Thursday, February 26, 2009

Necessity is the mother of invention........

The other day my youngest son, Hayden, was looking all around the house for plastic bottles. I asked him why and he told me that he wanted to recreate an experiment that they did in his science class at school. He wanted to make a rocket. He came in the house and said, "Mom, come out and watch this." I grabbed my camera and went out to watch. I kept taking pictures throughout the weekend and it is really funny to look at the pictures and see how this thing evolves!
He took a plastic bottle, filled it with water and turned it upside down. He put tape around the mouth of the bottle to seal it. Then he used a little plastic bike tire pump and pumped air into it. It is supposed to force the bottle into the air like a rocket.
It worked a few times, but then he realized he needed a stand to make it work better. All the sudden I heard the skill saw going and found out he cut this little piece of wood to use as a stand.
Now he has moved onto a bigger sized bottle.
This project kept him busy all day long! He had so much fun!
Now look at the fancy wooden stand, it looks like he made a few more improvements! Also, check out the it has wings and a nose!
Hey.....look at her fly!!!!
The next day was a no school day. I could not get the day off from work, so the boys were home alone. I was happy when I got home from work and drove up to the house to see this. Grayson is now involved in the project and it has evolved even further.
The rocket itself has really improved! But then they realized that just the plain bottle works better.
They gave up on the idea of needing the bottle filled with water too. But look at the other improvements they've made.
They gave up on the bicycle pump and hooked up the air compressor. They connected surgical tubing to the air compressor and then connected it to the bottle.
They just crack me up! Just look at this.... the base is an old golf club that they cut down and stuck into the ground. There's lots of duct tape, electrical tape and a hose clamp to seal it. By the looks of things laying in the background, they must have tried it with pop cans as well.
They kept trying it over and over, and then would get ideas to make it work better. I love it when they hang out like this doing something constructive.
Wow! Look how high this one got!
Then they got the idea to make a parachute.
My boys have always done this kind of thing. When they were little I got an old suitcase and filled it with fabric. I wrote on the outside of the suitcase "Boy's Fabric" and they were allowed to get in it anytime they wanted. They also had their own tools and I had a craft closet full of art and craft supplies. I think by giving them the supplies they needed it really helped with these type of creative, spontaneous activities.
Ooops.....the parachute didn't work too well, but that's okay, they got several hours of entertainment out of this little project!
The thing I really love the most is the neat brother time that they had!

"How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!" Psalm 133:1

Hugs, Sharon


grey like snuffie said...

This is great. Look how they stretched their minds and I'm sure they had LOTS of fun.

luvmy4sons said...

That is so cool! I know all of my sons would have loved to praticipate with yours! What a great learning time. What a great brother bonding time!

mardell said...

Oh Sharon! That is so neat! What a great story! I have two brothers & they were really close. I remember them doing fun projects together on Saturday afternoons. Your two are very imaginative. I think that's wonderful. :o)


PS: Love your Valentine decorations. Your house is so warm & inviting!

Shelley said...

Hi Sharon,my 16 yr old son would have loved to be in on that project,I'm sure! Looks like your boys had a lot of fun together. I loved seeing the pictures of the tea party and all your sweet Valentine decor....thanks for sharing......


Happy @ Home said...

Wow, what creative sons you have. I love to see kids still "playing" outside instead of in front of the tv or computer.

My Grandkids ROCK said...

That looks like fun. My boys would do things like that too. Sometimes I worried too much. Then there were projects that I did with my girls. One summer we built lawn chairs. The building supply store cut everything just the way we wanted. All we had to do is nail/screw it together. We had fun and still have those chairs. (that was 14 years ago)

Heather said...

they sure did come up with a lot of ideas and variations on the original idea! looks like a lot of fun!

shamrock fields said...

Dear Sharon,
What a neat post! Your boys are so creative--that will serve them well in life!!! I'll have to show this post to my husband. He loves model rockets. He and the girls have had some fun with the rockets--it is amazing how far they go!!! In fact, a few months ago, I found a remote toy helicopter on my porch. I finally found the proud owner--a little boy who lives way down the hill from us!!! God bless.

Amy Ellen said...

Awesome fun and educational, plus brothers spending time together and getting along. You can't ask for much more then that!! Thanks for sharing.


shamrock fields said...

My husband just got home from work and I showed him this post. He totally loved it. It reminded him of times spent with his brother. I guess he will be looking around the workshop for that old rocket again! Blessings!!!

Tanza said...

Hi Sharon, This looks like great fun !!! My 14 yr. old son JUST did this project for Science class.. How funny !! Such a boy thing..Isn't it ?! Thanks for visiting me.. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed evening.. hugs ~tea~

Joyfulsister said...

LOL Wow look at that bottle fly!!
I tell you boys never cease to amaze me with they learn, and the spirit to perfect it more and more lol. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your heart, it is always good to see you *smiles*

Hugz Lorie

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Aww this made me smile and think of how clever our young men can be. I always like watching Ian invent stuff too.

Barb said...

Sharon, wow, I love the way you recorded this whole adventure. You are a good mother!!

I see Mardell is a fan of yours.....she is the sweetest thing that any friend could have. Love her!

Thanks for sharing Sharon.


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

What a great day for some brother bonding. It must of been a proud moment when that rocket took off! You took some neat pictures. That rocket really soared!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love the fact that he started alone, but ended up with helpers!

Thanks for your comment about the follower button. Yours doesn't look bad at all! Maybe I need to change my background color on my blog.

I just don't like that fact that it screams GOOGLE! I read on another blog that you're able to do so much more with it, but I just want the old one back. Just show the faces of my sweet followers. I love Google Reader and my dashboard!

Thanks for visiting!!!

Brenda said...

Sharon, that is so cute and I love the way the boys work together.

lady jane said...

This is awesome and I must admit that I laughed at loud as the rockets got bigger and bigger. :o) Good stuff.

Sorry you've had such a kerfuffle of a time getting into my blog. I may do some shifting and might (might!) even make it public once again. We'll see. Maybe. Perhaps. Possibly.

Together We Save said...

Wow. Always nice when the siblings get along.

nannykim said...

Looks like lots of fun---the parachute looked funny coming down as it did!!

TattingChic said...

Maybe you have a future engineer there, LOL! It looks like he found a great way to keep himself entertained! :)

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