot flash Barbie..


grey like snuffie said...

Hot Flash Barbie is hysterical! I had lots of Barbie's and Ken and some others I can't even remember. I had her house, her pink convertible and TONS of clothes. It's kind of funny that our two girls never had Barbies...not an intentional choice on our part...they just were into other toys.

Happy @ Home said...

I used to love playing Barbies. I still have them and their cases in my attic. I no longer play with them, but think I might be able to relate to Hot Flash Barbie now :-)

Cute post.

Dana said...

Oh my gosh, that is all I did as a child. I secretly played until I was 13. I played by myself for hours and hours. I encourage my daughter to play barbies. Avery has never said anything to me about how barbie is shaped. I think it is the adults who have an issue with barbies figure. It had no impact on me or my self esteem. I love barbie. I would make clothes for her out of socks and cars out of kleenex boxes. Happy Birthday Barbie!! Averys easter gifts will be barbie, no candy:))

Mary said...


I was 10 when Barbie came out but had absolutely no interest. I would much rather be out playing cowboys and Indians or helping around the farm. I was just not a girlie girl.

My daughter had Barbie's and she still has them. She also had a Cher doll.

Enjoyed my visit. Hope all is well with you and yours.


Carol Kennon said...

I don't remember playing with Barbie. Maybe because I was more of a tomboy growing up and spent most of my time outside.

Sweet Nothings said...

I played with Barbie for a few years but I was between the ages of 5-9. We'd trade her clothes and cut her hair off (haha). I never felt like I had to be flawless because of her. It was just fun to dress her up!

Love you!

~~Deby said...

Well I played..and did the Troll thing too...but IF I were to do it over as a mom, I would nix the BArbies, encourage Baby dolls and the American girl dolls...much more wholesome
love that Barbie pix...might have to take that one...
either way....Barbie should get her AARP card soon..huh

Kathi said...

Oh this post makes my day!!! I can honestly say "I look like Barbie! Well, the fifty year old one; bags under the eyes and all." Oh, does the fifty year old model have back fat? and a hump on her back? Does she have thicker arms? Does she have a flat bottom and thunder thighs? How about a wrinkled up tummy from having children and lots of veins in her legs?

I am the same way. Barbie was never an issue with me. I really enjoyed playing with her, but I didn't mind that I never had that perfect figure. My girls were the same way. They loved Barbie, but no big deal. I lvoe you. Kathi

Sharon said...

Hi Mardell! We sound kind of the same on the Barbie thing, I guess we were too old to be hooked on her! :0)

Sharon said...

Hi Lynne,

I think it's neat that you played with baby dolls and loved them so much. It is neat how God put something in us girls to nurture!

have a great day!


Bonita said...

I was a prissy little only child so I adored Barbie and Francie and Skipper and... I had Barbie cases, her airplane, her camping set, and the whole shebang. I still have all of that and passed it on to my daughter. She played with her more than expected considering she's a bit of tomboy. Now we're saving it for the grandkids.

But I MUST have one of those hot flash Barbies! I think I like her better than all the rest. I can identify with her more than I could the others! LOL!

coffee said...

After 50 years Barbie is still in great shape; how does she do it?

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