Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Jesus says to us.................

This is my new favorite song. Please turn up your speakers and listen to the song on my Playlist. This is Jesus' song to all of us because He loves us all so much. Here are the lyrics.......enjoy.
To Bring You Back Paul Alan

Are you thirsty, standing in the rain?
Not sure where you are or how you lost your way

Are you drowning at some bar outside of town?
Searching for something given, not found
A crowd of people totally alone
At the front door
Worlds away from home
And light up the night's last regret
Burn your only safety net
Step to the edge it's such a long way down and
I left the ninety-nine to find the one
and you're the one
I walked a thousand miles in this desert sun
Only to bring you back
Are you tired of chasing the wind?
Under water, do you aspire to breathe again?
Are you dying?
Is that the best that you can do?
Cause you can't find your place in a world that wasn't meant for you
I left the ninety-nine to find the one
And you're the one
I walked a thousand miles in this desert sun
Only to bring you back
Hello, it's me I couldn't sleep I was just counting sheep
I'm missing you
Hello, it's me I couldn't sleep
I was just counting sheep
I left the ninety-nine to find the one
And you're the one

I walked a thousand miles in this desert sun
Only to bring you back

I left the ninety-nine to find the one
And you're the one

I walked a thousand miles in this desert sun
Only to bring you back
Only to bring you back

Have you allowed Jesus to find you and bring you back?

"If a man has one hundred sheep, but one of the sheep becomes lost, then the man will leave the other ninety-nine sheep on the hill. He will go to look for the lost sheep. Right? And if the man finds the lost sheep, the man is happier about that one sheep than about the ninety-nine sheep that were never lost. I tell you the truth. In the same way, your Father in heaven does not want any of these little children to be lost. " Matthew 18:12-14

Have a beautiful day!
Love, Sharon


Lille meg said...

How beautiful! Thank you for this post, Sharon!
And yes, I have been found by Jesus. Thanks to the Lord!

luvmy4sons said...

Beautiful encouraging post. Thank you Sharon. Lovely song and such a great pictures...Oh how I love Jesus...

Kathi said...

Sharon, This is such a beautiful post. I love the song and Scripture too. I love you, Kathi

Did you get my email yesterday?

Judy said...

This is such a beautiful post.

Simply Heart And Home said...

I hadn't heard the song before, Sharon. Very lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Jennifer said...

HEEEY Sharon! I found this post on "Rocks in my dryer" and it reminded me of you, I thought I would pass it along just in case you didnt see it, its about having an empty nest.

Mary said...


These graphics and your post is absolutely awesome.


Cottage Contessa said...

Good morning Sharon sweetie! Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with us. I usually have my speakers off when readng blogs, but I turned mine on to hear this song, then kept it playing over and over while I did my chores around the house because it was so inspriring. My daughter is going to be the Godmother at a family Christening this Sunday, so I am going to share this song with my family at the after party. They will love it! Wishing you a really wonderful day my dear sweet friend!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Beautiful!! I took your advice you previously gave me and bought myself a Christian music cd. Thats all we listen to now in the car:))

Sharon said...

Hi Sharon,
I enjoyed your blog about the lost sheep. It reminded me of something that happened about 4 years ago at Kathi and Stacey's farm. A neighbor farmer leased their field and put in a flock of sheep, one of the sheep became crippled, it couldn't put any weight on one foot, one day Victoria noticed that sheep missing, so she started walking around the perimeter of the field looking in the grass & brush along the creek.
She finely spotted the sheep down a steep slope to the water, where all the sheep would go to drink but this one couldn't get back up to the field. I happened to be at there farm that day, Victoria came to the house and told me about the "lost sheep". so we went together to rescue her, she was a heavy one and very dirty, and smelly, I pushed, Victoria pulled, we finely got her up to the field, but she just lay there, we held her up on her 3 good feet for a while, then she hobbled over to the flock and started eating grass.
Victoria and I got dirty rescuing the sheep, so did Jesus when He rescued us from sin, in fact, He took our sin on Him Self and cleansed us. Love you. Dad

P.S.Victoria called the farmer and told him about the injured sheep, he came and took her to his place.

Sharon said...

Oops.....I was trying to post the above comment from my father. He sent it to my email and I wanted it to be connected to my blog. I should have changed it to anonymous and I forgot. It touches me that my Daddy reads my blog and especially when he leaves a comment!

:0) Sharon

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Oh thanks Sharon, i got the candy corn idea from one of your posts:) The cd. i bought is calles ' Authentic" by Lisa Marie Buster, you can listen and read about her by adding .com to the end of her name. Her songs are beautiful, she performed at our church

Lady Farmer said...

Beautiful ~ isn't He?
So was this post.
Thank you for it.

Jan Parrish said...

What a great song. I love those old time pictures too!

Michelle said...

Great post, Sharon...I really love that song!

Kathi said...

Sharon, I forgot that that happened with the little lamb that Dad and Victoria had rescued.

That is so sweet. Kathi

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