Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grayson's Senior Pictures!

My third son, Grayson, will be graduating next June and we just got his senior pictures back!
I know I am his mother and perhaps I'm a bit partial, but I do think he is such a handsome looking young man!
Our photographer, Jamie, was so amazing! She came up with some really cool shots!
She also took all the photos for Mackenzie and Brittany's wedding, which I can't wait to see!
She did some in black and white and some in color.
She came up with some very interesting poses.
There are so many to chose from, so I am going to ask you ladies for help on picking the perfect one for his senior picture.
These few here are just extra shots, they are probably not ones we will be choosing.
My top choices are below at the bottom of the page. I will number them and ask you to please vote for your favorite! Cute!
He's an all American boy!
I think this one is cute.
He looks like he just did something naughty and he's sorry!
Rachelle came with us and I asked Jamie if she would take a few of Grayson and Rachelle together and some of Rachelle alone too. This picture turned out so cool, it looks like the cover of a CD.
Here's a cute one! What a cute couple they are.
I thought of this pose!

I showed you this one before except this one was taken by Jamie. This is such a cute picture.
Looks like true love to me!
What a beauty! Look at those brilliant blue eyes!
Okay, here are my choices the picture above is #1. White shirt, leaning on fence.
#2. Black t-shirt, sitting with feet up. Not smiling.
#3. Standard pose, black sweater.
#4. White shirt, sitting on cement.
#5. Feet up, smiling.
#6. Leaning on fence, black sweater.
#7. Blue stripe shirt, hands in back pockets.
#8. Same picture as #1, but close up and cropped.
#9. Same as #2, but close up and cropped.

Please cast your ballot! I cannot believe that my baby boy is going to graduate this year!
This is how he looked the day I met him! This picture was taken on his birthday, December 4, 1990. It was love at first sight!
I think he was about 9 months old in this picture. What a cutie pie! When did he get this big? Where did the time go? He has grown to be such a fine young man and a strong man of God. We are very proud! Please don't forget to vote! Thank you very much!

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord." Psalm 127:3

Love, Sharon


mardell said...

Oh my goodness, Sharon! These pictures are WONDERFUL! He sure IS handsome (of course, we all knew that!) Which one does HE like? :o) It's a hard decision (of course), but I'm going to choose #3. I've looked & looked for quite awhile now & that's my final decision. Of course, they're all wonderful. Your friend is a wonderful photographer.

Have a great Wednesday.

grey like snuffie said...

Wonderful pictures. We mom's usually want so many of them. Our oldest daughter is just starting out in photography and she has so much fun with Senior pictures. I will have to send her a link to your site. In our home we say, with GREAT appreciation of God's creations---"that is WONDERFUL scenery to gaze upon." :) Isn't it amazing how fast the Senior pictures arrive as we remember their birth.

Of your choices my favorite is #7.

A Romantic Porch said...

I like #2! Have fun deciding! xorachel

luvmy4sons said...

Those are GREAT pictures. He is one handsome guy! Can you believe you are graduating your third? I can't imagine it yet! It isn't that far away even. Do I see wedding bells in your future again too?

RYC: I am hanging in there. I know God is sufficient for these "busy" years...busy mentally emotionally, physically...I want to appreicate it all!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

He is very good looking. I love #8. He looks so handsome in that one. I like all the poses for casual shots but for a senior portrait I don't want to be distracted. Guess I'm old fashioned that way.

Which one does he prefer?

Kathi said...

He's so handsome!! I love #7. I also love the one that he's looking back with the hood and you wrote the words "I like this"

Busy busy day today and yesterday!
I lvoe you, Kathi

Anonymous said...

Good morning and blessings to you and yours sharon!

Oh I think all the pics of your son look so cute especially the baby one! ;) I like all the pics you picked and the one in black and white too, but they are all great! The last couple picture that you had posted is so, so sweet! I hope they can get some of those or that one in the yearbook. When years pass by they will have great memories and pics to look back on.

Thanks for sharing Sharon and I pray you have a most blessed day! =)

Because he first loved me,


Elena said...

Ahh, he was such an adorable little baby! Well, for my vote I am torn between 3 and 8. I guess my final vote would be 3 because he is smiling. They are all great pictures and it would be hard to choose.

Lady Farmer said...

Because you asked :~} I like # 3 (for a more traditional pic ) and #7(It has nice color, love that smile and a jaunty angle!)
Tough descision!

Jocelyn said...

I love # 9 !!
Wow you sure have such handsome boys ! I do too !
What does he want to do when he leaves the nest ?

Jennifer said...

#7 ALL THE WAY! It's different and I like that. #3 if you want to go the traditional route.

