Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Bailey!

One year ago today we got our new little puppy, Bailey!
Isn't she a cute and precious little baby!
It has been some kind of a year with her, let me tell ya!
She has chewed and ripped up just about everything around our house...............
.......but she is worth every bit of it!
In one short year she has become full grown and is such a great dog! I just wanted to show you something cute that she does. She LOVES to play with helmets!
We decided to just give these to her because she plays with them all the time. Every morning we hear the helmets banging all over the deck.
We don't know how it started, but it is pretty cute to watch her. I think she likes it that they have straps so she can pick them up and she can also scoot them around.
Bailey has grown to be such a beautiful dog! My husband has invested so much time and energy into her and trained her properly. She is very well behaved and obeys commands. She protects our home and brings much joy to all of us! I am thankful to God for our beautiful Bailey dog!

Today we're going to church and this evening we are having another family dinner! Tonight we are celebrating Rachelle's 16th birthday (my son Grayson's girlfriend). We are having pizza and I am making a delicious chocolate cake. I hope that all of you have wonderful days! May God bless you and keep you!

"The righteous man cares for the needs of his animal." Proverbs 12:10a

Love, Sharon


grey like snuffie said...

How fun. A close friend just got a puppy who looks exactly like your Bailey. Maybe now I can envision what Harley will look like all grown. Pets are one of God's better gifts.

linda said...

Have a wonderful day today with your beautiful family. Pizza and chocolate cake sound yummy.

Your Bailey dog is adorable. Our little guy has had some serious medical issues these last few weeks. It breaks my heart. I don't know why God had chosen to put my little Jake through all of this but I know not to question. He has a plan!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Bailey! My Lily says Happy Birthday too....hugs, Linda

Mrs.Ruiz said...

She is adorable. Sharon, I just returned from church and we watched an awesome dvd called
" How Great is our God" by Louie Giglio, if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, your kids and family would really enjoy it. You can ggogle the title to loacate it.

Stephanie said...

We celebrate our dogs birthday too!! In fact, my dog Duke's dad looks like your Bailey! Very cute pup!!

Elena said...

What a beautiful dog! I just love dogs. When Mary gets old enought we want to get her a dog to be her little buddy!

luvmy4sons said...

What a beautiful dog! Hope you had a great birthday celebration!

Kelly said...

Oh Sharon I have followed this little sweety this whole year on your blog! I could probably list everything this pup has chewed! Including the wall paper lol, remember!! or the coat, yikes! I just adore this sweet lil fur ball!
Happy Birthday Bailey, you have come a long way!!! Way to go!

Love and hugs,

ps ..and yes Eric gets a ton of credit too!!!!!

Sondra said...

Wow, it is hard to believe that it has been a year already. Seem like you just got Bailey. Hope you all had a wonderful get together.

Kathi said...

Sharon, I just love Bailey. I even have her paw prints in my Bible study book LOL. She is soooo cute and sweet. I love you, Kathi

Simply Heart And Home said...

Bailey is adorable! Happy Birthday, Bailey!

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