Monday, January 5, 2009

Shopping with Brittany!

My darling daughter-in-law, Brittany, and I went shopping last week the day after Christmas. We went to all the Goodwill's to look through their left over Christmas stuff that was 50% off. First, I headed to their house where Brittany graciously offered to make me lunch! I kicked myself because I didn't get any pictures, but she made the best lunch! She made grilled chicken pesto sandwiches and served fresh veggies and chips. It was so delicious! Mackenzie (my son, her hubby) joined us for lunch too, so that was really special.
After that we hit the road for the stores. We each had $20.00 to spend, so it was fun to see how far our money could go. We didn't buy this neat sign, but I took a picture of it because I told Brittany I think we can make our own very similar to this. We took a picture to remember the idea.
Here's my little sweetie purchasing some items. Thrifting is new to her, so I am showing her the ropes. She is a good student! LOL!
Later we went into the big city to Ruthie Bs. This is such a cool antique shop. We were so disappointed though because we wanted to have tea and dessert there, but it was too late and the kitchen was closed. Oh well, it didn't stop us from looking around and having fun.
Here's more signs for inspiration and ideas on what sayings we will put on ours when we make them.
Brittany took this picture of me (which is NOT a good picture of me!LOL!), but we really weren't trying to get a picture of me but of this.....................
We thought this was such a cute craft idea and we wanted to remember it. We're so funny, we were acting like we were criminals or something and trying to be so nonchalant as we were trying to take a picture to "steal" this idea! The truth is, there are no signs saying we can't take pictures! Any way, it is simply a jar painted cool with browns and then a reproduction Christmas print glued to the front with some ribbon and greenery tied to the top. This would be a very cute gift idea for next Christmas!
After that we found a darling 50s style diner to grab a little dinner. We weren't planning on being out late enough for dinner, but we both called into our hubbies and they said that was fine with them. Yea for girl time!
Isn't this place cute! They have so many neat old things all over the place.
I ordered a french dip with fries.
Brittany ordered a good old fashion cheeseburger with onion rings. What the heck.....tis the season!
What a special day I had with Brittany!
Here's all my treasure that I found that day for under $20.00!
I found this darling Santa in his sleigh rug. I think I will either put it in front of the front door or up in the boys bathroom. I'll decide that next year! It was normally $2.99, so I got it for $1.50! Score!
This is the little snow baby that I put in my New Year's kitchen window display. I only paid .25 cents! You can see some of the other treasures in the background, a really cute snow baby on a snowball made by Seasons of Cannon Falls, a really wonderfully smelling holly candle, a bowl full of sparkly pine cones, more coffee mugs and a cute red and white checked oven mitt.
I found some neat country Christmas decorating books for inspiration and a large, fun, wooden candy cane. I also found these three cute little plates that I will use during next Christmas season to set on the counter with goodies on them.
I got two old Christmas movies, another vintage light-up Santa (which Brittany found for me) that is really rare, I have never seen one quite like him. My favorite thing of the day though is the big sparkly Santa in the middle. He is Season of Cannon Falls and is so wonderful! He was only marked $1.99, so I got him for $1.00. He was on the top shelf and I think some how people just didn't see him, so he was waiting there for me! Go over to Brittany's blog and read her 12/30/08 post to check out what she found. We both were thrilled with our finds!
The best part of the day for me though, was spending the whole day with my new daughter-in-law, no make that, my new friend!!!!

"We took sweet counsel together and walked unto the house of God in company." Psalm 55:14

Love, Sharon


Happy @ Home said...

How special to spend such a nice day with your new daughter-in-law. You are such a good mother-in-law to show her the thrifting ropes :-)

You found some really fun things and what great prices!!

Now I'm off to see what Brittany found.

Happy New Year!!

grey like snuffie said...

How wonderful! I don't know if I"m the only one with this problem on your site but your playlist music thingy sticks out into your post every time I come over here. It covers up half the column. I can't fully see your new favorite, the sparkly santa. This could just be me having this problem but thought I would share. You found some wonderful treasures. I really love the rug. I visit many bloggers who hit Goodwill's up for treasures. Ours so far has had NOTHING to compare to what I see others finding. But it is making me check out other thrift type stores. It's a little contagious. :) Hope you have a grand week Sharon!

Sharon said...

I don't know why my muic thing is so large and covering my page. Sondra told me that happened to her too, but when I check from home and work, it does not do it to me.

Is anyone else out there having issues with my music player being too large? Perhaps I chose the wrong HTML code to copy and paste.

Thanks for the info!

Sweet Nothings said...

I'm having the same issue with your music player as well. I have no idea what it could be!

