Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas in my cozy kitchen!

I'd like to invite you to come on over for a hot cup of coffee with peppermint mocha creamer and take a little tour of my kitchen! Here are a few pictures of our Christmas decorations in the kitchen and family room.
I found most of these Santa's last year on clearance. I like how they are all sparkly. A few of them are by Season's of Cannon Falls, which is one of my new favorite brands!
I have had this neat Tom and Jerry set for a few years and was excited when I found this spot to display it this year. I am being drawn to red white and green for my Christmas decorating colors. My colors used to be burgundy and gold (the gaudy years of over the top gold angels and cherubs that I would like to forget!), then burgundy and cream and now I am more red and white with touches of green. That's the cool thing about decorating, it always evolves and changes, so it is always new and exciting!
This is one of my favorite things, a very old vintage Christmas stocking. These are rare and very hard to find. I think they are so simple and sweet.
I showed this last year. This is a wreath that I made several years ago. It was such a fun project. It is a simple fake evergreen wreath that I hot glued a ton of old ornaments on. If you like it, you should make one!
Here's another new addition this year, a gingerbread man wreath and a cute gingerbread man cookie ornament.
I found this cute wreath at Goodwill after Christmas for 75% off! I probably ended up paying only a dollar for it! I love how it looks on my pantry door! Last year my sista, Kathi, and I went to Goodwill after Christmas for the clearance sale and we got a lot of awesome things including these two pieces. Not only are they fun new decorating items, but they bring back great memories of shopping with my sweet sister! This year Brittany wants to come with us!
Here's my kitchen windowsill decor. I grouped together several vintage bottle brush trees with some reproduction sparkly Santas.
I love the antique baby Jesus in the center. He is really old and made of a salt composition. I won the darling little reindeer from Deena at Can I Be Pretty In Pink last year on her blog give away. Thank you Deena, I absolutely love them!
Some close ups of the Santas.
This is one of my favorite treasures. It is a very, very old child's tea cup with an old Christmas scene on the front.The graphics are amazing! It was made in Germany.
I just like to tuck vintage Christmas touches in all the corners of my kitchen.
It perks up my whole kitchen. I love this old little elf and the vintage Christmas card of the little puppies. I framed them in a dollar store frame!
Here's another little Christmas surprise!
And another!
This is an old bank that Eric's mother gave me. She said it was Eric's when he was a little boy! Isn't it cute! I am so glad that she gave it to me! I love how fat and happy he is (Santa, not Eric - ha!).
Here's a little vignette in the laundry room. The flowers are a hostess gift from one of our guests at the party, aren't they lovely!
And here is my crazy Santa collection! I know, I know, I am out of control. I promise after this year I will try my hardest to par down and get rid of some of them! My sweet husband custom made this shelf for me just for the Santas! What a sweetie pie I have!
Every time I say that I'm getting rid of some of them, I start looking at them and I don't know which ones that I could possibly part with. I'm not hurting anyone am I??????
This is the top of our computer desk. This is where I sit and do my blogging ladies!
Here's a shelf above the couch. I love the old cellophane wreath hanging there. I own three of these. They are really rare because they are so fragile and they fall apart! I'm excited that I have them. Notice the cute little children's boots with the candy canes in them! They have been kicking around for so many years (pun intended! Ha!)! The vintage Santa mugs have been part of our Santa decor for about twenty years too.
And last but not least, the vintage light up Santas! I have them all nestled together on top of the bookcase in the corner of the family room.
When it is nighttime and we have just a few lights on and a few candles burning, these Santa's look so cozy and magical! I love having them in the house!

Come back tomorrow for more coffee and another little tour! I'll be showing more pictures of the house including pictures of the office, powder room and guest room. I hope you don't get bored with all these pictures!

Happy Friday!

"Let the heavens be glad and let the earth rejoice; and let men say among the nations, the Lord reigns!" I Chronicles 16:31

Hugs, Sharon


grey like snuffie said...

I LOVE peeking into other people's worlds. May I say I LOVE that little child's mug from Germany. That is amazing. Do you remember how it came to be your treasure?

Sharon said...

Good morning! I believe I found the little cup at a flea market and paid $3.00 for it, that is what sticks in my head. And I am sure I felt guilty at the time for spending three bucks on something like that, but I now I am so glad I did!

