Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day with my Gray-Gray

Last week I wanted to do something with the boys and it was hard to coordinate because of busy schedules. What ended up happening was I spent one day with Grayson and one day with Hayden (Hayden and I went to the movies). I asked Grayson what he wanted to do and he said, "go to lunch and to the junk stores". So that is what we did (Do you see a pattern here on my blog? It seems that most of my play dates with friends and family involve food and shopping at thrift stores!).

Sometimes we shorten his name to Gray, but most of the time we call him Grayson. When we named our sons we were adamant that we wanted to call them their given names, not nick names, but sometimes we did shorten their names and I think that is a natural process, e.g., Kenz, Cam, Gray and Hay. When Grayson was a little boy though, sometimes I would lovingly call him Gray-Gray and I still do once in awhile. So my Gray-Gray and I went to town.
He wanted to drive his truck, so we did. He looks so cute in his little truck!
We stopped for a quick lunch at our favorite fast food Mexican restaurant.
We ate in the car because we had limited time. I think it is so important to just be with our kids. The conversation is so spontaneous and I have learned that I learn far more about them by hanging out with them than by trying to force a conversation at home. We talked about all sorts of things and I loved it.
It's hard for me to believe that he's a senior and will be graduating in just a few months! We are so very proud of him, he has been just a dream child, actually all of our boys have been, we have been so blessed and we are so very thankful for these boys!
I snapped this picture at Goodwill. These are his treasures he bought. I didn't even know what they were until he told me. They are lights for his go-kart. It cracks me up when I think about what my sons get excited about compared to me! I am all about china and lace and they get excited about electronics, motors, tools, you know.....guy stuff! This is how he held his treasures too, no sack, just held them all in his hand backwards - coolness. He's just a cool kid doing cool things without even trying!
He was so sweet and held the door open for me and of course he does it with cool teenage boy style (note that he is holding it open with just one foot). You probably wonder how I get these funny pictures. I'll tell you my trick, I will turn on my camera and hold it in one hand just waiting for an opportunity. I have learned to be really quick because moments like these are fleeting. I have to snap quick too because at times like this they will not pose. Half the time they don't even know that I took a picture! Sneaky skills......every mother should have them!!! LOL!
This is what I found. A really pretty burgundy and cream plate.
I thought it would be perfect for my cheese cloche to sit on and it was the perfect size!
It looks great on the counter with goodies in it!
I also found some new Valentine's goodies. I have been looking for a heart-shaped wreath to embellish. I sure hope I have time to do it this year! If I do I'll be sharing the pictures.
I found a cute little red dish to hold red and white M&Ms.
I also found this pretty burgundy tile with this beautiful raised rose on it. I want to find a neat trivet that is the right size and place this tile inside of it. If I do this project, you will be seeing pictures!
This was my big score for the day though, this awesome Valentine's box.
It's a reproduction vintage Valentine's candy box.
Isn't it cute! It's so sparkly and fun and says, "Sweetheart" on the top. I love it! I love all my treasures that I found on this day.
But, most of all I love my sweet Gray-Gray and I loved my day with him!

Have a super weekend!

"Correct your son, and he will give you rest; yes, he will give delight to your soul." Proverbs 29:17

Love, Sharon


luvmy4sons said...

I am coming to just love your family mroe and more! What a great mom you are. You have a great bunch of guys too! I wish we could all hang out together...your four sons, my four sons, our hubby's, and the new girls in the boys' lives...Blessings to you this day!

Sherry said...

What a great day! I love the times with my girls, I would like to have all the years all over again!

What nice young men you have raised.

Linda said...

To me this is just the best kind of day.....Grayson found some neat boy things, but you really scored. Love all the Valentine pretties...hugs, Linda

Mrs.Ruiz said...

What a great day, you are such a good mom:)

Amy said...

How fun! What a blessing when you boys want to go to a thrift store too! I grew up with a mom who loved thrift stores and had antique booths. I told myself "I WOULD NEVER SHOP IN THOSE WHEN I WAS OLDER", I love shopping there and would love if my boys grow up wanting to do it with me. We shall see!!

Sweet Nothings said...

Looks like you and Gray had a wonderful day together!

gin said...

What a great day ya'll had. Times like these are treasures!

Joyfull said...

It looks like a wonderful day together. I loved reading their nicknames, We also wanted to call our boys by their full names, but through the years shortened them. By now, I'm doing good if I call the right son the right name, usually I go through them all before I get the correct one!

Mary said...


I'm so glad you and Grayson had a great day together. He found some treasures and so did you. I haven't been thrifting since last fall and if this frigid spell ever lets up, I want to check out a few stores just for the fun of it.


Kathi said...

Sharon, I'm so happy you had great day with Grayson. What cute and lovely treasures. It's so fun to see what our boys buy compared with us. I took Jessica and Garrett to GW yesterday, but I forgot my camera:(

I worked all day in the barn today. I have a sore throat and chills now:( Stacey got some pizza, yay. Have a great evening. Love, Kathi

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love that first plate you found. (The goodies look yummy too.)

Christy said...

Thanks for the camera tricks! I have an increasingly camera-shy boy :)

colbycottage said...

Aren't teenage sons the greatest!I love going and spending time with my 17 year old son. We checkout gun shops, car places etc. puts a whole new twist on life. Girls are great also but there is something about boys and how they treat us moms that is just plain fun. Have a great weekend. Kathy

Jan Parrish said...

What a fun day! Looks like you found all kinds of treasures.

I can't wait to see what you do with that rose colored tile!

Lille meg said...

Beautiful pictures! Your son are lucky who has a mother like you!
You use your time with him, and that is important. You are a good mother.
You have found beautiful treasures here also...Have a nive Sunday!

Rosemary said...

What a fun day sharon,and yall both scored treasures! Doesn't get much better than that. Rose

Judy said...

What a fun day to have with your son Sharon. I love all your treasures and great timing with Valentine's Day just around the corner.

Joy said...

He looks about the same age as my son. He just turned 20 and I have a daughter who is 17. It's great to get to spend time with them as it is so precious. Glad you had a good day with Grayson!

Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista said...

great finds! love that box!

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