Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmastime decorations

Here are the last pictures of our Christmas decorations for 2008. I have a small collection of vintage baby Jesus from old nativity scenes. I found this one this year. Isn't he beautiful! The face is so sweet and the detail is amazing.
I have my favorite ones sitting on a table in the family room.
Here's another really old one, he is made of chalkware and his little face is so sweet. The manger is made of cardboard. I think baby Jesus is so sweet and means so much.
This is an old plastic one, isn't he precious! I like the kind where Jesus comes out of his cradle.
On the TV cabinet I have a WISH banner hanging below a mini wreath that I made like my big one with old ornaments glued all over it.
Here's a close up. Just like the other wreath, this was such a fun and easy project! You should try one. Go to the thrift stores, especially after Christmas and pick up old ornaments for pennies. Then you simply hot glue them onto a small evergreen wreath.
If you look closely at the photo of the TV cabinet, you can see this little guy behind the glass. He was the very first Christmas decoration that I bought as a new bride! I found him at an old drug store called Newberry's. This is his 27th Christmas with us! I will always treasure him!
Now, let's go down the hall to the office. I added just a few touches in there.
I put this vintage yard decoration of Santa with his deer on top of the armoire. I also hung an antique cellophane wreath there too. The wreath lights up and casts such a soft light!
Do any of you remember these? I think this was a big craft project for housewives back in the 60s. They glued tons of old jewelry in the shape of a Christmas tree onto black velvet.
I found this one at a thrift store for a couple of dollars. I think it is kind of magical and fun!
I hung this vintage cardboard Santa on the book case.
Before we head up stairs, I wanted to show you one more picture of the living room. This is our coffee table. I have a carved wood angel along with a mosaic candle holder and a brass sleigh being pulled by some reindeer.
Okay, let's head upstairs. I have this little vignette on top of a little cabinet on the stair landing.
At the top of the stairs we have a small table where I set up the nativity scene. I think it is important to have a nativity scene in my home, especially when the kids were little. I really think it helped them understand the real meaning of Christmas. I encouraged them to handle it and play with it. Here's a picture of the boy's bathroom upstairs. I just realized you can't see it, but there is a light up snowman on the counter. I also have a little snowman on the back of the commode too.
Here's the guest room. This room already looks pretty Christmasey with all the red and white, but I did add a few little touches like the light up Santa in the corner.
On this side of the room I have another light up Santa and a stuffed Santa in the chair.
You can see the stuffed Santa a little closer here, he is just a tad creepy looking! I couldn't imagine buying this for my young child and letting them sleep with it, he looks scary! My new footstool looks pretty cute with this chair!
I love these old, old Christmas books.
Here are some cute little angels spelling out NOEL. I think these little sweeties are from the 60s.
I hung this old funny plastic wreath on the wall. I like the bright colors in it, the red and white is perfect for this room!
Here's a neat stocking that someone made by hand. It is done in needlepoint. It's hard to believe that someone spent so many hours making it and some how it ended up at Goodwill.
I added a little mini wreath to the birdhouse on the shelf in our entry way. Just a small touch to make it look festive!
I liked how this picture turned out. The lighting is so soft and pretty.
Oh, oh.......there's the door, I think my company is coming! Tomorrow I'll show pictures of our Christmas party!

I hope you have a restful and peaceful Sunday!

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6

Love, Sharon


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Your home is beautiful. I love all your wonderful treasures. I think I will hit up the Goodwills after Christmas:))))

grey like snuffie said...

Wonderful. I don't remember the black velvet craft-hmmm, will have to think about that one.

Happy @ Home said...

I love the way you have decorated your house for Christmas. You have some really cute vintagey treasures. I especially like your angels.
Thanks for the tour.

TattingChic said...

Thank you for opening your home to me for the holidays! You have lovely Christmas decorations! :)

linda said...

I love how you've "decked" out your home for the holidays...everything is so warm and cozy!

I love your christmas tree made out of jewelry. My friend made a smaller one and I've always liked it so much. Maybe I'll tackle making one myself one of these days.

Kelly said...

I loved these pictures and I really like the vintage ornaments and decorations they have so much character don't they? Looking forward to your party pictures ...those are always so much fun, like I was there.....I look forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Sharon I have been reading and enjoying your blog from almost day one.
And my first comment.
Your home is so pretty and your Christmas decorations
are so lovely and different. Hubby and I are
empty nesters. And with have an adorable 2 year old
granddaughter. But I only get to see her about once
every 4 months. They live
in Utah. When I was 6 years old I named my new baby sister Sharon.
Thanks for the gift of your blog.
Pamela NE Ohio

Stephanie said...

Your house is decorated so nicely. Thanks for sharing!! I have special ornaments from my Grandma that I usually put up and I havent gotten to it yet......
January sounds good, I will have to make sure with Pam!
Hows the weather down where you live? Its going to get colder.

Jan Parrish said...

Sharen, love your lovely vintage Christmas collection. I especially like the Santa wreath and the tree made from vintage jewelry.

We are -15 tonight. Yikes. Too cold.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon! Just checked your blog. You have more energy than a barrel of monkies. If I had found that black velvet with the jewelry glued on to make a Christmas tree I would have unglued that jewelry so fast. I love old jewelry more than I do Christmas trees. It looks like you have some nice pieces there. The one might be jade but it almost might be green plastic.

Have a great day. Just got in from my second trip to Costco to check my heater display. The heaters are certainly selling now--and I didn't get stuck in the snow on the way back. I kept away from that snow-clogged lane. Love, Helen

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