Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He watcheth over us.......

A few weeks ago I told you that my son, Grayson, had a wreck with his little truck. Click here to read the whole story. In a nutshell, he slid 0n the ice, crashed into a sign, ran over a fence and ended up in a field. The following day after church my husband, Eric, took Grayson out to the site and repaired the fence. I drove out there too because I wanted to see where my son got in his wreck. This view is the way that he actually was driving, he was heading west into this sharp corner when he hit a patch of ice. It scares me to see how sharp of a turn it is. I took this picture after they were done fixing the fence.
These pictures were taken when they were in the process of repairing the fence. They had to replace a few of the big fence poles. They both worked really hard.
Look at this tangled mess.
I love it that my husband is such a hard worker and he is teaching our boys how to work hard. He's so capable and strong and he's teaching the boys these qualities. I also like it that when it comes to crunch time he helps our sons without complaining, showing them that families come together.
While I was there observing them work, I spotted this telephone pole. This was just a few feet away from where Grayson plowed through the fence. I am soooo thankful to the Lord that he did not hit this pole! It would have done so much more damage to his truck and he could have gotten seriously injured.
I really feel like God was watching over him that night.
We saw all kinds of fragments of his bumper strewn around the site.
It took them three hours to completely fix the fence.
See the tan house in the background? That is where Grayson ran to to use their phone. I am so thankful that the house was so close and that Grayson knew who lived there! Also, I was so thankful that the people were so kind and let him use their phone and wait there until Eric got there.
It frightens me to see all this torn and twisted wire.
As Christians God doesn't promise us that we will not have trials in our lives, but He does promise that He will be with us through our trials. I could sit here and be angry that this even happened to my son, but I realize that these things are part of our imperfect world. I chose to be thankful for all the good things in this story and to be thankful it wasn't worse.

"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." John 16:33
Here's the fence afterwords. They did an excellent job on it. I can guarantee that it is way stronger than the how it was prior to the accident. See the yellow and black arrow sign? He also ran that over and thankfully it didn't damage it and they were able to just set it back in the ground.
I really feel that the Lord had my little boy, Grayson, in his hands that night and I am very, very grateful.

“Nevertheless I am continually with thee.” Psalm 73:23

Love, Sharon


luvmy4sons said...

I love that last picture. I just recently had a similar experience with my 17 year old. Scary stuff...but you definitely feel touched by God as well! Thanks for sharing your testimony. Miracles still happen! Oh...I posted a recipe today. You have inspired me! LOL!

Connie said...

I know how you feel, honey. My son had an accident on a motorcycle 30 years ago and took out a bus stop sign with his femur.....ouch!! He suffers the consequences to this day. But he was protected by the Lord that day many years ago even if he did spend 3 months in a cast - his WHOLE summer of his 16th year, chick! But he had a mission to fulfill for the Lord and he's fine now.

~~Deby said...

We have gotten those phone calls with our children too...and have been so thankful for the protection of the Lord....in Italy our oldest son flipped our Fiat and crawled out the back window and went to call us....unharmed---then our youngest has had several...
oh yes...the Lord has protected them
I am thankful

Judy said...

It's so scary to get that phone call, and we have gotten a few over the years. I know it has strengthened my faith and made it stronger.
They did a wonderful job fixing the fence. It's wonderful when everyone helps each other.

grey like snuffie said...

So many things to celebrate!

gin said...

So thankful he was not hurt. It is so hard to see our childen in emergency situations. But then to see how they handle it and then see the outcome, it is so fulfilling and rewarding to know they are going to be ok in life with God watching over them. But still as mom we are scared for them and proud of them all at the same time.

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

First, the pictures of your morning walks, were great. Love the picture of your friend walking towards you. The lights coming on in the houses, people starting their days.
Great post today about a fine relationship between a father and his son. I like that they fixed the fence together. Glad your son was not injured.

Sweetie said...

Hi Sharon, Linda told me about your blog. I really enjoyed my visit. Your "Jesus Blood" post and the post about your parents are exceptional.

