Friday, January 2, 2009

Bear Creek Soup Mix

I tried this new product the other day and wanted to tell you guys about it! I made a big ham for our Christmas dinner and we had lots of leftovers, so when I saw this soup mix at the grocery store a few days later, I thought that maybe I could make broccoli cheddar soup and add chopped ham to it. I was a little leery that it would be runny and not taste good, but I was wrong! It turned out fabulous!
It also is so very simple too. You just boil 8 cups of water and then whisk in the soup mix.
I chopped our left over ham into small bite size pieces.
And then I added it to the soup mix.
Salt and pepper to taste and let simmer.
I occasionally stirred it.
It only had to simmer for 15 minutes and look how thick it got!
This soup turned out so delicious that my husband and two sons all had seconds! It really tastes like a very good soup you would get in a restaurant! I highly recommend this soup mix. It only cost about $2.50 a package and they have several different varieties of flavors. This is an excellent quick and economical dinner for a busy wife and mother!!!

Have a beautiful day!

"Oh taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him." Psalm 34:8

Love, Sharon


Linda said...

Sharon, this looks yummy and so easy . I like the addition of the ham too. Perfect for a rainy day, like today. I'm going to have to look for this mix...hugs, Linda

luvmy4sons said...

Good to know. Sometimes you see those packets and wonder if it would be a waste of money..whether it would be good or not! Thanks!

Connie said...

Oh I totally love this soup...they sell it at Sam's club in larger packages. I found it at Big Lot's one time and tried all the different varieties. Yummy and easy.

Michelle said...

Hi Sharon,
We have used this soup for a few years now, and I agree, it is good! My girlfriend used to have a gift shop several years ago, and she ordered it directly from Bear Creek and sold it in her gift baskets then, although I didn't use it much then.

I discovered it a few years ago at WMart. I have altered the directions a bit though. I find that 8 cups really is not enough water for us. Although it tastes wonderful, it still tastes just as wonderful diluted down a bit more. As a rule, I usually add 10 or 11 cups of water, and it turns out great. It also makes it go a little farther! If there are leftovers, I find myself maybe adding a little more water, and I find myself throwing other things in the pot as well. I haven't been disappointed yet.

I also love Bear Creek's other soups. Their potato soup is awesome, and I love their Chicken Noodle. Their Tortilla soup is great! Have you tried it? I guess I can honestly say I have not been disappointed in any of their soup mixes.

Recently at Menards, I discovered another brand of soup called Shore Lunch. Mmmmmm, Good! Especially the chicken noodle. You have to add some chicken to it, but OMGOODNESS, is it good! For these brands, I also add extra water, otherwise sometimes, I think the sodium content is a little much.

Ok, I'll stop rambling now. Happy New Year!

grey like snuffie said...

Oh, we enjoy those soups. Glad you found it, it is ALWAYS wonderful to find things that save time that are really good.

Elena said...

Yumm, I love Bear Creek soups too. I have not fixed it in a long time. Thanks for the reminder, I will have to get some at the store and make it to use up our left overs too!

Brenda said...

They are great and easy. I know this is TMI but every time I tried it it gave us a stomach ache and gas bad.Now when hubby says he can't eat it I know . The bad thing is I loved something and with great taste. Give it a try ladies maybe we have bad stomachs lol.

gail said...

I discovered this same soup mix a couple of months ago when one of our friends brought it to care group. I thought she made it from scratch -cooking it all day long. You are right is is very quick and delicious. I have made it once or twice since then. My crew loves it too.

Elena said...

I have an award for you! Stop by and pick it up when you have time:)
Blessings, Elena

Jocelyn said...

Brenda, the reason for the digestive upset is that is is freeze dried/reconstituted. THat is a major culprit. That's why we stopped buying it, happened to us too.
WE loved it and we now use the Costco one, doesnt seem to do that :)

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Those soups are the best! I just bought a few packages the other day

Sweet Nothings said...

Those soups are really good. My sister and I love both the minestrone and tortilla soup! Plus, they are so easy.

Yes, you can print on the paper in the recipe book. That's why it's so nice to have. I love having recipes to things that she used to make.

We will see you Sunday at Church and most likely for dinner and a movie!

Love you too!

Joyfull said...

I am so happy you wrote about this. I just bought the chicken noodle type, but haven't tried it yet. Looking forward to it soon!

Michelle said...

Mmmmmm, looks easy and delicious...thanks for sharing, Sharon!


Stephanie said...

Hi Sharon,
I tried the Potato soup one a couple years ago and it was aweful ! So, maybe they have improved their soups!! I will have to try that one, yours looks yummy !!
We need to get going on picking a day for our get-together... Im wondering what Pam's schedule is like. Im back to work as of Jan.5 so, only weekends would work for me. But, if that doesnt work for you two , thats ok with me.... but I would really like to meet you :)
Hope your new years is off to a good start ,

teacupsandpoodles said...

Hi Sharon,
I hope I can find this product in the stores around here because it looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I love something that tastes good but I don't have to spend all day in the kitchen making it!
Mary Ann

Kathi said...

Yum yum Sharon. It looks very good. Kathi

Mrs. Tara said...

I love the chicken tortilla - haven't tried the others yet. I do add 2 cans of beans, 2 cans of corn and shredded chicken. We put tortilla chips on top and cheese. Yummy. So thankful a friend at church shared with me. So simple. I am wondering if anyone has tried them in the crock pot?

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