I had such a fun time shopping with you too! It's neat that we both found a lot of good stuff. That doesn't always happen (as you know!). I know what you mean about the picture...I like the picture of the two of us at the restaurant but NOT the first one of me! haha

Have a great day and I'll talk with you soon!

Love you

Connie said...

Oh what fun you must have had. I love that you think to grab your camera to blog your shopping day at Goodwill. You are too funny! You sure know how to shop. What a beautiful relationship you have with your Daughter-in-law.

Amy said...

What a fun day! I hope and pray that I can do that with my daughter-in-laws. I got a ways to go before my boys get married but I am praying for their wives now. Sounds like Brittany is a sweetheart!

Sharon Kay said...

Sharon, I think it is wonderful that after having your boys you have that special daughter-in-law that you can shop and hang out with. She will hold a very special place in your heart. Sharon K

mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
No problems here w/your music...

You always find the most amazing things at your GW. Ours is not nearly as nice! I've been having better luck at Volunteers of America lately. I really can't wait for yard sales to begin. Those are always "scores" in my book!

It's so nice to see you & Brittany out having a good time together. You're both sweeties!

Sorry to hear about Grayson's fender bender. Glad he's ok. I'll never forget my first "accident" too. I was about the same age, in my 1st car ('71 Cutlass), and wiped out in the snow & landed in the ditch. (Sigh.)

Have a great week.

Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista said...

I always feel funny taking pictures in stores as I am "stealing" their ideas! lol! Well, if it wasn't so expensive we wouldn't have to make it ourselves! Looks like you had a fun day! ;)

TattingChic said...

It looks like you gals had a great time! You got some great finds there!

Elena said...

Ahh that was great to spend time with you daughter-in-law and finding such good deals!

Sherry said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Brittany post on my blog everyday...she is SO sweet.

~~Deby said...

My kind of you my new house...Goodwill is 5 minutes away...across from it is Salvation Army--down the street St. Vincent De Paul------am I in trouble or what...what's a girl to come on over and you can help me improve my thrifting skills.....maybe teach a class...
Good job, Sharon

The Southern Housewife said...

Wow, you did an awesome job at thrifting that day!! I wish my mom knew how to do that so she could teach me! And my MIL is in Michigan so I have no teachers. :(

So glad to meet you! Love your sweet blog. I'll be back for sure!
The Southern Housewife

Sharon said...

Hey Mardell, I'm so glad that you found a neat thrift store and you've been having luck lately! Sweeeettt! Yes, we are so thankful that Grayson is okay! Praise the Lord!

Hugs, Sharon

Mary said...


We had a very nice Christmas, thank you. I have been sick for the entire month of December, but had a reprieve for Christmas Day. January 2nd, I had a relapse.

I'm so glad you could find time to spend a day with your new friend/daughter-in-law. What fun to go bargain hunting. She will learn quickly, I can tell.

I enjoyed my visit and am now going to find out who got in the wreck.

Have a great week.

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Sharon. Good to hear from you again. I'm so happy you have a daughter-in-love to do all these fun things with. I so cherish my time with my daughters.

A blessed 2009 to you and yours.

Linda said...

This was a fun was neat being with you...I love all your Christmas goodies...hugs, Linda

Jan Parrish said...

So much fun. Thrift shopping is very "in" now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon ,
What a great day out. Yeah for girl time!!!!!!! You sure did get a lot for $20. I live in Australia and $20 is like small change. You could get 5 cups of coffee here for $20. Is it the same in the States? Since I've started reading your blog I've started going to thrift stores, We call them second hand shops here and I have really got some bargin. It's not as good as what you get. I might be lucky to find one decent thing in a shop. You live in a country that seemed to be blessed with so much abundance. I think you are very clever to go to these shops rather than live with debt. I have to tell you a read your blog every day. I even refer to you to friends and say " I wonder what Sahron is up to today?"
I enjoy your bible quotes, they are an inspiration. Keep up the blogging and if your ever in Australia you must come and visit have a coffe and chat for a while.

Bless you

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Sharon....long time no see. I was just at Mary's blog and saw that you had left a comment and I wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

Thrift stores...terrific places. If you're lucky to find such good stuff. I love the rug that you found. The Santa, being a collector of Santas and all. I think I'd hang it on a wall or somewhere. Maybe even frame it for the holidays. LOL

By the way, you and your daughter are like two peas in a pod in looks!!! Super photo!!!

Pearl said...

Ohh I just loved going along with you 'n your DIL on your shopping/thrifting trip! Y'all sure did find some awesome treasures to bring home... hopefully you'll show photos of when you make your signs! As always, I come away from your blog with a warm heart♥ and a smile on my face... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Kathi said...

It looks like you had the best day ever shopping with Brittany. She is such a treasure of a daughter in law. Hugs, Kathi

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