Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow day!

Monday morning we woke up to 4 inches of snow! I showed you pictures of our little dusting of snow on Saturday, but this is the real deal!!!
It was so beautiful! I love it when it snows!
This is so cute! I let our kitty out because we kept him inside all night due to the cold weather and when I went outside I saw these adorable kitty footprints. He walked in such a straight line really close to the railroad ties that we have along our front pathway. Maybe I'm a silly girl, but I thought they were so cute!
This is an old tractor that Eric bought from an old farmer. It is so heavy, it took several friends and neighbors to get it off his truck and into the spot. It has sat here ever since! I thought it looked pretty covered in snow.
What a winter wonderland!
This reminded me of a cake on a pedestal! Hey, this cake would have no calories!
Everything looks so different.
Simple everyday things become things of beauty!
These are old rotten grapes that we never picked. They look so beautiful covered in snow!
I love this picture, you can see the sunrise in the background. Thank you Lord for giving us so many things of beauty!
Here's a picture of our pool, it froze over again! Crazy!
Everything is so peaceful and lovely, I wish I could stay home and play in it!
Eric and I got up early to watch the news and found out that school got canceled! Unfortunately, because I live so close to work, I had to go in. Can you see the temperature gage in my car? It says 24 degrees! Oh my goodness, it's cold!
My drive was really uneventful. I drove really, really slow and didn't slide at all. My breaks were kind of locked up though. When I got to the clinic it looked abandoned. I opened the back door and there were a few people in there, but the doctors decided we were closing at 12:30!!! Yea! Half of a snow day for me!
I came home and found Hayden out in the yard playing in the snow!
Then Grayson and Rachelle showed up. Aren't they cute, they stopped to get some hot chocolate. I asked him to bring her over so that we could all be cozy inside and watch a movie.
Hayden played some more in the yard with Bailey before the movie.
I took more pictures of the yard. I love how the snow gently laid on all the furniture on our front porch.
It looks like a little snow bird!
Hey, God answered my prayer...."Let it snow"!
Later after the movie we went back outside and then Hayden started throwing snowballs at the kitchen window. I thought it looked really pretty, so like any other good blogger, I took a picture for the blog! They are calling for more snow storms coming to Oregon. I just hope that they won't be too bad because even though it is really fun, it is hard for folks to get around and this time of year people have so much to do.

"Those who plan good find loyalty and faithfulness." Proverbs 14:22

Have a happy Wednesday!

Love, Sharon

NEWS FLASH.........THIS JUST IN................

My sweet daughter-in-law, Brittany, just started her blog! She named it Sweet Nothings! Isn't that just the cutest name! Please go by and visit her and welcome her to the wonderful world of blogging! I keep telling her that I am in the nicest blogging community and that I think all of you would be so supportive of her.


mardell said...

Good morning Sharon,
Your winter wonderland pictures are so pretty! That's what it looks like here, too today. Glad you made it to work & back home safely.

I tried to post a comment on Brittany's new blog, but it wouldn't let me. :o( I can't just sign my name like I can here on yours. I just wanted to tell her I love her blog so far & to wish her luck.


Lille meg said...

Oh, Sharon! You have quite a lot of snow!
I don't think it is so much here by now. But we have had more.
Now the rain and the wind has taken away most of it, and I am glad! I don't like the winter....

How cute a name your daughter in law has found for her blog!
I will go and visit here as soon as I have wrote this to you.

I hope you have a nice day!

luvmy4sons said...

Such cute pictures! I am finally ready for snow. The frist three snowfalls I was NOT. Now I am! Blessings to you!

Kristen said...

Sharon the snow is beautiful!!! We too have snow but that is not uncommon at all. We got about five inches last night and we did have a two hour delay this morning. I couldn't agree more though! The snow is so beautiful!! I have missed visiting your blog very much! Come by and see a picture of our puppy that we will pick on Friday!! He is adorable!


TattingChic said...

Sharon, thanks for sharing you fabulous snow day with me! It looks like you really enjoy your family!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

The snow is so beautiful, we got about the same here and due for some more:))))

Jennifer said...

24 degrees??? Sharon! Are you kidding me? Thats pretty warm! It's already been below zero here many times!! I used to wear shorts in 30 degree weather! Crazy kid I was huh? Well, I closed my old blog and you can read about that if you ever wish to stop on by, have a good day! Jennifer

Joyfull said...

Since I live in the deep south, we rarely see snow! I loved seeing the pictures, they were beautiful, I wish my boys could play in it, they would love it!

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Sharon sweetie, what gorgeous photo's! That snow looks like an oasis to me right now with this heat wave we're having. Yesterday I had the house nice and cold with the a/c on high while I pottered around cleaning and listening to Christmas music. Today I have to brave the heat to get some errands done. ICK! Will stop by to visit Brittany's blog and wish her a bloggy welcome!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Judy said...

We went to bed last night having snow but it stopped soon after we finished shoveling. I love seeing snow pictures. Do you usually get much snow in your area? I'll have to check out Brittany's blog.
I have found some wonderful friends through blogging and I'm sure she will too.

Stephanie said...

You are the ones who are getting all our snow! We have gotten nothing here, its like we have an umbrella over us. Portland got hit hard and looks like you did too!!
Your family is cute as ever :)
Im headed over to check out Brittany's blog, thanks for sharing!

beth at aunties said...

The snow is so clean and pure looking! It matched your CHRISTmas decor:)
I hope it it melts in the streets and off our driveway. It has been so cold the tire marks won't allow it to be shoveled.

I enjoyed your post and want to wish you a very Merry CHRISTmas!

Nora Lee said...

What beautiful pictures! I wish we would get snow in NC for Christmas.

~~Deby said...

We have a Winter wonderland this morning...and with my house lights on (it is still dark) reflecting on the snow..beautiful...
loved the pictures you include those cute kitty prints..

Elena said...

Beautiful pictures! We are suppost to get more snow today! I will go visit Brittnay's blog and say how:)

Sweet Nothings said...

Hi Mom! I love your snow day pictures! Its so neat how the snow sets on all the furniture outside! Thanks for your comment on my post! We're actually going to a worship meeting tonight and will be having dinner with the team. We'll be having chili and Mackenzie and I are bringing a Caesar salad! Talk to you soon! Love you!

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