Amy said...

You have such a handsome son! All those pictures are great! I liked #5,7,8, and 9! Your photographer is very talented!

Jan Parrish said...

I think they're all good. For a yearbook photo, I like #8. He doesn't have to smile. It's sorta rugged that way. He's a hansom dude.
Either that or you could switch them up and "accidentally" put his 9 month shot in there. LOL.

Willa said...


Your sons are all handsome men and young men. They look like models - handsome on the inside and outside.

I liked the sweater pose. But a friend of mine was just saying that she was going to pick her daughter's senior picture for her wall by similarity. Such as the other ones are all outside so this one would be as well. A good thought would be to look at the other two's pictures and see what goes well with that if they are all hanging together. Just something to think about.

I didn't do that with mine as two of them are outside and the other one is inside with his letterman jacket. But they still look great together.

Now my older grandkids recognize their daddy's on the wall. Someday yours will too.


Linda said...

Sharon all the photos are great! Love them all, too hard to choose a favorite. Grayson is so good looking and I know just from reading your blog a wonderful son too. Hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

...Im sorry I don't think I made much sence!! LOL!!! I meant that the shot you had posted of your son and rachelle being a sweet shot for a yearbook page. Sorry for the confusion!! Awwww...the newborn pic is so adorable....Why can't they just stay that small forever? I guess they can in our hearts and minds and through video and pics! ;)

God bless you richly today!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I like these! My very fav. is #7...but It really depends on how you have your other sons displayed as to which one you want for a big one...#3 - the traditional one is an obvious choice- especially for the year book (I think that they still do traditionaly ones for that!) I love #1 & 6 too, but if it were my son, I would certainly need the big one to be smiling...but then I would get smaller of the others to put up in other places becasue I love to display pictures....OH, and I love your blog...I look almost daily...Love your mom hints, etc...I have 4 girls ages 8,6,4,1, so enjoy your parenting thoughts and family time ideas! Thanks! Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I choose #8. Beautiful blue eyes. He is ruggedly handsome.
This was fun asking us to vote. Great pictures. My baby boy is a sophomore at Auburn this year. And my daughter is getting married in 2weeks. Sometimes it seems so surreal that my kids are grown!
Take care,
Kim in Roll Tide country. :o)

littleladyboutique said...

Beautiful pictures! It's so hard to choose........they are all great! I would say number 3 and number 2. Boy, you all have a tough job ahead picking out one. :):):) Blessings, Stephanie

Laura said...

These are great. I really love #9. It's my first pic. But #7 is great too!

Liz said...

Well, this is almost IMPOSSIBLE to pick b/c they're all so good (and I've gotta say, he is one REALLY handsome kid), but I'd go with #8.

Cottage Contessa said...

Beautiful photo's of both a gorgeous young man and a stunning young woman! My favourite is No:9, I thought that one was the winner for me even before you said to vote! lol They are all fabulous shots and you really can't go wrong with any of them! Which one does Grayson like the best? Have a wonderful day sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Number 8, his eyes are beautiful. All the poses are great but i think #1 & 8 are the best, i vote for #8

Michelle said...

Yes, he is a handsome guy, and his girlfriend is so cute too. I choose #3.

~~Deby said...

ALL of them ....EXCELLANT...he is very photogenic...what handsome sons you have...and now you are starting on great is that?

Velvia said...

Hi Sharon!
All the pictures are great! He's such a handsome guy, I don't know how you will be able to choose just one since they all came out so great.
Love, Velvia

Carol said...

I vote for #6 Sharon. I remember how difficult it was picking out my son's senior pictures. Good luck!

Ruthie said...

Wonderful pictures! I think I like the one you chose.
What a beautiful one of the two of them. Such a handsome couple!

Sharon said...

Dear Mardell, Joy, Stephanie and Kim,

Thank you for leaving your sweet comments and for your votes! It is funny because people are voting for all different ones! It looks like #7,#8 and #3 are the big winners for now.

I hope you ladies have a terrific Thursday!

Big hugs, Sharon

Michelle said...

They're ALL so really is hard to choose...I like all of them! (I understand where you're coming from 'cause it's like that with Tyler's pictures, too!)

The black & white pics are great :)

Happy Thursday to you!

Sunflower Farm said...

You are asking the wrong person to vote on one photo. I would be the one who has 19,000 photos in our computer. They are all lovely very handsome man.

Sondra said...

#8 but they are all good.

Kelly said...

Oh they are all just perfect!!! I think I like the 1st one best the one against the fence with the white shirt, but ANY one of them are a good choice! My how he has grown.


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