Monday, January 12, 2009

My new jammies remind me of Lucille Ball!

I got these super cute new jammies for Christmas from Eric. We are turning into an old couple and we actually went to the mall together and we each picked out what we wanted from each other! That way we actually got what we really wanted. I told him that I wanted a new pair of jammies, a bathrobe and slippers, so we went to Target and I picked out this darling set.
For some reason they remind me of Lucille Ball in the I love Lucy show.
I searched the Internet though and could not find a picture of her in polka dot jammies, so I guess it's because we usually see her in a polka dot dress.
Regardless, I just love my new jammies!
They are so bright and cheery! I love how they came all folded and wrapped with a cute little bow!
The slippers are so cute made with quilted red velour and lined with white fur.
I love sleeping in silky pajamas, they're so comfy!
I like all the details.
The collar even has the white satin sewn on the under side.
My mother and father in-law also gave me a new robe for Christmas, they bought me this cute white one that goes really well with the red and white polka dots. It is so cute with the hood on it!
Here I am all ready for bed!
Here's the white robe for a different look!
"Lucy, you have some 'splaining to do!"

Have a great Monday!

"I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me." Psalm 3:4-5

Hugs, Sharon


Connie said...

Jazzy red and adorable, honey!!

Kelly said...

My Mom and I LOVE to watch Lucy, and these jammies are so like her! I could just picture her loving these! You look all comfy and cozy, and Target has some great things, I love to go there.....

have a great week!


grey like snuffie said...

Those are great and it reminds me of Lucy also.
Sharon, have a grand day with Him!

Linda said...

Your jamies are so cute and I love the slippers too. Hugs, Linda

Brenda said...

So cute. I bet she would have loved to have your new jammies. Your a doll.

luvmy4sons said...

I bet you feel all glamorous in those! They are beautiful! Makes me want to curl up in a corner sip something hot and read a good book! You are lovely in them!

Lille meg said...

I have also seen Lucy show years ago, in Norwegian TV.It was funny.
Lucky you! It was so cute!
Both the robe and all the other things.
Have a nice week!:)

Gail said...

Sharon - your jammies are so cute- and they do remind me of I Love Lucy. You look good in red!

Amy said...

How cute are you! That looks so comfy and cozy...makes me want to put on my pj's with a robe.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I Love Lucy is my favorite show it is also my 8 year old daughters favorite:) I love getting pajamas too, your's are really cute

Rosemary said...

Don't you look cute! Target has the cutest sleepware. Megan and i each got matching sock monkey jamas last year, with matching monkey slippers! LOL!

Jan said...

Those jammies are just the cutest! I bet they are comfie! You look warm and snuggly in both your robes, and now you have a choice! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy!aka.Sharon
Cute jammies- but you got some splaining to do-- What did "Rickie" aka. Eric get for his present????? Just curious!!!

Carol said...

Wow Sharon, two robes! How wonderful! Your PJs are so cute, great for Valentine's Day!

Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista said...

How cute! Makes me want to go get in my PJ's again! And they are absolutely perfect for getting ready for Valentine's Day! All you need is the red hair and you are set Lucy! ;)

linda said...

Cute cute pj's! I love wearing pajamas. Sometimes I just can't wait to get home from work so that I can get comfy in my pj's, especially when it's cold outside. I love it!

A Romantic Porch said...

So cute and cozy. I hope Eric liked them too!xorachel

Sherry said...

I love Lucy!

You look to snazzy in those jammies to just go to bed.

Anonymous said...

Those jammies and robes are just so prettty!
I loved Lucille Ball!
Maybe because she was a
redhead with blue eyes like me! :=)
Gods Blessings To You
Pamela NE OH

SweetAnnee said...

yep..oh oh oh LUCY

You look so CUTE!!!

smiles Deena

Judy said...

I love getting new jammies for Christmas. Yours are so pretty and the white robe goes well with the jammies.

~~Deby said...

oh Sharon, those are just soooo them, I would wear em' go Lucy.

nannykim said...

Hey, that looks "swell" (I'm using that word that Leave it to Beaver always used ;-0 ) Hey, I took your advice and watched Pollyanna (it was on youtube!!--I really enjoyed it)......

now the question concerning the pj's--I find silky pj's make me really hot, but my hubby likes the silky stuff. Do you get hot ?? (and I am past menopause ;[) so it is not that!)

Jan Parrish said...

LOL. I'm cracking up. What a fun post.

Beth said...

I love robes! I have a hard time getting out of mine in the morning! Your robe,slippers and pj's are so nice! I love the I Love Lucy look. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, little boys are very sweet. I look forward to watching them grow up and I hope they grow up to be as wonderful as your boys are.

Stephanie said...

Those look so cozy !!My oldest daughter is a Lucille Ball fanatic! I cant wait to show her your pics!
I forwarded that email to Pam, we'll see whats good for her... I know the begining of February prob wont work, but hopefully the end of this month!! We had a great time at Ruthies and Buttermilk Junction, we were wondering if we would see you ! lol

Have a great day,

jennifer said...

This was an adorable post!! I think your red polka dotted pjs are the bees knees!

mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
As I've said before ~ you look amazing in *RED!* Cute, cute PJ's. I love polka-dots! Lucy would be proud. :o)

Have a great day!

Sondra said...

Your new jammies are great! Love that hot red :)
There is nothing I love better than a new warm robe.

Kathi said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!! We're old too. LOL. Have a great evening dear sister. Kathi

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