Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is my blog going down the drain????

The subject of this post is actually quite boring. It is about cleaning the kitchen sink! Tis true....tis boring, but I thought I would pass on a helpful cleaning tip. Above is a picture of my kitchen sink AFTER I cleaned it and it still looks dark, dingy and stained.
I have been noticing it looking this way even after I do my standard cleaning treatment with Comet. Can you see the coffee stains around the drain? Oh my goodness, I see this and I think what is that coffee doing to my teeth? I guess that is another post for another day.........okay, now I'll get back on topic!
It's hard to tell, but there is a brownish tinge to it.....can you see it?
Well, I had enough, so I got out the big guns! I got out my bleach! Now perhaps I should put a little warning here that you might ruin your brand new beautiful sink if you use bleach on it, I'm not sure, but my sink is from 1978 and when we bought this house it was scratched and stained, so I figured that it is a good quality sink, if I can scrub it up, it will be really nice and that is what I did. I think because I have used bleach it might not be as shiny as it once was, but at least it is really clean!!!
Any way, can you see this? The bleach is actually causing the layer of gunk to raise up! I poured the bleach all over the bottom of the sink AFTER I cleaned and dried the sink. I think the key is that the sink was dry so the bleach really penetrated the grime.
Afterwards the sink is back to it's old clean self! No more coffee stains!
Doesn't it look better?
Now look down in there at my disposal do you see the white grimey gunk on the black rubber opening?
I poured bleach on the rubber and then scrubbed it with an old toothbrush.
Look how clean it got!
And while I'm talking about bleach, let me show you another trick. Do you see the red stain there on my counter? It is from some kind of Kool-Aid punch. Nothing takes this stuff off except straight bleach.
I just pour a little right onto the stain.
Just had to show this picture.......do you see the heart?
I heart bleach!!!!! :0) I just let it set there a few minutes and gently work it into the stain with an old rag.
Then I dry it with a towel and voila......the stain is gone!
That's it for today.......just a boring little post about a boring old kitchen sink, but this little tip might be helpful to some of you out there! Hey, now I can say my blog has everything including the kitchen sink!!! Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!!

Hope you have an awesome Tuesday!

"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." Isaiah 1:18

Love, Sharon


Lille meg said...

What a difference! You got your sink really clean and white!
Exiting! You made it! I can see you have had a lot of work, but you made it! Very good!
Thank you for ths post!
Have a nice day!:)

Kelly said...

Powerful stuff!!! Now I can go get all those red juice stains off my counter! thanks Sharon!!! Have a great day!!!


Connie said...

Not boring at all, chick, very informative! I've also had red raspberry ice from hubs fav drink on there and a little bleach would work on mine also. Thanks,

~~Deby said...

Ta-da !!!!
As a user of bleach, I am sure there will be many who will think, "why didn't I think of that"..I love homemaking tips Sharon....

Tammy said...

It's amazing what a littele bleach can to do. Oh, I love your jammies,I'm a jammie girl too:)

Thank you for dropping by,come agian.


luvmy4sons said...

I was amazed when I let some bleach soak in my sink at the direction of FlyLady! It is a HUGE difference. I need to do it more regularly though! You scared me with your title! You little minx!

Elena said...

Great post. Nothin' like good ol' bleach. I have porcelain pots and they get strained a lot and I use bleach on them to make them really white again.

Rosemary said...

I've found something that works better than comet or bleach. Its called Barkeepers friend. Its on the isle with the comet, and its in a gold can. It works amazing! Rosemary

Jocelyn said...

I love bleach... But for years Shawn would grimace about it, and FINALLY one day he says, he HATES BLEACH reminds him of the military.
So now I have to buy the scented bleach !!!

mardell said...

LOL Sharon ~ I love your sense of humor. The title of your post, I thought, "uh oh!?" And I *heart* bleach. You crack me up!

Yep, gotta love bleach. My old sink is dark brown (and old "Monkey Ward" beauty!) Not too purty.

Oh, they say that if you drink coffee with a straw your teeth won't stain. :o) Not sure how "attractive" that would be! LOL

Have a great day!

Brenda said...

You can't go wrong with the good old things that have been around forever. I know your supposed to mix,but I pour bleach and then sprinkle comet for a clean that nothing else will get.
I was so excited I found it three for a dollar yehaw. Hubby was like what can you do with all that? hehe watch me.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Very helpful tips:) Magic eraser works good on counter stains too but bleach is cheaper:)

SweetAnnee said...

How do we get scratches out of the sink

My daughter scratched it up bad with the
pizza pan
while she stayed here

Ideas??? the bleach doesn't work


Sondra said...

You are truly crazy! HAHA! My husband uses bleach on everything too. I can't stand it because it makes my asthma so bad.

Ruthie said...

Wow - good job!
I also love your "I Love Lucy" PJs and robe!
Happy New Year.

rhymeswithplague said...

Wow, your post brought out all the Clean Freaks. I bet they brush their teeth with Peroxide, too, or at least baking soda and salt.

Sharon, Sharon, did you mean Comet? I have never heard of Commit.

Judy said...

Bleach is wonderful...I have not used it on the hard to get out stains on my counter top but I'm going to file that tip for future need. Thanks for sharing and I think this was a very informational post.

Sharon said...

Wow Rhymeswithlague, that's two for two on making corrections for me. Woops! My bad!


Kathi said...

Sharon, Will you come over and clean my sink please? Oh, and while you are at it, take that tooth brush and fix my teeth; they need a good cleaing as well. LOL

Just kidding. Thanks for the cleaning tip. You know I do the same thing and it really does work. I can't stand it when my sink is all stained, and it's white, so it's worse.

Have a super evening. I worked yesterday and today and I am pooped. Love ya, Kathi

nannykim said...

Another post to make me smile.

Hey, my sink is from the 50's and the sink itself comes clean with bleach.....but the drain is another matter. I have what I think is brass or copper--I am not sure, but it starts to turn rather greenish and gross stuff gets on it--so I end up doing volcano stuff--using baking powder with vinegar and it is so much fun because of all the foaming volcanic action. I still have to clean more even with that. Some one mentioned barkeepers and I have used that on my tubs (which are very old too)--however the barkeepers has removed much of the shine (actually--I have used some potent stuff at different times and all of them have worn the finish more than it already was worn!!) The only problem I find with the bleach is the smell!! BUT--it really is the only thing that works quickly on my kitchen sink. I just keep the squirt bottle of clorax and squirt it on several times a week (my sink stains quickly because it is shot!!, but I do love the old porcelain (sp?)

Sherry said...

I think I need to see how the bleach works in person....just come on over and show me on my sink! LOL

Toia said...

Ahhhhhh!!! The power of bleach.

By the way, great cleaning tips.

PS - I didn't think this post was boring at all. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a white porcelain
sink that is only 4 years
and I use Bar Keepers Friend on it. I would have to dilute the bleach to clean my counter tops.
Once I poured straight bleach on a stain and it turned brown. :-(
But I finally got the stain out.
Nice to see your clean
sink! Sharon

Sharon said...

Dear Mardell, I am seriously thinking you need to start a blog girl! It is so easy....just do it! You sound like you have so much to offer and you are so funny and likable! It's funny that you mentioned drinking coffee from a straw because every day I work I take a cup in an insulated cup and use a straw! Points for me!!!

Talk to you soon........Sharon

PamperingBeki said...

My momma is the queen of bleach! She taught me to use it on everything!

Linda said...

Fun post....I heart bleach too. My sink is very old and bleach works wonders, I also use it on the kitchen tile and grout..hugs, Linda

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