:0) Sharon

Elena said...

You are amazing, the decorating queen:) Thanks for the tour, it was fun!

luvmy4sons said...

You had me at peppermint mocha creamer! LOL! But I loved all the pictures of your beautifuly decorated home. Something to aspire to one day.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I love the ornament wreath that you made:) I think you should keep all of your santa's and even buy more. I had fun looking at your stuff.

Amy said...

I am sitting here sipping on my coffee and feeling so inspired by your Christmas tour. I love it!

My mom is alot like you...she has a huge collection of vintage Santas and I love them and hope to get some of them someday.

I just love your home and decorating ideas. Seriously, you inspire me so much in many ways...from decorating, mothering your boys and your close walk with the Lord. Thank you!

Joyfull said...

I was also drawn in by the peppermint mocha (my favorite this time of year)! Your decorations are stunning! It is always a treat to "visit" your home. Thanks for taking us on a tour.

Judy said...

I love all of your decorations Sharon, your house looks so pretty. I always love coming here to your blog.

Jocelyn said...

I absolutey LOVE the ornament wreath. I wish I had the time to shop and find all sorts of Christmas treasures like you.


Cottage Contessa said...

Never ever could I get bored of seeing your beautiful seasonal displays Sharon, that's one of the things I love most about your blog! Wishing you a truly wonderful day sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Cottage Contessa said...

Never ever could I get bored of seeing your beautiful seasonal displays Sharon, that's one of the things I love most about your blog! Wishing you a truly wonderful day sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Jo said...

Hi Sharon, I only discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago while visiting another blog(cant remember which one). Im so glad I did as I really enjoy your posts.I love all your christmas decorating photos, thanks for sharing them.You sure do have a lot of Santas but I think collections are great,I couldn't get rid of any either.What a lovely family you have and a very homely home.I thought your post on Dr Phil was interesting, Having had experiences with the media over the years having a semi- famous family member we have learnt the hard lesson of how they can't be trusted unfortunately.
Anyway thanks again for sharing, Gods blessings from Australia. Take care

Lille meg said...

Oh yes, you really have a very cozy kitchen!
I wish I was there! Really cozy!
So much cute things!
Have a good weekend!:)

Happy @ Home said...

Bored?? - never, keep it coming. I LOVE all of your vintage treasures and you have displayed them to look so charming. I would love to whip up a batch of cookies in your cozy kitchen.

Connie said...

Sharon, I LOVED the tour through your kitchen, sweets. You are definitely in the spirit of the season. ME TOO!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeal, snow is forecast for us here in the desert this weekend!!! I can hardly wait.....

Carrie P said...

Thanks for sharing, I've never met you but I would love to. You've given me such inspiration and incouragement in my faith. Thanks for the Santa collection. I know what you mean. Can't imagine life without some that I own.

TattingChic said...

Your kitchen does look cozy with all the Christmas decorations. I don't think I've seen so many Santas all in one place at the same time!

luvmy4sons said...

I have an award for you at my place. I don't want you to feel obliged to participate but wnated you to know how much you are appreciated.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Did you guys get snow? We did, I live in the Eugene area and we are due to get more snow:))))

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love that ornament wreath.

Your Santa collecion made my mouth drop open.t

Kelly said...

Don't you dare part with any of those santas!! haha!
And I remember when you won those deer, aren't they the sweetest. And the vintage childs teacup is so sweet, beautiful design!! I wish I could swing by for a cup of coffee and sit and gaze up at those lit up Santas, I love them!!! This was fun, thanks for sharing !!!!!!!

nannykim said...

wow--it is flabergasting!!! All those santas!!! I only have one!! YIKES!! It surely looks like Christmas has come to your house and SNOW too!!! We are getting 70 degree weather here--which is a welcome change since it had been in the 20's at night!

Sharon said...

Dear Jo,

Thank you for the nice comments! That's interesting that you had a brush with the media too. It is a strange world. I hope that you will stop by again!

Hugs, Sharon

Sharon said...

Dear Carrie P,

I am so glad that you stopped by! Wow, what nice things you said, I am so touched that my blog inspires you. I hope that you are having a blessed Christmas season!

Hugs, Sharon

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