Monday, January 19, 2009

Gun cabinet makeover

This is my weird piece of furniture that I have in our office. It is a gun cabinet that we got free a few years ago from our neighbor. I have never particularly liked this gun cabinet, but my hubby wanted it. When we first got it I sent out a 911 call out to all my decorating friends in my T.A.C.K.Y group (Thrifting, Antiques & Crafts in the Kitchen - Yea!). I said, "Help, my husband got a free gun cabinet and wants to put it in the house somewhere and fill it with guns!" A decorating delima for any decorating gal for sure! Well, the emergency was avoided as we ended up putting it in the upstairs hallway and filled it with the boys BB guns and paintball guns. I put a piece of lace in the front to hide the guns and it was no problem.
Well, with the two older boys moving out and the younger two boys losing interest in their paintball guns, there was little need to use this as an actual gun cabinet, so I had them move it to the downstairs office and I filled it with books. If you look close, you will notice there are no shelves, the books that are balanced across the top section are on a little piece of wood with notches cut out that hold the guns. I asked my sweet hubby if he could please make me shelves so it would hold more books and hold them properly. He said sure, but that was over a year ago.
Well, he has had some time off this winter, so last week I asked him if he might be able to work on that old gun cabinet for me. He said that he would and he would have our youngest son, Hayden, help him as he needed to work off some money he owed us from Christmas and it would also help him build his wood working skills. My job was to empty it out and then I left for the grocery store.
When I came home this is what I found!
Look at those nice shelves! I love it! It smells good too because he put stain and varnish on it. I love that smell!
As per usual, they did very high quality work!
They left the shelves unattached so that it could be used for a gun cabinet again someday if necessary - ya right, this chick might start taking up skeet shooting or something, you never know! Ha!
There's one small problem though. Do you see the "etched" deer on the glass on the front? Sorry, not my style! It's got to go! I was thinking that I would have to replace the glass and what a pain (pun intended, get it window pane!) that would be, but............
......upon further inspection, it is not etched glass at all! It is stenciled on and comes right off with a razorblade! Sweet!!!!
Here it is all filled back up again and notice, there is no deer on the front!
This is awesome! I just love it!
Now here is is with the chair that usually sits in front of it. I like how it looks, reminds me of a cute little library or something. Thank you to my two sweetie pies for making this for me!!!!

"Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me has everlasting life." John 6:47

Have a wonderful Monday and happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

Hugs, Sharon


Kathi said...

Sharon, It looks perfect!! You have a sweet and handy hubby. I'm so glad you got the "etching" off. Now it's totally you. Have a happy day. Love, Kathi

Jocelyn said...

Absolutely LOVE IT!
You've outdone yourself once again!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Very nice:)

Sweet Nothings said...

The cabinet looks great! Eric and Hayden did such a good job!

Love you!

Ruthie said...

Wow - what a great job your men did for you, and it looks so nice now.
A great cozy place for you to sit.

luvmy4sons said...

Beautiful! Good job guys!

grey like snuffie said...

That is so wonderful to recycle furniture. The best part, the deer stencil came off. We call my husband's gift "ten magic fingers" when he does a project around here.

TattingChic said...

Very cool! How nice that the deer comes right off! There's a giveaway going on at my blog if you'd like to join in! Come on over! :)

PamperingBeki said...

Great job! Much better. :)

Rosemary said...

I really like that sharon! We had a free gun cabinet also that i used for decorative purposes. They'are actually kindof nice with the glass doors! Keeps the treasures dust free :)

Sondra said...

They did a really good job on that. Glad you could get that ugly deer off too. :) It looks really nice with all the books in there.

Carol said...

What a great job your hubby & son did! I LOVE it!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Sharon,
You are right It does look AWESOME, tell the guys they did a wonderful job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks very nice and more useful to you as to hold books. I also love the smell of stain! :=)
Gods Blessings

Ms. Tee said...

What an awesome job you did with it (and your son & husband, too) ;)
It looks great!

Kelly said...

Too Cute! How cool that it was only stenciled on! This is a great and good looking way to store your books!

Have a great day~


Beth said...

Wow, that looks fantastic. Your "boys" did a terrific job.

Joy said...

Your guys did a great job on the cabinet. It turned out great! Loved your shrimp post

Jennifer said...

Once again, that's great, but I won't show my husband this, he's a real gun and hunting kinda guy. He made one similar to yours in shop class in high school. Well, because we have children and he has more than a few guns, we have a safe now, but MAYBE, just MAYBE I will have to ask if we can make his old one into a bookshelf for our homeschool stuff. Now, if he gets mad, I'm going to blame you for putting the evil thoughts in my head k?? Just kidding! Have a good day!

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