Gail said...


Love this post! :)

You are so sweet to ask about the Joan Walsh Anglund pics- and yes you are welcome to use them. I collect her books too!
I love the sweet illustrations. She is a very favorite of mine.

God bless you~

Sherry said...

Glad he was okay...that was a bad curve.

Fence building fun! It is wonderful they built the fence together. Such a sweet family.

mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Wow, seeing the pictures really puts it into perspective as to how serious the accident was! Yes, thank God it wasn't any more serious! Boy, that ice can be dandy, can't it? Especially on a hairpin turn ~ aack! :o( Glad to see the fence is fixed. Eric & Grayson did a great mend ~ yay for teamwork.

PS: Loved your walking post ~~ mornings are a favorite of mine to walk also. I'd much rather walk in cold than in the summer!

Hugs all around!

Teresa said...

Sharon, I enjoy your uplifting blog so much! I love that your husband and son went out to fix the fence together. He was blessed and watched over in that accident, and I am happy for you that he was.

My son is deploying for the first time to Iraq, and I especially appreciate the message of your post that God looks over his children. I see him as the little boy being held in the strong and loving hands of the Lord in the picture you posted.

Thank you for keeping me uplifted during my personal time of trial. I appreciate you!

Jan Parrish said...

Praise God for his protection. I'm so impressed that they were able to fix that fence. What a wonderful example of hard work and God's provision.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Thankful for God's hand upon Grayson!

Also a thank you for your words of encouragement this week on my blog. I so appreciate you cheering me on to share LIFE!

Brenda said...

Oh yes He did! What a great attitude you had about the whole situation. And to go back and fix the fence. How many would have done that! Thankfully your son was able to do that and was not injured.

Sweet Nothings said...

We're both so glad Grayson is ok! God was definitely watching out for him!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that our Heavenly Father kept your son safe in his hands.
Most all the roads in my homestate of West Virginia
look like that road.
Pamela Ohio

Melissa said...

I'm so glad your son was safe! The Lord was definitely protecting him! That was so good of them to fix the fence, they did the right thing. It makes me proud to see other Christians do that.

Thanks for sharing your husband's and son's great example.

Melissa :D

Sarah said...

I am so glad that God watched over Grayson! I also think that it is fantastic that he went backed and fixed the fence. There are so many teenagers these days that wouldn't do that. You and your husband have done a great job raising your boys.

Sondra said...

What a wonderful post, Sharon. Aaron was in an accident on monday and my car is a total loss. I too, am so thankful the God held Aaron and Austin in his hands. I love that picture. It speaks volumes. I understand what you say about how you could be angry, but that these things are just part of life. My husband was dealing with some anger over this and I just kept trying to stress that fact that it was an accident and these things happen. I am so glad you did this post. Maybe I should make my hubby come and read it! :)

Kathi said...

I'm so thankful for God's constant protection. I know Grayson was kept safe by the hand of the Lord. You have such a wonderful responsible husband and son. It's wonderful how they got right on that fence. Have a blessed day dear sister. Kathi

Sharon said...

Hi Mardell, Thanks for dropping by. I am so, so thankful that he was okay! I agree, it is much nicer to walk in the cooler weather than warmer. At this hour of the day though, even in the summer we stay cool.

Have a great day!


Sharon said...

Hi Pam! Yes, we are so grateful. It is so scary when our kids start to drive especially on back country roads, but we have to just give them over to the Lord and trust Him.

I hope you have a great day!


Sharon said...

Several of you mentioned that you were impressed that Grayson even fixed the fence. I never even thought about it! He could have just driven away that night, but that is something that both his father and I have instilled in us and what our parents instilled in us, you need to make things right. Grayson got the owners phone number that night from the people who live in that tan house to call them and tell him he would fix the fence. I am glad you guys pointed that out because it reminded me to tell Grayson that he is doing good and that he is a man of character!

Hugs, Sharon

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